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For the last 3 months ive been obsessing, going to...

For the last 3 months ive been obsessing, going to consultations and spending all my free time checking out Real Self. Im a Mom of 3 and i feel like its time to do something for myself. My husband loves me just the way I am and dosent want me to change a thing. But Im doing this for me and my confidence. I workout 3-4 times a week, but i will never be able to get rid of this extra skin. At times it's very discouraging and i feel like this is the only way. During the last 3 months Ive seen the following Doctors:

Dr. Wesley Wilson - Spent 15 minutes with me and started off by saying " There are high risks with surgery and can cause numerous complications"
Dr. Thomas Kotoske - 1.5 hour waiting time - He is not board certified and also was the only doc that said i didnt need a lift.
Dr. Aldo Guerra - Beautiful office, professional staff. Felt his price was ridicoulous considering his years of experience. Pretty sure i was paying for his nice office.
Dr. Sean Lillie - Had to pay for my office visit, which i totally regret. Nice doctor, spent 1.5 hours with me ,but again way overpriced. He will only go so big on implant size then suggest a second surgery to go bigger if id like. This wasnt an option for me- I only want one downtime.
Dr. Steven Turkeltaub - Priced was very resonable. He was very dry and no nonsense kind of doctor. Its nice that he was so confident in his work, but i felt he had a chip on his shoulder. The reason i didnt choose him is that he does not do lipo with mommy makeover. Also, Shannon is bad at returning phone calls and emails. I can only imagine how it would be after surgery.
Dr. Remus Repta - Love him. He's really nice and I didnt feel rushed. However, he was way overpriced considering he only has 6 years experience.
Dr. Ramon Robles - After taking pics, they uploaded to a computer where Dr. Robles was able to draw everything he was going to do in detail. His consultation was informative and i never felt rushed. Even though i loved him and his great detail, I was not able to see his before and afters. The Office Manager said their I.T guy was working on it and wouldnt be done with it for another week. This was huge for me, i need to see pics. Also, he was a bit on the higher end and also charges 15% for credit use on price.
Dr. John Ward - Love his sense of humor! He was very detailed and i felt so comfortable. Michelle his Medical Assistant was also great. My wait time was no more than 10 minutes and it was filled with thank you letters from all his patients. To be honest he was tied with the Dr. i finally picked. The reason why didnt choose him is that i felt his before and afters were too dated. Looking at his previous patients on RealSelf, they all had square like boobs and that concerned me. His prices are fair and it was a hard decision to make not to go with him.
And finally.. Dr. Robert Meger - There was no wait time, they took me straight to the back. Jovita the Office Manager is super friendly and very welcoming. Dr. Meger gets straight to the point of expectations and is very confident in his work. However, even though I like that Meger was a no BS Doc, it was Theresa (Surgical Nurse) that sealed the deal. I felt comfortable with her and it was nice to meet the Nurse that would be with me in Surgery. She's been with Dr. Meger for over 10 years and made me feel more than confident about the procedure. I love the before and afters pics that ive seen and i also have a friend who is more than happy with her results. Pricing was very reasonable and the whole staff felt like they were a family. Im scheduled for December and I cannot wait! If anyone has suggestions on what i should get to prep for surgery, please let me know. Also, once i get the courage ill be posting before pics :)

Its almost time!

I have a couple of more days till my surgery and im freaking out. Am i going too big? Im currently a 38c and will be going with 450cc's. I also chose not to go to a recovery center. Does anyone have any regrets not going?

5 days post op

I decided to go to the recovery center and im so glad i did. I was in way too much pain, my husband wouldnt have known what to do. Dr Meger came to see me at the center and i was so happy he did. So far im happy with the results. My tt line is lower than he originally said it was going to be. I had no idea the mm surgery was going to be this painful. As of today the only pain i have is my lower back

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2 week update

Before pic

23 days post op

Not able to stand straight but its getting better everyday. If im in a sitting down for extended period of time it gets harder to starighten up.

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