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Here is my story: 9 years ago I had a baby boy,...

Here is my story: 9 years ago I had a baby boy, 10lbs 4oz. I had him at home ( yes, on purpose ;)
Anyhow, to make a long story short...I was gigantic with the pregnancy. I gained about 90lbs. I was very lazy during my pregnancy. I hardly ever exercised and I ate fast food daily. So it's to be expected that I would gain so much weight. I look back and I wished I had been more ambitious as I am now about health and fitness. Ya' live and ya' learn I suppose. So after having my huge baby boy, I lost all the weight with proper diet and a fitness routine. I had a baby girl 3 years later. Much healthier pregnancy. 8lbs, 13 oz. (drug free birth, yeah I'm proud) I only gained 25lbs that time around :) So here I am today...with two amazing kids, and my body scarred with stretch marks, and an incredible amount of extra skin. (I breastfed both kids for about 13 months each) I finally made the decision about two years ago to diligently save up for the mommy makeover I had been yearning for. Once I had a substantial amount of money, I met with several plastic surgeons within the past 6months. I finally decided on Dr. Meger. Now, here I am with a surgery date for September 9th, 2013. I'm very anxious, not so much scared of pain etc. but just being put to sleep for the surgery. I've never had a surgery, and I've never had to take strong pain pills-so those things worry me. I hope that I will be able to deal with the pain, and I hope that my results become the reality I've been dreaming of.

Feeling a little blah :/

So I haven't really been on here for a while..and you think I would be on here like a man man since my surgery is so close, Sept. 9th!!!! My birthday just passed, yep the big 31 ;) I spent like two weeks preparing for my party. Mainly cleaning up the backyard, and preparing foods-drinks-games etc. It went well and I had a lot of fun. But now, since the party has been over I realize I need to get my act together and start preparing for a much more serious event, MY MOMMY MAKEOVER AHHHH! But I find myself waking up just to want to go back to sleep again. I feel tired, and overwhelmed, and I guess depressed. My hubby and I went and looked at model homes yesterday because we would like to start saving up for our dream home. Throughout the whole experience I was in love with many of the homes we saw, but it got me thinking of just how guilty and vain I feel about my Mommy Makeover. I have read other people's reviews saying almost the same exact words. I guess this must be just another natural emotion to have when it comes to spending money on ourselves. I was thinking this money I have saved and worked hard for could go towards this new house instead of a mommy makeover. I mentioned it to my hubby and said, "Maybe I should just wait it out and do it another time." But my hubby was so great to me. He basically told me, that If I do that then it will always be a ...well I'll just wait it out after this or that...and then I'll be 80 thinking dang it..why didn't I just get those knockers ;) I guess it comes down to priorities. And you know what? I realize I never put myself first for anything, pretty much ever. I'm always looking out for my children, my hubby, my family, my friends, even strangers. I'm sick of feeling ugly. I'm sick of feeling flabby. I'm sick of feeling like I'm not worth anything. This isn't normal. I know in my heart that I should do this. I know that this will help my confidence, even if it does seem a bit vain. I want to look as youthful as I feel. It reminds me of this quote I heard " The best changes often start as single, simple thoughts. Think big, and discover how to make your dreams real." and here it is, my dream of having a mommy makeover is becoming reality as of next month...and I made that happen. I thought about it...I created a plan. I tackled that plan and succeeded. And's a matter of just waiting for the big day. And you what else? even if it sounds corny..this mommy makeover has driven me to want to go even further...and push myself more than I ever imagined. I hope it does the same for you, readers :) best wishes.

When I was preggerz and now after weighloss....

I was 230lbs and now I'm 135. I would realistically like to be about 125 before surgery..I will be posting some more without clothing tonight..but I want to use my hubby's camera cause mine doesn't focus well. Stay tuned ;)

Pre-Mommy Makeover Pics bare with me ;)

Well here I am folks! It's really hard looking at these pics because I just hate the extra skin and the stretch marks. I realize I wont be able to do much about the stretch marks, other than laser treatments in the future. In general, this mommy makeover will make me feel like a million $$$. I could sit here and say I regret getting so big and why didn't I take better care of myself, and blah blah blah..but I'm just happy I'm healthy now and that I'm doing something for me. I'm excited, just a couple more weeks!!!! I'm so anxious and ready for this to happen-the day's don't seem to go by fast enough!

Another photo

Trying to distract myself-got chemical peel eeeeek!

So..I thought heck, I'm getting my body done..why not work on the face a little. I mean who want's to run around being a but 'her' face lol. I got my first chemical peel a few days ago. It was mild. Then, like two days after words I woke up, looked in the mirror and their was a red reptile looking back at me haha! I'm trying to distract myself from all of the anxiety, nervousness, etc. but it's not working. I just find myself back on this site everyday to talk to all of you beautiful ladies :) I'm so excited. I ordered my scar strips (mepiform-holy expensiveness) I ordered my kelo-cote cream, and swelling/bruising supplements. This week I'll go out and get the rest of my supplies. I want to get some compression garments, but a lot of doc's on here actually say to wait and get them after you know more of your size due to swelling etc. They say that sometimes too much of a good thing is bad, meaning if it's the wrong size either too big, too small (tight) it work against you. So I'm just going to wait it out and probably buy some extra from the doc. I've also found some really sexy binders on think it will make me feel sexier in the future when I wear them :) Anyhow, no more peel's for me...I hate the fact that every time I turn my head, skin is just flaking off..I think I'll try just a standard facial next time ;)

IS THIS REAL!!!!? Went to pre-op today

I just can't believe this is really going to happen! I went to my pre-op today and I had a great time. I mean, yes hearing about the con's of the surgery is not very pleasing...but I have to still keep a realistic point of view on the whole experience. I'm just trying to stay positive and calm my nerves. I tried on many different sized implants. My husband was with me and I'm grateful for that. He really helped me figure out what I truly want the overall look to be. I ended up going with a full C/small D. I just hope I don't end up looking insanely huge. That's just not me. I already have wide hips so I think this will be the best fit for my body type. I've never been a petite gal' ....anyhow I'm just super excited. We went to lunch afterwards and I had this goofy smile plastered on my face the whole time. It just feels absolutely surreal.

Can't we all just get along?

So..I went to the surgical center today to pay the remaining fee. So now everything is paid and I just need to show up surgery day. When I got there and looked around my heart was pounding. I'm still just in shock that I get to do this. That I've chosen to do this. But I know it will be worth it. It was worth losing the 90lbs 8 years ago...and keeping it this is the icing on the cake! But it got me thinking that I needed to tell one of my closest friends. I haven't said a word to her about it. I mean I've wanted to...but I just know that telling her will make her sad. She has been trying to lose weight for a long time. And I would never want to make her feel worst about herself. I know what it's like to be super heavy. I've been there. But, I've worked hard to be where I am today and to get this mommy makeover. I feel like I'm trying to just please everyone by not talking about my excitement. I know my friend would be announcing it to the world if it were she. So anyhow, I told her. And sure enough it was awkward. I could tell in her voice how jealous she was, and how sad she was that she couldn't do it. But we make choices in life. We can choose to fight for what we want or we can just let it pass us by. I want ppl to feel how I'm feeling..I think we all deserve to be genuinely happy in life. I want my friends to feel beautiful, and to see that life can and does bet better if you want it to. Just because I'm getting this surgery won't change who I am as a person. A mother. A wife. And especially a friend. Improving our appearance will help us look better that's a given, but it's our inner beauty that will be our foundation always.

It's been an OCD kinda' day :p

I've been obsessive compulsive today...I've been deep cleaning my house all day. I feel like I'm pretty much prepared for Monday. I have most of my supplies, and I know if I need anything my hubs will run out to get it for me. He is absolutely so good to me! I'm one lucky gal' that is for sure! I'm super excited because I got a recliner today. It's electric with a remote control, and it will be just what I need for the following weeks. I like that it doesn't take up a lot of room either. It's kind of strange because now I'm not really feeling fearful...I'm just feeling insanely anxious. I've been waking up so early in the morning...making a mental list of this and that. I know I'll regret saying this later, but I'm really wanting to just be in that uncomfortable phase...mainly because reality will finally have hit me dead in the face. Right now, I feel like this is all just a dream. Or that it's not going to happen for some reason. I have no idea why I'm even thinking that way when I know it's just less than a week away. But I guess when something so big like this happens to someone like me...a million emotions and thoughts arise. I keep telling myself it's going to happen...and eventually I'll be able to go and try on all sorts of clothes that I can't wear right now. But for now, I just need to keep chuggin' along and keep busy-it seems like the only thing that helps is to be OCD ;)

I'm not fat...I'm fluffy ;)

I took another picture so I have something to reference too when sitting down. I've been working out daily and getting that cardio in as much as possible. Eating clean and getting plenty of sleep. It's going to be nice not to have to tuck all this extra fluff' in my pants when I'm sitting down, or squeezing it into spanx when I'm trying to wear a sexy dress. The hard work and sweat, and tears have so been worth it and I'm sure there will be more of that. But it's expected, even though I'm getting this makeover the next part is all about healing correctly and maintaining this Mommy Bod' :p

So Nervous and Excited!!!!!!

I'm so very nervous, happy, excited, scared, etc. It's this weird feeling of joy and guilt. I want to do this..I know I do..but at the same time I can't help to feel so scared about the surgery in general. I'm young. I'm fairly healthy. I know my doctor is more than capable of doing this surgery..but it's just this feeling of 'What if'? I keep telling my husband he should just chloroforme me before we even go so I'm just out the entire time lol!!!! (Obviously kidding) But in general, today has been good and it has been going so quickly. I had breakfast with a bunch of good friends, then went grocery shopping, got Pedi's with my little girl...and now I'm just getting things organized and prepared for tomorrow. My mother is very VERY religious. She has done all these things to spiritually prepare me as well :) And herself. She is just as nervous. If anyone is reading this...please...any thoughts of encouragement/ peace would be wonderful at this point. Love to you all, and thank you for everything so far!!!

it's about that time :/

Ok I'm here..I've got these ugly underwear on they gave me...and medical attire lol. I hope I get knocked out soon cuz I'm a ball of nerves. Barely slept 3hrs last night. I'm very excited to do this, just wanting to wake up from it and move onto the next phase. When I wake up I'm going to have gorgeous breasts, a flat tummy, less muffin top, and a happy hubby smiling at me. I think I can...I think I can..I think i can...ha! Talk to u soon dears!!!

I've hit puberty today haha

Well I am the surgical center now and oddlily i don't even feel like I had surgery. I remember going in the OR...doc was like "honey we r going to give u some relaxing medicine" then waking up to my hubby saying how do u feel lol. Of course i just had general anesthetic so maybe that's why I'm so alert? I've had some soup, and crackers. Im on morophine and muscle relaxer. I've gotten up to go pee. I feel tightness, its hard to walk. But overall I feel ok. Going to get sleep now. Thx for ur prayers and thoughts. They worked ladies!!!!

I'm home gals'

I'm at home now. I liked the surgical center but I love being in the comfort of my own home 10times more. I actually had a scare this blood pressure was really low nurse helped me to the bathroom and I went pee. I remember getting up and feeling dizzy, then the next thing I remember is a bunch of ppl around me and I was sitting in a chair. I had passed out. I was so sweaty and dizzy. Finally they got me back in bed and gave an iv drip etc. After breakfast I felt better. They think its the combination of not eating a whole lot, plus meds, and of course an intense surgery. I was super scared. But I feel good now. It hurts so much to walk, it burns! My boobs feel fine. The swelling and bruising has already kicked in. Still no bm :/ ill post pics possibly tom when I'm more awake. That's it for now. Toodles !!!

the drains hurt!

So I have two drains in. And it stings so bad. It will be nice to get them out. They don't have too much in them. I also feel my stomach rumbeling from the laxatives. I luckily had an intense bm last night. I know tmi lol. Tonight I finally take my first shower. I'll get to see what is hiding underneath these binders :) hopefully the results are more than what I expected. That would be so nice....the healing process will be slow but I'm just glad I did this! I keep telling myself.."oz those bikinis r just waiting for u now ;) pics to come tonight..stay tuned sweethearts.

it's a start, and I'm so grateful

Ok please remember I'm in a lot of pain and still very swollen. I went to 400c's w a lift. My tummy tuck scar is low which I love. My lipo is very bruised and swollen. I love that my areola's r so small now. I mean its just the beginning but I almost cried with joy when I saw myself. I'm overjoyed!

they never said it would be easy

Today has been exciting, and exhausting. I got up, my hubby got me showered and I had my first post op. I got my two painful drains taken out!!!! You have no idea how happy that made me. Got all my stiches pulled out around belly button and nipples/lipo area. And then they got me in my new garment. It's very tight, but it helps me feel so secure and lt helps me to walk straight. they want me to sleep with it on which will be awkward, but ill do whatever it takes to heal the right way. I'm going tom. To try on some more garments and zip up sport bras until things r finally a bit normal to where I can be properly sized in the future when they have dropped. Etc. I know this is going to take quite a while to heal from. I know so far ive had days when I would cry and think what was I thinking? But I know in a year from now, I'll probably think...oh it was nothing. Just like how it was being preg. For 9months and then delivery etc. I look back then and I'm like, yah it had its stuggles but I got through it. Just like I know ill get through this. Its just all about taking baby steps now, and knowing that it can't be instant gratification. This mommy makeover journey is not and will never be easy. But man, will it be worth it. Even my mental state has been madeover a bit. I feel more humble and appreciative about the human body in general. And I intend to take beter care of myself forever and always.

interested to what these gals will look like in a few weeks

please help refer me to a compression garment

Ok so I know this is a popular subject. Yesterday I got my garment from doc and I thought at first it was perfect, bit its unbearable waaay to small and the side has this clasp that digs into my skin. I need help ...please throw out some reasonable affordable compression garments sites so I may actually breath at night. Thanks ladies always!!!!

pets have healing powers ;)

My basston boy, 1/2 bassett 1/2 boston has been my other main man helpin' me heal. And that hairy arm in the pic has been my #1 hehe

boobie gods ...r u there?

I am just in a funk lately...I know its just time that is my best friend with this process. But I'm still bruised, super swollen in my breasts. I feel like I look like a corpse bride porn star. I really hope my nipples end up turning out better...I hate even taking pics bit I kmow its good to habe some pjotos to compare it to. I sleep w this binder everynight. When will they soften...when do they drop. Feeling meh' right now, but that's probably because Is 2am and I should b sleeping. Night ya"ll

corpse bride/porn star photo shoot ;) 2 mark week

Hey gals' well somehow I've managed tot make the 2 week mark. It did go pretty quick, but that's probably because the first week I was drugged up daily lol and slept a lot. I see a few changes, but I'm still prettyuch swollen all around my flanks and tummy. I have bruising. My breasts r gigantic right now and it will b a great day when they have finally dropped and softened. I'm excited to take pics every week and see the transformation. I look forward to working out again and dance my thighs off ;) luv u girls thx for stopping by!

Let's talk stage 2 compression garments

So technically I was a day short of my two week when I posted yesterday. Today is officially my two week mark. Tonight I have decided to switch to a 2nd stage compression garment. I actually haven't even tried it on yet, but I hope it' s snug and perfect for the next few weeks of recovery. The garment I ordered isn't the most sexiest thing you have ever seen but it will serve it's purpose. It also will work well under pants and skirts. I'm still thinking this current garment my doctor gave me is much too tight. It has a lot of seams and it's making a lot of lines on my skin. I heard that can be permanent if it's too tight. I also have researched that some ps's don't even have their patients wear a binder, or cg the entire recovery process. I guess really it comes down to the comfort of the patient. I decided to order a Marena female bodysuit. It's the FBT post operative stage 2 garment. I can wear a sports bra with it. My next cg into the 6-12 weeks will be something I can move around in while working out and I've been finding a few that look really nice in those later weeks. I'm really hoping this one I ordered will be perfect for my body and be just what I'm looking for. I'm sure I'll get a few spanx from target too for special occasions when I go out next month for parties here and there.

3weeks...still the same

Well I'm about 3weeks post op. I'm actually starting to love my new breasts as they soften day by day. They r huge to me still but that's because for 9yrs I've been running around with an a/b cup and most of that was skin :/ my tummy and flanks r still swollen. Does anyone else have a swollen lower belly and swollen pubic area? I can't feel my pubic area when I shave!!! I'm nervous about that. I'm hoping I don't have excess fluid built up. I see my ps next week. I also can't stand straight still...I force myself to but when I take my binder off I realize I'm still a bit hunch back :( uuugh 3weeks is freaking me out cuz I still feel so slow in the game. I guess I'm a late bloomer lime I was in my teens lol...I'm a late bloomer at healing. But hey at least I have boobs now haha ...more pics to come soon. Smoochez ya"ll

My doctor is very kind and his staff are so warm and friendly. As soon as I stepped foot in the door I was greeted with such genuine respect. The thing I love about Dr. Meger and his staff is their honesty. From the very beginning we have been able to talk openly and freely about the pro's and con's of the surgery, and also the price. Let's face it, money doesn't grow on tree's and Dr. Meger and his staff are upfront about making it obtainable and affordable. In general, so far my Dr. and his staff are amazing. I am looking forward to what the future brings after the surgery, and I hope to only be able to write more positive information about he and his practice. Since the surgery I've been healing well. I do wish my Dr. would have been more attentive as far as his office calling me to check on me or that someone would have come to the surgical center the next day. It's always nice to see the people that have helped you transform. But, I still don't regret going with this Dr. and his practice. He does a great job at giving a woman a natural look and that's exactly what I was looking for.

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