Not sure if this was worth it! Painful after-effects as well as insane itching! - Phoenix, AZ

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I'm 46, had a baby 2.5 years ago and have had a...

I'm 46, had a baby 2.5 years ago and have had a very hard time getting rid of the poochy, flab on my abdomen. I'm 5'4' and weighed roughly 124 the day I had Coolsculpting done on my abdomen and love handles. I'm a woman who's been waxed, lasered with IPL on my face, I've had laser hair removal...I don't enjoy pain but I can normally deal with it. Not only was Coolsculpting extremely uncomfortable during the procedure, the pain and discomfort I feel now, 5 days later, is worse. I seriously don't think I'd EVER do this again. It's an insane itch that I really can't scratch because to do so hurts worse. My abdomen is sore as hell, numb and painful. Which seems like an odd combination...if it's numb, why does it hurt?...but there we are. I occasionally get sharp pains and if other reviews are any indication, this may only get worse before it gets better. I don't have photos yet but will post when I get them...but seriously, I'm not sure I could recommend other people do this. It freakin' HURTS. My abdomen is waaaay worse than my love handles. It itches like MAD...but if I even TOUCH my skin, it feels worse. This is like some effed up kind of torture. Supposedly not everyone feels this kind of pain or even the itching but there's no way to tell who will experience it and who won't. we are. I have tried hydrocortisone all over my belly and it did absolutely nothing. I took Advil...and the same, nothing. And I even read that taking Advil isn't recommended because it can interfere with the fat reduction process (?) you have pain, there's not much you can do but wait for it to subside...which is...just flippin' awful. Not a fan right now.

Forgot to add...

I had my coolsculpting done on Tuesday, 4/26. Today is Sunday, May 1st and the pain is still awful. Sharp, jabbing pains and nothing helps. I will call the med spa tomorrow to tell them what's happening. They are NOT clear on the chance of this happening AT ALL. It was never discussed.

Still painful.

Today is 5/3. I had the procedure done 8 days ago. It's still painful. The area in which I feel the pain is getting smaller. It's focused around the belly button in about a 3 inch diameter...but for God's sake it's still there. It feels like small, mini knives are constantly stabbing me. What's funny is that since the area around my belly is slowly becoming less painful, I can actually now feel how painful my sides/love handles are. THAT'S how bad the pain has been all over my stomach. I'm writing this so people know. Day 8 and yes, still painful. I haven't found too many people talking about pain like this after 8 days so I'll continue to update on that. As for how I's too early to really see anything significant yet.

Day 9, finally getting a tiny bit better

Today, 9 days since the procedure, I finally feel a smidgen better than the last 9 days. I'm still numb and still have pain but it's finally the manageable sort. If it were like this the last 9 days, that I could have handled. The fact that it was literally INSANE itching and awful jabbing PAIN that no one at the spa even MENTIONED...THAT made it worse. There was no preparation. I am guessing the pain will continue to go down from here. Thank GOD. I will add that 9 days out and yes, I can already tell that my stomach is flatter. : ) For that, I'm happy.

It worked.

Okay, so it was suuuper painful for about 9 the 10th day, the pain started going away. Since then, I'm thrilled with the results. I look SO much better in clothing and I FEEL so much better as well. I wasn't sure I'd do it again but in truth...? Yeah, I would. It was SO completely worth the pain. Don't get me wrong, the pain was bad...but where I could pinch a sizable roll on my belly before? I can basically pinch about an inch now. I want to do what they call the "teacup" area next. That's the squishy chub that appears in front of my armpit area. I hate it, it's gross and I want it gone. This will do it!

The staff was nice...but NO ONE said anything about the after-effects and possible pain and itching. NO ONE. They seemed thrilled by the fat pad on my belly when the took the vacuum off and said I "hit a home run in the Coolsculpting world." That's great...I sure hope so...because as of right now, I don't think I'd recommend this to people.

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