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My surgeon is an artist! I honestly couldn't be...

My surgeon is an artist! I honestly couldn't be happier.

I started out very saggy, and about a 34 B. Effects of nursing 2 children for over 2 years! (I was larger than a 34ddd while nursing)

I'm currently 6 days post op and so incredibly happy with my results. I do have some pain, but I'm not taking any pain medication at all. I have zero bruising, and all of my incisions are looking fantastic.

The first few days were hard, but honestly the hardest part of the entire procedure was post operative nausea. Drugs didn't work all that well and I was pretty sick for about 10 hours after the procedure.

I'm currently in no condition to fully care for my children alone (ages 5 & 3) but doing really well. I'm able to do simple things around the house, but I am taking a lot of time to rest.

They're HUGE

Well... I'm now 8 days post op. I LOVE THEM, but they're definitely bigger than I expected.

I went with 440cc HP sientra gummy bear silicone. Before, I was a saggy 34B/32C. I put my new measurements in a bra calculator ( and it said 32FF is my current bra size. Ummmmm. (30" band & 36.5" bust)

I have been obsessed with trying on a few shirts to make sure they don't LOOK all that huge, and luckily they don't really LOOK huge in clothing. Attached are some photos.

8 days post op update

It's been 8 days. Oddly, the boobs still feel foreign. Firm, heavy, tight & not comfortable. I know it's all part of the process, I'm just ready to feel normal.

Recovery has been very odd for me. Days 1-3 were the easiest. From day 4-8 (current), each day has become a little harder. I find myself more tired each day (and definitely more so at the end of the day). More sore each day. More zingers and incision pain each day. The list goes on.

Last night I took Tylenol for the first time in several days. The ribs under my left side hurt SO bad. Literally, feel like they're broken. The pain came out of nowhere, after I took a shower. It hurts under my breast, and all the way around to under my shoulder blade (all the upper ribs). It hurts when I take a deep breath. By far, this is the worst post op pain that I've had. So glad I go see the doctor tomorrow... I'm even contemplating calling today.

I've been resting like crazy. In fact on days 6 & 7 that's basically all I did apart from getting up maybe 4 times for no more than 5-10 minutes each time. I feel it's a bit extreme how much rest my body has needed.

My hubby goes back to work in 2 days and I'm absolutely terrified. There's still no way I can care for my kids alone.

I wish I wasn't teased with such a great first few days. I really hate how I feel like I'm healing in reverse.

I'll update tomorrow after an appointment :)

The Road to Recovery

Today is 10 days post op. My husband is leaving for a 14 hour shift... So it's all mama today!

Pain wise, my ribs are just a tad better today, maybe 5% better. Still hurts to breathe and move, but it's not debilitating.

Yesterday was a very busy day, and I went out shopping and to the doctor. Everything looks like it's healing great! The steri strips came off (so glad- they were so itchy!) The incisions look good, and don't bother me at all. They sting from time time to time, but it's not bad. My sternum is still sore, but after 10 days it doesn't bother me much.

The breasts themselves are only a little sore. More so in the armpit area, at the very edge of the implant. I don't really like to touch them yet because I'm afraid I'll break something (which I know is just me being crazy).

Yesterday afternoon we were at a friends house and all of a sudden out of nowhere I started getting chills and could tell I was running a fever. An hour later, we came home and I was 99.9* with chills. Because I'm a borderline hypochondriac, I called the doctors office immediately and checked myself for signs of incision infections and what not. Breasts weren't red or sore, incisions looked great, had NO other symptoms. The temperature rose to 100.6 as the evening went on. After talking to the doctor, I was put on an antibiotic to be safe, and was told tot take Advil. It took three hours for 800mg of Advil to bring the temperature down, and I was able to get some sleep.

Today has been ok. I've been taking my Advil and antibiotic, and I'm hoping to feel better soon... And I'm praying that there's nothing seriously wrong.

Two Weeks!

It feels like things are moving forward great. Over the last two days I've noticed a lot of improvement. I'm not tired anymore, I don't feel like I have to 'baby' myself constantly, and I feel like I can live a semi-regular life again. I finally feel like the emotional roller coaster is over! (I'm a type A person, I like to do things for myself, and care for my husband, kids, house, etc. without help ;))

I don't have any pain, just muscle tightness here and there. It's not painful, just an awkward pressure. I get a few zingers here and there, but it's not too bad. My incisions are looking fantastic, and aren't as itchy or painful as last week. They look a lot more red in photos as they do in person.

I can definitely feel that the left side is dropping faster than the right.

My ribs on the left side are finally feeling better. There is still some light pain when I take a deep breath, but in comparison to last week... It's a huge improvement.

My fever did subside, exactly 24 hours after I started the antibiotic. I'm so happy.

It's been the kids and myself this week, and it's gone well. I still can't pick up my 3 year old. I tried yesterday, and put him down immediately.

I'm so glad that I went with the 440cc! The size is perfect. I'm getting more used to them every day! I don't feel like they're super huge anymore, they feel perfect!

a little over 3 weeks

Times going by fast!

Few things:

Pain/uncomfortableness - I don't know if I would describe my discomfort as pain. But, I still get super tight from time to time in the breasts. I still have discomfort under the left breast when I take deep breaths. My ribs are still tender to the touch. My right armpit is still pretty sore to the touch. My right nipple surely has feeling- possibly even over sensitivity. My incision on the right also stings from time to time. As the day goes on, the uncomfortableness definitely increases.

Incision- it's looking great! My left side is healing perfectly. My right is a little behind, but still looking good. Just yesterday I was into see the doctor for a spit stitch that's located right where the vertical line meets the nipple. 2 nights ago it was red and oozing a pussy/bloody/orange consistency. I went into see the doc the following day, and he told me it was ok, and to use a little triple antibiotic on it. It's not looking all that much better today.

Size - love them! The size is definitely growing on me. I don't fit into a lot of my shirts, but that's ok!

The lymph nodes in my armpits are swollen. I also had the doctor check them out yesterday. He agreed they were enlarged, but told me it was all secondary to the surgery. It's a pretty big surgery that the body has to work hard to heal from.

All in all, things are going great. I still am not comfortable picking up my 3 year old, so I only so when it's absolutely necessary. Every day feels a little better.

Four Weeks

Not much change this week.

Looks like I'm about to spit another stitch.

They're still numb on the lower pile so they still feel super weird.

My husband's been gone the last 8 days, so I've had to carry on life with the kiddos by myself and it's been fine. I definitely get sore by the end of the day.

They still seems huge, and I have days when I love the size and days when I feel that they're too big.

All in all, still so incredibly happy!

6 weeks!

The past 3 weeks have flown by.

Finally, I feel 99% normal. Only a few random things or twinges here or there.

Compared to what I looked like before, my results are absolutely fantastic. But, daily I find new things to nit pick about.

Currently, I'm feeling like they're super huge and I'm absolutely terrified that they are starting to sag and will sag in the future. So much to where I am only out of a sports bra to shower, and that's it. I wear a tight sports bra 24/7.

I went to Victoria's Secret today to be sized and they don't have anything that fits me. They said the closest would be a 32DDD (the 34 band is too large). I bust out of the 32DDD, in all styles of bras they have. The worker kindly said that's sometimes the case with an augmentation on a smaller framed person. I don't even fit into the large of the pink line. So, I went to Nordstroms for sizing. They measured me at a 32G. Gross. Hearing that already put me in a sad mood, so the bra trying process just went downhill from there. I hated every single 32G bra that they had in stock (I tried on 8 or 9). Every single bra made them look bigger, wider and pointier than they really are. I absolutely hate hate hate hate how they look in a bra. They look too natural and that's not the look that I wanted. I honestly wanted some upper pole, and with bras on there is none of that. So, I guess I'll continue to squish them into a sports bra. I like that there a little more rounded looking in the sports bra. I left there braless and teary eyed and went to Lululemon and bought 2 more tanks with built in sports bras. I'm praying that's enough support because I won't be buying a real bra anytime soon. In a bra, they look like the same nursing grandma boobs that I had and hated before.

They have definitely dropped and settled. As you can tell by the mood of this post, I'm praying they don't drop anymore. A year ago I remember googling "how do I know if I need a lift" and the same answer would always come up- if you can place a pencil and it stays put in the infamamary crease you need a lift. Well, I can definetly hold a pencil now. I just tried it... I can hold about 3. Makes me sick, and scared they're already sagging.

I know it's so early, but I'm soooo scared they're going to drop more. I feel like I have zero upper pole, just a natural slope. I look 100% natural with clothes on.

I go back and forth with "they're way too big" and "I think that I'll get used to the size" and "they're big, but ok". For the last week, I've definitely been on the "they're way too big" side. I wish they were smaller, and a little more perky. Smaller as a 32D... Sigh, too late now.

Scars are healing great. The one area of the spit stitch is finally starting to close up.

I am still numb on the lower portion of the breast. My right nipple has sensation, but the left doesn't.

My areolas are healing differently. The left (side without the spit stitch) looks much smaller. I'm not sure if it is, or if it's just healing faster because it doesn't have any stitch problems.

I started working out again this week (slowly) and couldn't be happier.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the result, especially when compared to what I started with... Just wish they were a little smaller and praying they don't drop or sag anymore at all.

11 months

Hello! Sorry I haven't been around to update recently.

I'm so glad I had my surgery- but I'd give anything to go back and make them smaller.

Fact is, I've spent the last few months wishing they were smaller. I didn't really feel that they were REALLY too big until bikini season came along. They're hard to fit comfortably in a bikini-- and for my body just look a little too big. I wish so badly that I would have gone with something like 200cc's. Ever since July I've been in a funk and saddened by these massive things.

I know that it takes a full year to get used to them- but I'm calling it as I feel they're tol big.

It's not that I don't like them- I do. I would rather have these than what I had before.

I feel like they still can look a little saggy at times. They've also dropped considerably and aren't perky like they used to be. They just look like big natural boobs... And I guess that's not the look that I'm into right now. I wish they were perfectly perky, round and much smaller.

I feel like they control me, and I don't control them. I have to stress about which shirt to wear- and I still continue to only wear sports bras because any bra that is lined at all automatically makes them look larger. I hate to go bra shopping because the bras look like helmets. I can squeeze into a 34dd if I'm lucky... 34ddd more frequently- and there's times when that doesn't fit at VS. If I go to a fancy bra shop they tell me my size is some reducilious 30H or I or something like that. I leave VS and bra shops in tears... All in all, I just wish I made a better decision last year. I know the decision for a larger size was all me- so I am taking full responsibility for screwing up.

My scars are healing perfectly.

I won't have a surgery to make them smaller just yet. ONLY because I 1- can't afford it ar this time and 2- don't want to deal with the recovery all over again. Otherwise, I'd be signed up to have these removed and have something around 200cc's put it.

I've uplaoded a few photos. Thanks for looking!!

too big. getting more uncomfortable.

To make it short and quick, each month that passes by gets worse. They start to feel larger and larger. They look (to me) like they're sagging more and more. The right side is become more and more painful as time goes on (at first I thought it was only related to hormones, but I'm finding that it now randomly hurts on and off all the time. can't figure out why).

They are too big (34DDD) on my frame. I can't fit into a 34DD- they smooth out the top like a muffin top. Super hard to shop for bras, or clothes in general. I'm a small person, so they just look up front ridiculous on me.

They're putting me into a downward emotional spiral. I know that I got myself into this, and I can't afford to get out. I saved for seven years for this procedure- and I kick myself every time I think about what I did.

I wish so badly I could go back and to have never done it at all. Sure, my boobs were a saggy gross disaster before... but now they just look like awkwardly huge large natural breasts which look saggy anyway- which is NOT the look that I wanted.

17 months post op!

I've put a lot of thought, and heart into my decisions and my thoughts of my results. And right now, I'm still super unhappy. They're just too big. They seem that they're saggy (nowhere NEAR how they were before my BA + BL). Bottom line: they look like big natural boobs (in clothing). When I'm naked, I can tell that they are implants... but I don't flaunt them around naked. What matters to me is how they look in clothes. I have to work constantly to hide them, which is definitely not what I wanted. I remember when I downsized before my surgery (originally had picked a 505cc implant) I said to my surgeon, "I want to control them, not have them control me." That's far from the case.

I can't wear a strapless or tube tops because they're a little too saggy for that. The summertime is when I'm least happy. They don't look perky and cute... they just look huge. They look a bit ridiculous in a bikini, and I find myself having to find ways to cover them up constantly. Let alone, they don't fit into any bikini that fits around my rib cage (example: Usually, I fit in a medium sized shirt. In a medium sized swim suit, the boobs bust out all over the place. I'm having to purchase XL swim suit tops, which don't fit around the rib cage... and the boobs are still super tight in there).

I'm a small person, but not freakishly small! I'm 5'4" and weight about 118 pounds. By no means am I super small. I feel that I'm pretty average. So, I'm not sure why I have such a hard time fitting these boobs into bras and swim suits.

I went to Nordstroms, and measure a 32G. It's so odd because my PS says I look like a C cup, but I don't. I have friends who are C cups, and I am MUCH larger. I can't even fit one boob in my hand. I HATE the 32 G bras, they make my boobs look even bigger (although, they fit great). So, I continue to stuff myself into the same old sports bras or anything that will squish them and make them smaller. Today, I measured myself. My ribcage measured 29.0" and my bust measured 37.0".

I like to work out and run, and they don't make it easy for me to do so.

I have a ton of back pain and neck pain which leads to a lot of headaches. I see a chiropractor, and just now I'm wondering if all the extra weight I'm carrying in my chest is causing the next pain. Not sure, but you never know. I do slouch forward a lot, as a way to kind of hide my chest. I never had any kind of neck or back pain before my implants (and the pain didn't start until about 12 months. Just yesterday, I started to wonder if it's the implants causing the pain). My right side still hurts quite often, and I'm not too sure why. I've seen the surgeon and he said all looks well.

My left side hangs much lower (you can see in the photos I'm attaching). That bothers me a lot as well. In tight tops, you can see that my left side is a little larger.

All in all, my unhappiness gets worse every month that goes by. I pray every day that I would just be happy, but I'm not. I wish so badly I could just accept them, but I can't.

I have been researching having them taken out completely, with a lift. I think in the future, that is the route I'll go with. I don't even think that I want a smaller implant, I think I just want them out. I don't know how I'll manage yet with paying for another surgery, two small kids, a husband who works all the time, myself working as a teacher, etc.

It was my decision to have them done in the first place, and I have to live with it. I did suggest bigger boobs, nothing that my surgeon did wrong. I just didn't think that they would have ended up this big. I don't think anyone did. I don't blame him for these problems I'm experiencing. My scars are fantastic, almost gone. So, I'm not afraid of another surgery in terms of scarring.
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

I can't praise Dr. Robles enough. His work is truly that of an artist. He was so caring, kind, and truly wanting the best for me. He did a fantastic job, and I can't thank him enough. He has helped me feel like a woman again, and that in itself is priceless. I saw him for my consultation, and he sat with me and answered questions for an hour. He never rushed me, or made me feel like I didn't know what I was talking about. Every appointment with him was great. His techniques are truly that of how he describes (rapid recovery). He's so meticulous and precise. I have ZERO bruising , and only took one pain pill. I did have a full anchor lift, and the scars are insanely perfect. They're small, and won't bother me at all. At only 6 days post op, I can't believe how great they look. His staff is friendly, pleasant and go above and beyond to make you happy. They always have a smile on their faces and will always fit you into the schedule whenever they can. They were kind enough to put up with all my phone calls and answered ALL of my questions over the course of the past 3 months. I can't thank Dr. Robles and his staff enough. I am so incredibly happy to have found him, and hope this review helps others looking for a FANTASTIC surgeon in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

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