31yrs Old, 2 Kids, 29 1/2 ribcage 34A Wanting to Get a 34c/small D. Phoenix, AZ

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I have been wanting to get a BA for 15 years and I...

I have been wanting to get a BA for 15 years and I have finally decided to do it. My husband was surprised when I told him, but supportive. Now the only issues... saving money. I had hoped to get them done in October, but with other things coming up I was not able to save. I don't know when I will, but can't be soon enough!!!

Time to set a date!!!!

So my husband calls me and says he's decided instead of contributing half of the cost that he would pay for my procedure!!!!! This means I won't have to wait the six extra months and I can actually make an appointment to get my BA no later than November!!!! He said I've done so much for him and supported him... so now I deserved this!!! I was speechless and superrrr excited, and actually a bit nervous thinking that is IS happening!!!!

Now that HE also realizes this is happening soon, he keeps asking when I'll do the procedure and asking details which makes me sooo happy to have his full support!!! He's the only one that knows about this just because I know everyone else will be shocked, disagree, and have something to say about it, but they either already have naturally lrg breasts or they're the jealous type because they can't or won't get them. I don't want this to be a negative experience so everyone else will find out after they see me! ???? Can't stop smiling!!!

Now just figuring what days are available at work to take vacation time, when the hubby is available to help me, and what days my docs office is available! That's all... Lol.


So with my hubby helping pay for my BA I was just able to schedule my surgery for October 6th!!!! Omg that's just over 1 week away!!!! I'm excited, nervous, and can't believe I've been wanting this for 15years and now one just week away!!!!! Luckily I've been following my list of to do's and not to do's just incase they were able to schedule soon and I'm glad I did!!! Trying to eat healthier (although already pretty good) drinking more water, not taking any ibuprofen, etc.

Now, of course, the big debate.... SIZE!!!! Doc had suggested 350 sientra, medium plus profile, round, textured, but I had been thinking more in the 385 range and lately after looking at more pictures ... maybe even 400! I don't know if that would even fit, but they seem to, on patients with similar body types. I know some say when debating with sizes go with the larger one, yet others say, you can always make them look larger, but you can't make them look smaller. Both are great advice, but if I'm paying so much, I'd rather be able to see them... after all, the point is to NOT have to make them look bigger. I'm sick of padding that does nothing for me now anyway. I want them to look exactly the same when wearing a bra and when I'm Not... No more illusions!!!

Now time to go shopping for more pillows, soft foods, etc. I'm will be talking to my Dr's office on Monday for exact details!!!! Can't wait!!!! Just got butterflies thinking when I talk to them on Monday it'll be exactly one week away!!!!! Yayyyy!!!!!

Anyone else getting them done Oct. 6th???? :D

6 days left!!!

Only six more days until my BA!!! I spoke to my doctor's office and they have me set to arrive on Oct 6th at 6am and surgery at 7:30am. Sooo excited!!! It's so early I won't even have time to think about it ... maybe. Lol.
I was debating about going either 385 or 410 sientra (doc suggested 350) but I may just do the 385... hopefully it fits!!! Can't wait. Tomorrow I have my pre op. Hopefully I'll have a clearer idea after. For now here are some more pics.

Pre Op

So it's 4 days until my surgery and I had my pre op today. I thought I would have a clearer view of what size I was going to get, but instead I ended up more confused than before... now considering anatomical and a larger size!!!!

My surgeon has more options since my consultation which was a year ago. Before he though 350's were good, but now agreed with me that 400's were better. (I must admit I did gain weight more recently...at that time I was going through a very stressful time)

But he's also considering 435-450!!!! He has pics of what I would like and knows, lrg C - small D. He also mentioned he's doing a lot more anatomicals and that he loveees the results. He says better than round. He suggested if I do sientras round to go up to 385 or if I do the anatomicals that he could possibly do 400 434 450!!! I'm soooo confused and now kinda stressed out because I haven't really looked into anatomicals and feel I have so little time to research it ????

I really wanted to be in the 400's with round, but he says anything over 385 would have a very rounded top ????
I wish I could see how they all would turn out.... What to doooo?!?! And not to mention anatomicals are an additional $300... booo... since I hadn't budgeted for that and must pay in two days if I choose to do those! Ugh!!!! I don't want them to look horrible over $300, but just wish I had more time to research! Feeling stressed! I do want them more natural. I do like the side to be med profile and if don't like completely sloped down... though he said they aren't completely.

Ok well off to research and we'll see what I can figure out. Better luck to you all ????

On our way!!!

It's 4:30 am and we're on our way to my appointment since it's about 1hr 1/2 away. Must be there by 6am and surgery is set for 7am. For these last couple days I've had mixed feelings, different emotion... Should I actually get them, should I not, why am I doing this, etc. I know I've wanted this for 15 yrs and luckily my husbands knows that too because he keeps reminding me that this is what I want and if I don't then I'll keep disliking my small size. I know he's right, it's just nerves setting in because it's so close.

I slept fine last night, but had a lot of dreams, not boob related. LOl.
Although, In the past past I had three dreams I had gotten them done and as soon as I was going to see them I ended up waking up lol. It's a weird feeling knowing that I won't be using couplets anymore!!! I was going to out them on this morning, but then realized I was on my way to fix that, so I am happily not wearing them :)

Best wishes to anyone getting them also done today!!!
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