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Hi everyone! I had a mommy makeover scheduled for...

Hi everyone! I had a mommy makeover scheduled for TODAY - 10/1/16. It had to be postponed for three weeks because I caught strep throat. I rarely ever get sick and don't remember the last time I ever had strep throat. I am super disappointed that the surgery had to be postponed. I was mentally and physically prepared, had everything set up to a T (a lot due to reading as much info on this website as I could) - all the help I would need afterwards, even my period was overwith and I wouldn't have to deal with it for a month. It crossed my mind - "is this a sign that I shouldn't go through with the surgery?" or is this just bad luck. For two weeks prior to getting sick, I was taking vitamins every day, eating super healthy and exercising. I'm glad I don't have to wait longer than three weeks, but it sure will mess a lot of things up. Once the date comes closer, I will post pictures and write more about my experience.
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