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One week till surgery !!! 190 pounds 40 years old...

One week till surgery !!!
190 pounds 40 years old. Having liposuction on the flanks , full tummy tuck, breast lift and implants 450cc. I quit taking any blood thinner medications over a week ago, started multivitamins and Ester C vitamins every day. I've been drinking green detox smoothies. I'm really more excited, only a little bit nervous just of the six hour surgery on anesthetic .

Trying to decide on 450cc or more?

I'm thinking are they going to be too small?

Night before surgery

I'm so excited and ready. I'm reading reviews and experiences over and over again .what to have ready ,what to expect. I had to quit eating or drinking after 6pm and now I'm craving water. Lol!!

40 Yrs Old Mother of 2

I had my surgery two days ago, I'm super sore and stiff but I already feel and Look better considering I'm swollen too. My armpits hurt the most and my stomach from the tummy tuck, I'm bruised really well from lipo on the flanks. I get to shower soon and take the wrap off my boobs. I was a 38D but without a bra they were in my armpits and nipples were down, now they will be picked up and full I got 450cc.

Bandages off and took a shower

I feel so much better, still very swollen but I feel good considering.

3 days In a recliner

Feeling so sore and stiff every time I have to get up out of the chair wish I could stand up straight. What hurts the most actually is my armpits my side boobs.

Burning in my armpits

Did anyone else have a burning sensation on your arms and armpits?

In tears today from pain

I woke up today after sleeping seven hours and not getting out of the recliner, I was so stiff and sore and hadn't taken any meds in a while. So I was in tears once I got up w my husbands help and got to the bathroom. I'm so sore so stiff. I got the OK to get the right drain taken out though if I want to ,so that's good news. My armpits aburning and my chest is so tight.

Finally had a BM

Feeling so much better today, still stiff and sore in lots of areas, tight tummy, tingling arm pits. But I can get up out of the chair with my husbands help and then by myself using the walker to the bathroom and back helps. I got off the Percocet because it made me constipated, I was taking MiraLAX and stool softeners too. Now I'm just taking extra strength Tylenol and the Muscle relaxers every once in a while.

BL AND 450cc implants

Bruised after 5 days

When will the swelling go away???

I'm feeling a little better but my sides are so swollen and my tummy is so tight ,it's uncomfortable. Thank Goodness for my recliner and a walker. Also my boobs are so hard. I know I just need to be patient. Ugh

MM !! Is it over yet??

Armpits hurt/ sting still. Boobs are still very hard. Drains are draining better though are so sensitive , I'll probably get them both out this Tuesday day 8. They told me I could get my right one out on Friday. My bruises from the lipo are so crazy , and sore too. The tt incision actually doesn't feel to bad just really tight still.

Recovering is not a glamorous process????

One week ago today was surgery. I'm still hanging out in a recliner, I need help getter no up and out of it to go to the bathroom. I use a walker too because I'm instructed to walk hunched overrode awhile, my back hurts a little and my tummy is still so tight. I have my post op appointment tomorrow and dr already said I will get my drains out. My boobs are still hard starting to soften a little. I'm itching and tingling/throbbing too all over. I'm only taking one Percocet and one Valium every 5-6 hours. I sweat a lot in the recliner so a shower is every other day. I have to sit bent over in a chair in the shower.

Post op is today! Yay!

still very stiff and sore but it's getting better, a little less swollen. I will get the drains taken out today so that should help me feel better too, I'll get my compression garments too. I'm just tired all the time from meds and after every trip to the bathroom I'm exhausted lol

Finally got the drains out, and have a compression garment on

Feeling so much better today. Yes the compression garment sucks and is uncomfortable at times, but is definitely helping me. My husband helped me with the massage on each boob last night and I tell ya if that's a daily occurrence it is going to help them feel better and drop and look very nice.

40 Yrs Old, 2 Kiddos, Earned my 28 Yr Old Body Back!!

I have been talking about and waiting to get a mommy makeover since I had my daughter almost 8 years ago. Finally had the money saved up and got the courage to go on consultations. Had the surgery nine days ago and today I am finally feeling better. Yesterday I got my drains and tubes taken out of my sides, stitches taken out of my nipples and bellybutton, and got a compression garment on over my tummy. I didn't have to get a compression strap over my new twins because Dr. says they look ???? amazing. I only had to take a Percocet to go to sleep last night. I woke up this morning with a headache so I only took two extra strength Tylenol, I still need help getting out of the recliner because I can't reach down to the handle. But man do I feel better with this compression strap on and I'm starting to stand up taller not as hunched over. I know it's going to take some time, every time I go to the bathroom it's exhausting. But I have not had to take any more medication yet today.

9 days post op pics

Back pain is killing me

Really that's my most annoyance trying to walk around a little bit, don't worry I'm taking it easy after that back in the recliner after I go to the bathroom. Keeping the compression garment on is helping me stand up straighter every day. My tummy incision is sensitive so I'm not trying to do too much. My boobs are sensitive but they look amazing considering, the husband is helpin do the daily massages

Getting better daily

Walking around a little more and getting myself up . Get tired and back hurts sides are still swollen but feeling better. Just took Tylenol today.

Took a shower by myself

Feeling better, slowly standing up more every day. Felt so great to take a hot shower by myself just letting it run on my back, Steri-Strips are starting to come off. Thing that hurt the most last night was my armpits and arms tingling must be from the implants on my muscles or maybe I pinched a nerve from laying in the recliner, and having to prop my breasts up and also keep my stomach flat .

Already 2 weeks!!!

Today I tried to lay down my bed, and man did it feel weird ,my body (tummy )is still stiff and it's hard to get myself up out of bed, had to put both my legs sideways and then push up with my arms too much, my armpits are still hurting a little from the implants. so I guess I will lay in the recliner again tonight. Last night was a restless night with my back hurting I wanted to lay on my side so bad but then my boobs are tingling still.

2 weeks post op

TT, lipo , breast lift and implants

Wanting the end to be near

When will the tightness go away? I did a little too much the last two days, I drove twice and it hurts my back. Oh well still takin it easy in the recliner and feeling better everyday

Feeling better getting my shape

All steri strips are off and the marks from the cuts look great, I'm a little more swollen around my tummy and boobs from doing a little too much helping put up Christmas ???? stuff. But I'm feeling good I look great

Swell hell

So I did too much today went out and walked around ,a little shopping. Sat in an uncomfortable chair and my stomach was too tight. So now I'm home resting again my stomach is super tight and swollen.

2nd follow almost 4 weeks

Went to doc today,He says my boobs look amazing, and just give it time for the swelling in the right one that had been tingling and has to drop more. I can get sized in probably another month. My tummy incision is perfect and healing well and the swelling will go down and I only have to wear the compression garment at night.
I had questions, The answer to all of them is just give it time everything looks great there's nothing I can do to help the swelling except for just drink lots of water and rest time to heal. I. Fav get a lymphatic massage will only help me feel better but it probably won't help the swelling too much.
He doesn't need to see me for another follow up until February. Unless I have an issue
Just keep up the vitamin E and maderma on the scars
I still Need to keep activities to a minimum for a couple more weeks

Tummy swelling and tightness

That's really my only compliant now, I am so uncomfortable ????

Just give it time

Almost 6 weeks postop still waiting for that time where I don't have a little swelling

Finally sleeping in my bed

I'm still uncomfortable but trying to get used to my bed again. I'm still not able to sleep on my sides though

Still a little swollen

Trying to get to sleep on my side is a task lol .trying to wear the cg at night sucks! I'm looking ???? good, feeling pretty good except hard tummy and to tingling on my sides

Feeling great!

A little swelling sometimes but starting to feel normal. A little tingling on my sides from lipo . My boobs look so natural it's great,my right one still needs to drop a bit .

Feeling pretty good

Still waiting for one implant to drop more. But my tummy tuck incision looks awesome, my bellybutton looks all right. I had a little bit a weird pulling sensation in my tummy when I sneeze or blow my nose and my sides it's a lighter. I'm still a little bit swollen sometimes but otherwise feeling pretty good.

Had revision surgery and more lipo

My right implant was up in my muscle
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Meger's office is so great , the girls are great, feeling so comfortable talking to them every time I go in. Doc is very professional and interacts and answers your questions does not beat around the bush. Surgery day was great they were so comfortable. Postop yesterday was actually funny they made me feel better about my bruising and swelling, they said it's all normal and I'm going to look great. After surgery my husband had to call and every time Jovita would answer answer all of his questions. We email them my drain output's daily and she responded right away.

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