Cover Up Tattoo Removal. Phoenix, AZ

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I wanted a simple symbol on my upper arm, nothing...

I wanted a simple symbol on my upper arm, nothing else. The line work was one of the easiest things. But I was unsatisfied when I found the lines were crooked and non consistent. I went in for a coverup. The artist chose a rose, and it sounded great but the work didn't go as well as I thought it would. I feel incredibly stupid. I hate it and it increased my self loathing so much! I never knew a tattoo would affect me this much. It's embarrassing. It's summer and I don't even want to wear tank tops. It's been on my mind so much and it's driving me crazy. This tattoo is probably my #1 regret right now.
I'm suppose to have another session coming up on the 12th, but I don't think I'm going to go. I've been researching what I can do, I'm only 18 and I don't want this on me. It's still healing and I already regret it so much, what a stupid and impulsive decision I've made. I looked up tattoo laser removal and found a place that may be able to help. I'm going to call them tomorrow before work to set up a consultation instead of going to the next tattoo session. I don't want to make it any worse or harder to get out. There's already a lot of red and black, and he wants to add blue and purple. I just can't do it. It's so embarrassing.
I've read some stories on here and it encourages me to get this tattoo removed. I'll keep updating on how it works out.


So the consultation is coming up. I'm feeling better about it now that it's healed and I know what I'm dealing with more. A lot of the black is kinda faded and the red isn't so intense. There's really not much line work to it either, but the middle part of the rose does have line work and intense black. It's pretty much the only part that does, so depending on how my first couple of laser sessions are, I'll decide if I want a coverup or to just get this thing off me. Thank you for all the support, it's really helping.

Consultation part 2

So I went in and they said it will be $350 for each session. I'm really upset that I'm dropping this kind of money on this tattoo. It makes me regret it 10 times more. I'm not well financially. I have a part time job and I'm moved out of my parents. I have bills and rent to pay. Once a month I get a small part of a check to myself. But now all of it is going to be towards this tattoo. I know it's worth it. And I know I'll be much happier in the end. But I'm upset and sad I have to spend this kind of money. So on top of feeling ugly and idiotic, I have to deal with financial stress. I feel like I'm trapped. I feel awful.

A few hours after 1st session

It was pretty painful, but only lasted 2 minutes! Some of the black is already completely gone, and this is only a few hours after the session. Everyone was friendly and kind there. Unfortunately the red will be harder to get up but at least the black will go first.

2 days after the first session

Some of the black is completely gone, and the other parts that has black is starting to break up. Can't wait for my next session.


I havnt had anymore work done yet and can't for a while. Unfortunately I have big expenses to cover right now. I'm think about picking up a second job to cover cosmetic expenses such as this. I will keep you all updated as time goes on.
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