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I had a consult a little over a year ago in 2015....

I had a consult a little over a year ago in 2015. I was super hesitant about getting this done... because really..... my boobs will never be the same! For better or worse!
I had my pre-op appt and went over all the fun stuff. My surgery is going to be on Dec 6, and Im pretty excited! Ill add some before pics and wish pics along with the details. Im going to withhold the doctor for now.

Pre-op discussion

*Over vs Under the Muscle*
I already have plenty of breast fat/ tissue and thick skin. Because of this, my doctor recommended going OVER the muscle. He said that if I went under the muscle, I would be very full at the top of my chest, but then the lower part of my boob would look kind of droopy (kind of like the snoopy boob, I think), where my natural fat is. I trust him with this. I read that it hurts less…. Hah! Hope that’s somewhat true. I think also less recovery time? Not sure… I’ll look more into it. I’ll also check out the cons and make sure I’m ok with them.

*My Issues/What I want*
My main issues are the shape of my breasts, them being uneven in size, and my larger areolas. My right boob is slightly tuberous as well. I told him that I do not want a full lift because I want my areolas to remain lower on my breast. I do not want high areolas and the vertical scar. So, I’ll be getting the benelli/donut/areola reduction lift (whatever you call it). My only scar will be around my areola. He’ll be placing the implants in through my areola as well, so no under boob scar. My right boob is the tricky boob since it’s kind of tuberous. He’ll have to release the tissue on one side… or something like that. I personally like natural, kind of saggy boobs, so I’m ok with this procedure. I basically only need an areola reduction and nipple lift, not a full breast lift.

At my pre-op I tried on a few sizes. The first ones I tried on were 450cc and I thought they looked good. I went to 500-550cc but I thought they would make me look bigger/top heavy, so I wasn’t sure! My surgeon said that he would have both sizes and during surgery he can test both to see which looks better. I plan on losing some weight, so I do not want to go too big. Also, I read that if you’re going UNDER the muscle, you should go with a bigger implant than what you’re thinking, but I’m going OVER the muscle, so I’m not sure if it makes a difference. So he'll probably do 450cc on my bigger boob, and 500cc or so on my little special booby.

*Areola/Nipple Talk*
I asked him about the chances of my nipple dying and falling off, and he said my chances were very very slim. Since my areolas are so large, he said it will definitely be a tight fit, though, because he will take quite a bit of skin tissue out. I also asked about nipple sensitivity, and he said somewhat of a decrease can be expected, but it shouldn’t decrease too much or maybe not at all (but obviously it’s a possibility). He told me that my areolas can stretch over time and that there’s a 5-10% chance that I might want a revision in the future. I'm okay with having bigger areolas as long as my boobs are round and you can see the skin of my breast under the areola (make sense?).

*Implant Type/Saline VS Silicone*
I’ll be getting smooth round silicone. I’m not sure about the profile yet. This was a super hard decision for me, though. I’ve wanted saline implants all the way up until about 1 month pre-surgery. I’m grossed out by the inner stickiness of the silicone. If it ruptures, sticky stuff will get all up in my breast tissue. Cohesive or not, it can still mix with your breast tissue. Gross! BUT…. I cannot justify spending thousands of dollars on saline water. I mean really…. That is expensive water! And since I’m going with above the muscle placement, I think silicone will be the best choice. It was only a $900 difference, so not bad at all.

Some wish boobs!

I like wider, round boobs that don't have lots of projection. I also like the areola when it's a little lower and medium sized. Hopefully mine can look similar, I just don't want them quite as big as some of these.

Less than a week to go... Emotions

Okay... I've been waiting for my emotions to start going crazy, and it finally happened. A few days ago, I had a really weird break down. I was in bed crying and thinking to myself.... Do I really want this? Do I really want things put underneath my skin? Do I really want part of my areola to be cut off? Do I really want any of this... because it'll affect me for the rest of my life.
When I woke up the next morning, I was like HELL YEA to all of those questions. So yea, let the mood swings start. Wohoo!

Areola dying and falling off, significant loss of sensation, areolas healing very very badly, boobs being too big
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