Stretch Mark Removal Dermaroller 1.5. Phoenix, AZ

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I bought a dermaroller 1.5 & used it once on...

I bought a dermaroller 1.5 & used it once on my breast. I have really bad stretch marks from my first pregnancy but it runs in my family also. I have old stretch marks that are white and red. I heard really good things about the derma roller so I'm taking my chances with it. I rolled last week I seen some redness go away but I also made a lotion with Extra virgin cocunut oil and vitamin E oil with Revion stretch mark cream. I apply it everyday and after I roll. I hoping to see results every month.. I'm not striving for perfection just always embarrassed to wear anything that shows cleavage with sucks because I have large breast so regardless I have it. So I'll be updating every month to see how it goes.

4 months after my first review.

I don't see much of a change in my scars.. the only thing I do
see is that they are some what lighter which is kind of a good thing since some of mine were
still a little red. I just had a baby so my boobs are going through a definite change :( Plus I am breast pumping so they will be going through size changes and felt like they got smaller so the scars are very much visible. I'm not going to give up because I am basically desperate to get rid of them. I'm also going to try the laser removal in a couple of months to see if that also helps..its only 250$ in Scottsdale, Az at a medical spa. I'll do that every 2 and a half months.
As for the derma rolling I'm doing it every month and adding different types of oils such as olive oil, avocado oil, lotions, aloe vera gel and I'm going to go purchase Mederma to give it a try only thing is that its 40$ so hopefully it works but my scars are old so I'm not sure. I tried bio oil and it didn't make a difference I used it all within a month also expensive for a little bottle.
Im going to start back in the gym and do chest workouts to help my boobs not get saggy! breast pumping is taking its toll on my boobies-_- lol My poor boobs!!! anyways ill update soon.
Thanks for reading.

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