When in Doubt, Run Out! - Phoenix, AZ

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Like many of the ladies on this message board, I...

Like many of the ladies on this message board, I have always had large breasts. I thought that getting a reduction from a 38G to a large C/small D would make me happy and it hasn't. If anything it has caused MAJOR anxiety attacks and low points. It's not because my breasts aren't nice and pretty after the surgery because they are, or that my neck and back pain isnt gone because it has... it's because this decision was not the right choice for ME. And Although I could not stand my large, saggy, long boobs, or the neck and back pain, or the gawking from men they were MINE and a part of my life and I regret my decision to have this done everyday. It has caused a major disruption in my self esteem and mental well being. And don't get me wrong I researched the procedure and i consulted 2 different BOARD CERTIFIED DOCTORS, and i Bugged the hell out of people I knew had this procedure done, but i still feel this was not the right decision for me. Hell i even visited THIS SITE and YouTube NUMEROUS times for encouragement and got it, but still i feel my self esteem has suffered. So ladies if you do not have debilitating back pain that keeps you from hiking, walking, and shedding pounds, and you don't have rashes beneath your breasts, and if you have your health and sanity in tact then do not do this procedure. Just don't because it will save you a lot of heart ache in the end. Take it from me!

-God bless and I hope this helps someone straddling the fence come to their senses and OPT OUT of surgery!

Regretfully yours,

The doctor was kind and attentive for the most part. I should have backed out when I had the chance.

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