72 Years Old and Finally Making the Decision to Get Healthy Again! - Phoenix, AZ

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I have been overweight at least half of my life,...

I have been overweight at least half of my life, although I still remember when I got married (53 years ago), I was a size 10, very slim and trim. After having 3 children and lots of years of stress and bad food choices, I made the decision to have bariatric surgery. My daughter-in-law had the mini-bypass surgery around 9 years ago, and has kept the weight off, and looks fabulous! So, I figured, why not me? I really expected my age to be a factor, but my doctor said he has done a lot of women my age, and they are very successful with the surgery.
I have gone through the whole process of seeing a nutritionist, a psychologist, seeing my surgeon or personal physician, for 6 months, and the Dr sent in the necessary paperwork to my insurance co. so they could determine if I am qualified to get the surgery. My weight, at the beginning, was 262 lbs, and I am taking medications for high blood pressure, high cholestrol, high thyroid, have sleep apnea, and generally was feeling like crap, (back hurting terribly when I stood for any length of time). So when I got a letter of denial from the insurance co, I was devastated, but my Dr said they had faxed 132 pages of information about my case, but the insurance people said they only received 19 pages, thus determining I was not eligible for surgery. Well, my Dr's assistant re-faxed all 132 pages to the insurance again, and now they (insurance) are saying my case is in appeals, and will take some time to reach a final decision.
So, frankly, I am really discouraged, and have not been watching what I eat nearly as closely (I have lost around 50 lbs in the 6 months I have been anticipating the surgery). I guess what I need is some encouragement, I feel like, what's the use of even trying anymore? I truly hope there is a happy ending to my story, that they will accept me and the surgery will go smoothly, and I will get the rest of this weight off, once and for all. My family is very supportive, although my husband is really worried that I am going to start gaining back what I have lost. Me too.

72 Years Old and Finally Making The Decision to Get Healthy Again!

Well, I think I have been very patient, but it has been a good 3 weeks since I have heard anything from either my Dr (surgeon) or the Insurance co. So yesterday I called both, of course had to leave a message at Dr's, but talked with someone at the insurance office. She said they show that my case was denied, then I explained that the Dr had faxed 130 pages to them, but they had only received 19 of those pages, and that was what determined the decision to deny me. So she checked, and then told me they can't tell me anything that is happening in my case, unless my Dr calls them and asks for an update. FRUSTRATION!! I have gained 7 lbs in the last 3 weeks, surprise? I am going to keep trying my Dr till I get a "person", meanwhile could use some prayers right about now, cause I am really getting close to giving up on the whole deal! My husband pointed out to me the other day that I was so much happier and had so much more energy when I was losing weight, and he is right! He even said I seemed depressed, "YA THINK?" haha Anyway, I will keep trying, and will post when I hear something, one way or the other.

72 and Finally Making the Decision to get Healthy Again

Hi! I thought I would update you on my latest progress toward having the sleeve surgery. I finally heard from my insurance company and have been approved for surgery on Jan 13, 2016. Yeah!!! I actually had given up, have gained 15 lbs back (of the 50 I lost), but now am renewed in my commitment to get this weight off. Yes, I am nervous about the surgery, but I have prayed all along, that if God works it out for me to have the surgery, then I know he will be with me during it and after, with recovery. I appreciate any prayers concerning this, and thank you for your interest and encouragement. I look forward to sharing more with you as I progress toward my goal.

72 years old and finally making the decision to get healthy again

My latest update: Last Friday, Jan 29, I had the laproscopic sleeve gastrectomy. It couldn't have gone better! I was walking the hospital halls 3 hours after surgery. Had a little nausea the next day, am doing really great! Came home after 2 days, feeling super. Thanks fellow sleevers for the encouragement I have received so far. I still can't believe I actually had it done. God is good!!

72 years old and finally making the decision to be healthy again

I had the sleeve done on Jan 29, and have only lost around 20 lbs. My Dr said (at my 3 weeks follow-up) I was eating too much, even though it was tiny portions. I am feeling discouraged that it is not coming off faster. I am really very afraid that I will stretch my stomach and start gaining. I guess i need some encouragement to keep on the right path and watch what I pop in my mouth, etc. Even though I have lost 80 lbs this past year, I really need to keep going down. Has anyone else experienced this situation? If so, what is the answer? Thanks for your feedback.

72 years old and finally making the decision to be healthy again

Just giving an update on my progress with the post weight loss results: I had surgery on January 29th (6 and 1/2 months ago), and have lost 106 lbs. so far. It has been much slower losing the past couple of months, but I'm okay with that. I have gone from a size 24-26 to a 10-12 in pants and from a 4x to a medium in tops, so I am very pleased with how well I am doing. However, I have noticed lately I have been eating a little more, and having snacks between meals, so I am writing as a plea for some encouragement to keep on the path I started 2 and 1/2 years ago. I have heard of lots of women who had WLS and immediately started gaining their weight back, and I desperately don't want that to happen to me! Anyone else going through this? What do you suggest? Thanks for any input you may have for me. On a positive note, I am teaching a weight-loss class at our church and loving it (using Kimberly Taylor's program "Take Back Your Temple".
Dr Kevin Potter

Dr Potter has been awesome! He has answered every question I have had, and seems to be concerned with my well being. I get lots of positive feedback from him. I had no complications, no pain, just a little nausea for a day. I would highly recommend Dr Potter to anyone in the area who is considering this surgery. He's the best!

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