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Hello everyone! I'm sonylove3. I am 23 years old...

Hello everyone! I'm sonylove3. I am 23 years old and live in Arizona. I am around 303 pounds. I work full time and I'm going to grad school. Unfortunately, I have a diagnosis of major depression disorder... it makes it difficult. I have been struggling with my weight all my life. I've decided to get a sleeve and my surgery is next month. I'm concerned about the titanium staples.... I'd really like to connect with people who are also getting the surgery soon [like me] and those who have gotten it and have advise for me.
I look forward to meeting you =)

Getting Closer!

Just had my last "diet" appointment with the doctor and I have a date set of the 16th, but up to the 10th if the insurance approves it faster. I have lost 6 pounds in the last month and am now under 300. I am looking forward to getting this surgery. I am nervous but am so excited.

Insurance approved!

I got my insurance stamp of approval! They determined which hospital (eh). My date also moved up to the 12th of May! I'm so excited. I started the chicken/protein diet today. Can't wait! I feel like theres so much to do to prepare:)

1 day preop!

My surgery is tomorrow morning! Im getting very nervous. I'm on an all liquid diet today and that's pretty depressing. I have a ton of jello packed for my work lunch ha :( I'm looking forward to getting sleeved. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated :)
Thx!! :D

1 day post op!

I'm one day post op. But still admitted in the hospital. I'm in the process of drinking some blue water for some leak test. The incisions hurt more than I thought they would. I personally haven't had any "gas pain" like others have. they're making me suck this air thing to prevent pneumonia. That hurts also. But, the hardest thing is going pee. No one tells you about that. It strains my stomach muscles! It takes me like 20 min instead of like 2. Im sore and tired. I'm getting up and walking laps around my floor. I'm gonna post a funny story that happened in the hospital a few minutes after waking up. I hope I made the right choice.

She woke up deaf/mute?!?

When I first starting waking up in the recovery area, I could barely keep my eyes open. I wasn't fully awake. My throat was super dry and my lips were worse. The nurse was asking me questions and signed to her. It started when she kept pronouncing my name wrong! I just kept spelling it phonetically in sign. Then I was signing that I was hot. I had too many covers on and couldn't get them off. She was so confused. She told another nurse, "she can hear me, but answers in sign. Does anyone know sign?" She left and then came back a few minutes later. She has an iPad and I'm Skyping with an interpreter. She tells them my name, that I am hot and asks me other questions. Sometime in this short time frame I finally say something out loud and they realize I'm not deaf or mute. I signed that I was in pain and the interpreter asked if I wanted to say anything else. I said I was sorry. They wheel me back to my room and tell the story to my mother and grandmother who were waiting for me. They're laughing. It was pretty funny... xD

19 pounds down

Had my first check in with the surgeon since my surgery. I'm 8 days preop. I've lost 19 pounds!! :] My boyfriend says my "suffering" has paid off. My incisions don't hurt. I can lay on my stomach fine (sleeping, tv etc). I have bruises still, some from the blood-thinning shots I'm still injecting daily. I have severe back pain, but I think I suspect it's from equally severe constipation. I'm taking OTC meds for that, and the pain. Also icing my back multiple times a day. Surgeon says it should get better soon, and it's probably cuz I had a hietal hernia in addition to the sleeve surgery. I'm thinking about going to a chiropractor if it's not better soon. From the first few days of surgery, I've said "my back pain is worse than the abdominal pain."
The doctor was also concerned about my heart rate. My normal range is in the 70s. After walking from the car, to the building, taking the elevator and walking to the office--my heart rate was 125! They waited, 30 min later it was 87. Doctor said to go to the ER if I had any chest pain. I made an appointment with the cardiologist next week. It routinely has been feeling high during non-straneous activities. With my history of open heart surgery, I'm concerned.
I'm showering. Everything normal, other than eating.
I'm supposed to be on "full liquids," but have started to eat pudding, jello, cottage cheese, yogurt, soups. SHHHH! I have small bowls and plates, but I've been using mugs for the small servings.
I'm so sick of eating nothing. I watched Castle (the tv show) and the guy was eating a hot dog. I'm craving a hot dog! I hate hotdogs lol. Steak, pizza... all the commercials are killing me. Mmmmm... trying to think about the foods I can have!

Back to work!

Been doing well. :) Haven't had much pain. Just tired. Only sitting on an uneven surface or trying to twist (to see behind me). I am getting smaller. I have made the decision to not step on a scale for a while--my goal is to be healthy, not to be 175 pounds. I am taking my own photos, but am keeping them offline (at least for now). My favorite shirt is now like a dress though. I posted a pic. When letting it sit flat, it hits me at my thighs. my friend says I should wear it with leggings.
I went back to work on Tuesday. That has had its own challenges. I bring a lot of variety of foods I can have for lunch. The hardest thing is energy. I get home at 530 and I usually fall asleep until 730. I hope that this gets better because next week I'm going back to my 10 hour days. =/ I'm a little concerned about that. I'm not sure they'd appreciate me sleeping on the job!
I have moved past disappointment/depression from not eating and not being able to eat. this is the new me!
FUNNY STORY: last night my boyfriend made me dinner. He made me mashed potato with tiny pit of sour cream. After a bite --I realized he had heated up (microwave) my cut up pear and put sour cream on it. It was terrible!! Ha it was funny. Lmao xD

Seeing the results!

I'm about a month out. I have moved to soft foods. I had pizza last night (shhh!). I have been loosing weight. Everyone keeps saying that they see it in my face. I finally decided to look at an older picture of me and oh man! There is 1 year between the two photos. My coworker told me yesterday that my shirt looked like a tent/poncho. I need to start going through my closet this weekend. Feels good to see the results. I'm 30-45 pounds down from surgery. I haven't been on a scale, it's about health more than the #. What do you think? :)

3.5 months out.

I'm 3.5 months out now! I'm doing well. Eating everything (not all at once). No restrictions on what I can and cannot eat. I am down 55 pounds from where I started. I had to try on 4 shirts this morning before I found one that fit! It's a good problem... Everything going well :)
Bought a racquetball racquet and a new softball bat. Once it cools off here (in hot AZ) Im gonna go play!:)
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