My Mommy Makeover Journey As an African American Woman (Breast Lift W/Implants & Abdominal Lipo) - Phoenix, AZ

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Today I start my Mommy Makeover journey. I write...

Today I start my Mommy Makeover journey. I write this journal entry as an African American woman who is excited about the opportunity to see changes that I have wanted to see for a long while, but is greatly fearful of the scars that the surgery may leave on my skin. I have been doing a lot of research of scars on African American skin versus other enthnicities, and have found some good information from both physicians and patients.
My surgery is scheduled for July 1, 2016 in Arizona. I will be flying out to Arizona the day before my surgery for my pre-op photos and paperwork. However, I am handling all of my pre-op activities such as bloodwork, mammograms, EKGs, prescriptions, etc. from my hometown in Chicago, IL. I choose to have the surgery in Arizona because the plastic surgeon comes highly recommended by my mom and she will be taking care of me the two week immediately following the surgery.
As I complete appointments and begin to purchase items such as post-op bras, girdles, scar creams, etc. I will post additional journal entries of my progress. Further, I will continue to post entries after my surgery to let you know how my surgery went, what you can expect, and how my scars are healing.
Take Care!

Before photos

Before photos

29 Days until my surgery- Here are my supplies

I only have 29 days until my surgery and I have most of my pre-op and post-op supplies ready. If you have any questions about my list just post a question. Because I'm African American I am being extra precautious about the healing of my mastopexy scars. Here's the list:
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Folic Acid
Arnica Montana Pellets
Quercetin tablets
Bromelain Tablets
Oveela Scar sheets -Anchor shape with Areola
Clinique mild soap (for washing the scar sheets)
Hydroquinone 4% skin lightening cream
Mederma scar gel
Neosil Scar Sheets - for my lip suction scars
100% pure coconut butter
100% pure Shea butter - both for skin softening and stretching to prevent stretch marks on breasts from the implants
100% pure coconut oil
Vitamin E oil - both for mixing with the butters to slather on the skin/breasts everyday for 2-3 weeks before surgery
3-4 zip-front or hook-front bras
1-2 faja-like garments
Pill case
Huggies wipes
Hibiclens - pre-surgery body cleaning soap
Ice pack
A Pillow with arms- not shown in the picture

Again, if you have any particular questions about the supplies just post it and I will answer.

I will also be posting more before pictures of my areas to be lipo'd.

17 Days will be here soon

My surgery is in 17 more days.
I've started my vitamins. And a week ago I started the oil and 100% coconut oil and Shea butter on my breasts in order to help keep them supple in order to prevent stretch marks on my breasts. I'm also having lipo on my midsection and am posting more before pictures.

Surgery Day

Getting ready to head out for my surgery. Arrival time is 8:15am. Will take pre-op photos when I get there an upload them.

4 Days Post Op

It's been 4 days since breast lift with implants and lipo of abdomen, hips (flanks), upper/lower back, and neck.
The true pain as subsided and I'm just left with bruising and tenderness in all the lipo areas. The stitches for my breast lift are itching and I hope to have some taken out at my first follow up appointment tomorrow. My lines on my breast lift seem to be very fine and healing really well.
Although I have been drinking water and using Miralax, I haven't had a bowel movement in 5 days. I'm not in discomfort, but just knowing I haven't had one weighs on my mind. Here are some pics of Day 4 post op.

16 Days Post up

16 Days post op

17 Days Post op- Side View

17 Days Post op- Side View

Side by Side Before and Afters

Side by Side Before and Afters, 17 days post-op

6 weeks post op photos

6 weeks post op photos
Dr. Chasby Sacks

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