March 14 Finally Getting Long Awaited MM - Phoenix, AZ

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I am a 41 yr old mom to 5 kids ages 17,15,13,11...

I am a 41 yr old mom to 5 kids ages 17,15,13,11 and almost 9. Last 4 kids via c-sec. I am 5'2" trying to weigh 140 by surgery. Currently 147. Been planning this for 2 years. Went to see PS Nov. 2011 and he said I needed lipo first for my stomach area since they could not safely do as much lipo at time of TT as I needed. So I got lipo and am now ready for the MM. I have lost 25 pounds in prep for this and would like to lose about 7 pounds more. I currently am DD and don't want to go much bigger but will have implant during BL. I want to know anyone's thoughts about teardrop implant or any other thoughts you have. I don't want porn boobs. Basically want what I have just in a better shape.
I am terribly excited and scared all at the same time. I welcome any suggestions for recovery or anything else you have learned. I will try and get pics up before surgery.

It's 4 a.m. the morning of my TT/BL I have been...

It's 4 a.m. the morning of my TT/BL I have been awake all night long. i think I slept maybe an hour if you total all the catnaps I took. I gave up at 1:00 a.m. and have been on the computer ever since. The irony is that I was given valium as one of my meds I could take and I was too nervous to take it. Never have taken it before and I didn't want to be loopy or out of it so instead I haven't slept. My doctor said the valium will be really helpful after my tt as it is a muscle relaxant. I went for my pre-op yesterday and she marked me up really well. I look like a road map. She will be doing a BL with an implant. A tummy tuck with lipo on my upper stomach. It's been sobering to see the lines and see how much of my stomach will be lopped off. Holy Cow! I have been SO excited to get this done but in the wee hours of the night the morning of, I find myself terrified! Gulp!

Surgery went well! I am in hospital staying...

Surgery went well! I am in hospital staying overnight and am SO happy I chose to do so. I am in quite a bit of pain but so far think I will love results after swelling goes down!

PO day 2, the lack of sleep has finally caught up...

PO day 2, the lack of sleep has finally caught up with me and all I want to do is sleep. I took ,y first snower today and it was wonderful
I slept thru my pain med and now am trying to catch up :(.

Today is post op day 9 and I am doing pretty well....

Today is post op day 9 and I am doing pretty well. I weaned myself off pain meds 2 days ago because constipation was too much despite stool softener a ect. My dr prescribed me Valium which I take every 6 hours as a muscle relaxer and it really is great. Other than that I am on Tylenol and ibuprofen. Today my goal was to walk 3 laps around my house without my walker in under 10 min. I did it in about 6.5 min and it did wear me out. I still have two drains in and they are still producing quite a bit of fluid each day so not sure if I will get those out anytime soon. However the best thing I found was my friend sewed me a pocket that you would find on the back of a pair of jeans and I put my drains in there and safety pin it to my outfit and the drains have truly been no bother at all. That and having a walker have been my two biggest helps. I am now in my own bed but using a wedge at my feet that my MIL let me borrow. That helps to keep me in the W position and has made sleeping a beautiful thing.
I have given myself the luxury of taking a few weeks off of kids apps etc and did a bunch of carpooling dr apps eye exams even a surgery for one of my kids in the weeks leading up to this so I could have a few weeks without having to go anywhere. I am also lucky that my five kids are older so I don't have to worry about them every sec of the day. I did have an emotional breakdown yesterday and was crying uncontrollably and my 11 yr old son came in and started crying seeing me cry. I think I was just exhausted and mentally needed a breakdown but he rubbed arnicare on my belly and I told him that made it feel better and so that calmed him down.
I love my boobs. I was a droopy DD before and yesterday I tried on my old bra and it still fit like a charm so whatever tissue Dr removed during lift she replaced with 200cc implant. I am so pleased. My stomach is still swollen and I need to be patient with that. Will try and have my husband take pics soon so I can have a way to show improvement. I am up in weight about 4 pounds since surgery but I guess that is from all the swelling.

Today is post op 11 and the first day I have been...

Today is post op 11 and the first day I have been without my valium. I actually prefer to be off it. I know the Dr said it will help my stomach relax but I did not like how I felt on it and it made me tired. So today I am using only Tylenol and ibuprofen for pain and it's tolerable. I also took my first unassisted shower today. It took me 1 hr 15 min to get showered and reapply dressings etc. and get dressed but I also took some pictures finally to add. It is noticeable that my stomach is still swollen but I took some pics after my shower where my dressing had come off so you could see the scars. I am pretty happy with the scars I think they will mostly heal nicely and I am used to scars anyway having had 4 csections.

Post op 2 week mark. Today I got my drains...

Post op 2 week mark. Today I got my drains removed!!! It was really not too painful at all just a small sting. I was surprised that the drains were about 12 inches into stomach. I was surprised to find out they were that big. I gained about 5 pounds from surgery and have lost those 5 pounds these past two weeks from swelling. With that said, my waist is at least 3 inches bigger post surgery from the swelling still. :(. But that is to be expected. I am walking a little less hunched and am up to 5,000 steps a day per my fitbit . I still tire easily and feel a lot of tightness in my stomach and my back hurts but I know things are on the mend. Feel WAY better than 2 weeks ago when I had surgery. Will post pics soon to see improvement.

Great news! After 2 weeks post op my drains came...

Great news! After 2 weeks post op my drains came out!! It was so liberating! I am still quite sore but getting around more and more without my walker. I am using my fitbit and have about 5,000 steps now as my daily avg. prior to MM I was avg about 17,000 steps a day so I am slowly , slowly making progress. I still get tired very easily and I itch on my incision areas which I am hoping is the sign of healing. I swell up as the day goes on and am still quite swollen. I went into doctor to get drains out and the CG they tried to put me in before surgery was Large and that was very tight. So two weeks post surgery they gave me the XL CG and could hardly get in it so that is even with my huge muffin top removed so there is a lot of swelling. I am noticing my back is swollen too. :/ on a brighter note I can stand straighter. I will post pics on Monday since that will be a week since my last pic updates. Still on ibuprofen and Tylenol and needing lots of rest daily. :)

Post op day 19 Today was the first time I went...

Post op day 19
Today was the first time I went back to the gym. I just needed my schedule back to help feel normal since surgery. I walked at level 1.6-2.0 on treadmill and was able to get 1.5 miles in about 55 min. That felt funny I ran a marathon on March 2 and here a month exactly later I am on the treadmill walking at a slow pace. However I did get over 13,000 steps today per my fitbit. :). With that said I was super exhausted and already in pjs by 6:30 p.m.
But it sure felt good to hit the 10,000 step mark again. Especially when two weeks ago I was having my kids help me walk laps around my house and was only getting maybe 1700 steps a day due to my limited ability and energy level.
On a different note I find that my incisions under my breasts are bothering me due to my bra and CG both rubbing against those incisions. I have tried adding a gauze as padding there but has not helped too much. :/ my weight today was 144 so the major water retention increase from the surgery has gone. My waist is still about 2 inches bigger than prior to surgery due to swelling. Still can't stand up completely straight but I don't know if the people around town would notice, I like to think they wouldn't but I can notice it still hurts to try and stand completely straight but def better.

Today is post op day 33 so it's been almost 2...

Today is post op day 33 so it's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. The biggest difference I can tell is with the scars that I have. They are getting better. I do have one stitch that popped or broken open or whatever underneath my left breast and it feels like an internal stitch is coming out. I am meeting with my doctor tomorrow for my regular followup and have her check it out. In the meantime, I have been using gauze underneath that breast since the sore is oozing a little. It's been going on for at least two weeks. :/ I went to see the medical assistant last week since the doc was out doing surgeries and she said it was fine and just to keep doing what I have been doing.
I am still swollen and sore. Last week I had worked up to walking 2.5 mph on the treadmill which is a 24 min mile and did that plus regular walking and was getting between 14,000-18,000 steps a day per my fitbitand after a few days of that my body rebelled and I spent Friday-Sun laying down recuperating.
I can't tell a big difference in between my pictures. What I do wish was that my stomach muscles were more concaved looking. I have always had poochy stomach muscles even before having kids, I was hoping that was something that could be corrected from surgery but I guess your natural muscle shape can't be corrected. Some pics are of me letting my stomach hang out naturally and some are of me sucking in. However, still WAY better than before. I am hoping I can get some before pics from my doc tomorrow.
I still am weighing about what I weighed before surgery so I have lost the extra 7 pound "gain" from surgery but am waiting for the 5 pounds of stomach fat that was removed to show itself on the scale. I know that takes time so I am trying to be patient.
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