24, No Kids, Uneven Tuberous, 400cc and 500cc Silicone Over the Muscle, Areola Reduction/Lift

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I had a consult a little over a year ago in 2015....

I had a consult a little over a year ago in 2015. I was super hesitant about getting this done... because really..... my boobs will never be the same! For better or worse!
I had my pre-op appt and went over all the fun stuff. My surgery is going to be on Dec 6, and Im pretty excited! Ill add some before pics and wish pics along with the details. Im going to withhold the doctor for now.

Pre-op discussion

*Over vs Under the Muscle*
I already have plenty of breast fat/ tissue and thick skin. Because of this, my doctor recommended going OVER the muscle. He said that if I went under the muscle, I would be very full at the top of my chest, but then the lower part of my boob would look kind of droopy (kind of like the snoopy boob, I think), where my natural fat is. I trust him with this. I read that it hurts less…. Hah! Hope that’s somewhat true. I think also less recovery time? Not sure… I’ll look more into it. I’ll also check out the cons and make sure I’m ok with them.

*My Issues/What I want*
My main issues are the shape of my breasts, them being uneven in size, and my larger areolas. My right boob is slightly tuberous as well. I told him that I do not want a full lift because I want my areolas to remain lower on my breast. I do not want high areolas and the vertical scar. So, I’ll be getting the benelli/donut/areola reduction lift (whatever you call it). My only scar will be around my areola. He’ll be placing the implants in through my areola as well, so no under boob scar. My right boob is the tricky boob since it’s kind of tuberous. He’ll have to release the tissue on one side… or something like that. I personally like natural, kind of saggy boobs, so I’m ok with this procedure. I basically only need an areola reduction and nipple lift, not a full breast lift.

At my pre-op I tried on a few sizes. The first ones I tried on were 450cc and I thought they looked good. I went to 500-550cc but I thought they would make me look bigger/top heavy, so I wasn’t sure! My surgeon said that he would have both sizes and during surgery he can test both to see which looks better. I plan on losing some weight, so I do not want to go too big. Also, I read that if you’re going UNDER the muscle, you should go with a bigger implant than what you’re thinking, but I’m going OVER the muscle, so I’m not sure if it makes a difference. So he'll probably do 450cc on my bigger boob, and 500cc or so on my little special booby.

*Areola/Nipple Talk*
I asked him about the chances of my nipple dying and falling off, and he said my chances were very very slim. Since my areolas are so large, he said it will definitely be a tight fit, though, because he will take quite a bit of skin tissue out. I also asked about nipple sensitivity, and he said somewhat of a decrease can be expected, but it shouldn’t decrease too much or maybe not at all (but obviously it’s a possibility). He told me that my areolas can stretch over time and that there’s a 5-10% chance that I might want a revision in the future. I'm okay with having bigger areolas as long as my boobs are round and you can see the skin of my breast under the areola (make sense?).

*Implant Type/Saline VS Silicone*
I’ll be getting smooth round silicone. I’m not sure about the profile yet. This was a super hard decision for me, though. I’ve wanted saline implants all the way up until about 1 month pre-surgery. I’m grossed out by the inner stickiness of the silicone. If it ruptures, sticky stuff will get all up in my breast tissue. Cohesive or not, it can still mix with your breast tissue. Gross! BUT…. I cannot justify spending thousands of dollars on saline water. I mean really…. That is expensive water! And since I’m going with above the muscle placement, I think silicone will be the best choice. It was only a $900 difference, so not bad at all.

Some wish boobs!

I like wider, round boobs that don't have lots of projection. I also like the areola when it's a little lower and medium sized. Hopefully mine can look similar, I just don't want them quite as big as some of these.

Less than a week to go... Emotions

Okay... I've been waiting for my emotions to start going crazy, and it finally happened. A few days ago, I had a really weird break down. I was in bed crying and thinking to myself.... Do I really want this? Do I really want things put underneath my skin? Do I really want part of my areola to be cut off? Do I really want any of this... because it'll affect me for the rest of my life.
When I woke up the next morning, I was like HELL YEA to all of those questions. So yea, let the mood swings start. Wohoo!

Areola dying and falling off, significant loss of sensation, areolas healing very very badly, boobs being too big

Tomorrow is the day

This is the last night with my natural boobies. I figured my anxiety would be high, but I kind of feel like "bleh..". It's strange. I have no feelings about this. It doesn't really feel real to me in a way. I think I'm just so used to being unhappy, that my mind refuses to think I'll end up happy with my results. Does that make sense? Not sure if it does. I think once the surgery is done, I'll be able to open up with what I'm feeling, because it'll actually be real.
Anyway..... I ended up getting a boob rash and it got worse after using dial soap. I've been using natural soaps for the past 6+ years... so this dial soap irritated my skin like crazy. I have a rash in between my boobs and under the boobs. Hope my surgery doesn't get cancelled because of this.

Surgery getting cancelled, areola issues, saying goodbye to my natural boobs forever, seeing my new boobs and going thru the shock of them being different

Its done!

Everything went well. Im in no pain at all. Just a soreness when I use my arms. The anesthesia had me messed up though! I was puking in the car and just totally messed up in the head.
Im a stomach sleeper, but I had no issues sleeping on my back propped up last night. I was really cozy and slept great. So far this has been super easy! I can go to the bathroom on my own and walk around just fine.

I peeked at my nips and they still have color and feeling. Super happy about that. My doc told my mom that he couldnt get the nips as small and symmetrical as he wanted, but they look ok to me. Im easy to please though. I do have bruising under my tuberous boob.
Also, I dont know the sizes he used yet. I think 400cc and 500cc. Ill find out more info tomorrow at my post op.

Ill add pics and more info soon!

A few pics

Here are a few pictures. Im still super swollen. My boobs looks bigger in person. I wanted them to stay a little smaller, so I think ill be ok with the size once swelling goes down.
The doc said he couldnt get my areolas as small because it was too tight of a fit. Hopefully they dont stretch too much.

Zero pain - Really sleepy

I have had no true pain at all. I haven't needed help with much. I went to the bathroom on my own, changed my clothes by myself, etc... I've been sleeping just fine elevated on my back. Everything is going smooth so far. My pain tolerance is extremely high, though. I've been really sleepy, so I'll stay resting for today. I'll probably start working tomorrow.

My boobs don't look much bigger to me, and I think that's good. I just wanted more fullness, and I think that's what I got. I know they'll change when the swelling goes down, so we'll have to see! They are rock hard right now. I start massaging them today.
I don't like my actual nipples though.... they're stretched out and flat! I don't have a defined nipple, if that makes sense. Hopefully it comes back when things start to settle and the swelling goes down. BUT I can still feel all parts of my boob and nipple. I haven't lost any feeling, which I am thankful for.

Doing fantastic

Everything is going good. Zero pain and no complications so far other than me being bloated. I mean really..... zero pain. I feel like no procedure was even done! Sweet!
The swelling has gone down some, but my smaller tuberous boob is still swollen and harder. I can squish them together now. I can fit into a 36DD bra from VS, I just spill out a little. Itll fit perfect once the swelling goes down.
I like them so far! They look smaller in pictures, which is weird, but they are pretty full in person. I think maybe theyre too big sometimes.... but we'll see how they settle!

Quick comparison

My originally bigger boob has dropped more and is a little softer. My tuberous boob is still pretty tight and higher. Im putting both homemade and store bought body butters on them 3 to 4 times a day and massaging... staying away from incisions though.
I feel like these are too big and I wish I went smaller! I do like them so far though ;) obviously better than what I had. I guess just not used to them yet!
Also, Im starting to see a defined nipple! The swelling made it all puffy, but now my nip is able to come out. Yay

Areolas uneven and... ugly!

Now that the surgical strips came off... you can see how uneven the areolas are. Not happy about that at all. They look so ugly. He told my mom that I may want a revision right after he finished my surgery.... so that should have told me something right there.
I still dont know the type of implant used and I was never given a implant card thing. Partially my fault for not asking.... but I think he should have been upfront with all of that info.
My boobs are less swollen, but still hard. My originally larger boob has dropped alot more than my tuberous boob. My under boob is hard and lumpy.
They look great in a bra and give a nice shape in clothes.
Still no pain. Im just annoyed with my areolas! Maybe Ill feel better when they are healed. We shall see! Or a revision may be needed, which sucks! At least they didnt fall off though... hah.
Next post op is in 2 days. Lets see what he says about my uneven nips.

Its not a bruise... its my areola!

Im having a love hate relationship with my boobs. Obviously they're better than what I had... but $9000 better? I dont know.
Anyway, under my tuberous boob, I have a darker area. I thought i was still bruised, which I still am slightly. But its actually a huge chunk of my old areola pigment. He never told me this would happen. So now i have my new stitched up areola, and underneath that I have the rest of my areola pigment. When the redness goes away, ill post a picture.
I guess its not a big deal... Ill see how everything heals. I think makeup or spray tans can cover it if it looks super bad.
They are so much smaller than when I was swollen, which is great! He put 400cc in my big boob and 500cc in my tuberous boob, and the tubey booby is still smaller, which is crazy.
My areolas are pretty sensitive and are hard most of the time because its winter. My Montgomery glands are also showing up again, which I like and am happy about.
The outer part of my boob where the fat is, is squishy and jiggly... but the inner core of my boob is still hard. I cannot feel the implant at all though.
I have shooting pains around incisions and in the center lower part of cleavage.
Thats all the updates for now. I will post pics in a few days.

Cant get over areola pigment

I like the size and how they look in clothes. They are a tiny bit softer, but still hard in the core of the boob... so they do not feel natural at all.
My areolas are a joke. A huge chunk of pigment was left underneath and is now stretched. Its so ugly. If he told me this could happen, I wouldn't have done this and would have done a vertical instead. But he said nothing and after surgery he left me thinking they were bruises.
I really hope a spray tan can even it out and make it not so obvious.
Other than that, I only have occasional shooting pains. Nothing bad. My right tuberous boob is getting flat on the bottom and still has weird air pockets. I really hope that changes.

I like them sometimes, but Im just so annoyed with the leftover pigment. This work was not worth $9000.

Major changes this week

My boobs went through a major change this week. They're actually getting soft! Its weird, because Ive had these hard masses under the areola where my implants were put in. I slept on my stomach for the first time about 4 days ago and when I woke up, the hard masses were almost completly soft. Kind of weird but my boobs feel so much better. They feel like boobs that have lots of breast tissue and fat... so a natural, firm jiggle. Make sense?
Im still annoyed with my funky areolas, but I put concealer on it and it looked a little better. I bet it will be camouflaged when Im tan.
I have no pain or shooting pains any more. Everything is starting to feel normal again. My scars are red now, but still thin. My nipples are so sensitive.
Im sorry my pics are so bad. They look a little bigger in person. Im fitting into a 36dd. Im a little over 5'6" and I weigh about 160 to 170lbs. Im trying to lose weight though.
Im feeling better about them now that they are feeling softer.
Ill try and take better pictures along with bra pictures in my next update.

Love the implants, hate the lift

It's been awhile! I love my implants. They are so squishy and jiggly. I cant feel them at all! 100% worth it. They look so good bikini tops. Im honestly wishing i went a tiny bigger and got saline instead tho!!
BUT..... the "areola lift/reduction" was a complete joke. He literally didnt take any areola or skin out...
So now I have a circle scar with all of my natural areola around it. And since I got implants, my areolas stretched. They are HUGE now.
Im sad that I spent $4500 on a areola lift/ reduction that I didnt get (he seriously ended up not taking any skin or areola out! It was a pointless procedure).
Ill be going back to him at the beginning of June to see what we can do. I just hope he doesnt charge me because I spent so much money on nothing already... AND I referred my sister to him (she spent $10,000 and loves her results).

Ill be back with pics.... but it aint pretty!!

Leftover areola pigment... and lots of it!

Here's a quick pic of my areolas. If you look, you can see the circles he cut to make the new areolas, and then the rest of my natural areola around it. He wasnt able to cut it out because my skin wouldnt stretch after he put in the implants. My natural areolas stretched a little because of the implants.
I really hope he can fix it or at least make it look a little better. My skin has settled and isnt so tight, so I think a revision should work. I can squeeze them to the size i want now... lol.

I like the shape of my boobs and the placement. The scars arent bad either. I love my boobs, just not the areolas. So happy I got implants.
Ill update after I ask my doctor about the revision. We'll see how small he can get them since my skin is stretched now.
My tuberous boob is what Im worried about because the areola is bigger and closer to my under boob crease.

Ill have more info next week after I see my doctor.

Areola revision update

I went back to my doctor to see what could be done about my big ol' areolas. He said he would be able to make them smaller now that my skin has settled and itsnt so tight around the implants. He said he'll put in a permanent suture and he'll do the revision under local anesthesia, so ill be awake. He said my boobs/implants are big and heavy so he worries about the stitch opening up on my right boob (the one with the bigger areola).

Im doing some travelling and lots of swimming this summer, so im planning on doing the revision in September or October instead. Woo! Fingers crossed that they turn out normal sized.

Getting revision in October and I still love my implants

I scheduled to get my revision in October, so about 1 month from now. My doc's going to make my areolas as small as he can, which would still make them about medium size because they're so large to begin with. I hope all goes well. He's charging me his facility fee of $500, which I'm very upset about, because I already paid $4,500 for the "lift" that I literally didn't get (he just cut me open and sewed it back shut without removing anything!!!). BUT OH WELL. I really just can't wait to get this over with!!!

A little update about my boobs. I LOVE MY IMPLANTS. I've had no issues with them at all. I can't feel them unless I'm laying flat on a hard surface, like the floor. They are jiggly and squishy. TMI, but a few guys have touched my boobs this past few months and they cannot tell I have implants. My boobs feel a little firmer, but it's a youthful sort of firm, ya'know?? Like a young boob that's full of a lot of fat, lol. I don't feel any pain at all. I love love love them. I did get new stretch marks, but that's alright. :)
My areola scar healed really nice too. We'll see if it heels nice after my revision as well!!
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