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First of all i want to thank all the ladies that...

First of all i want to thank all the ladies that have posted their stories on here. I stumbled across this site and so glad I found it. It has helped me tremendously in my journey and to realize I'm not losing my mind. Like so many woman on here I have had so many mysterious symptoms that i couldn't explain or a doctor. I got my implants in 2005 saline under the muscle I want to say 350 cc. I was 37 when I got them. I started having symptoms about 5 yrs ago. ringing in the ears, my heart would race for no apparent reason, really dry skin, extreme fatigue, extreme dizziness, mental fog, forgetfulness, GI issues, joints sore if I don't take my supplements, can't sleep at night, and I got a fungus on my right foot which told me I had something going on with my immune system. I never connected all this with my implants until I stumbled across this site. Then it all started making sense to me. I have been thinking about removing my implants for quite some time. I'm at a different place in my life now and feel like they were a big mistake to begin with. I wish women were more accepting of their bodies we were given. We always feel the need to have to be so perfect. I was a 34B before and went to a 34DD. They are always in the way and i'm a very active person. Clothes never fit right. I find myself trying to hide them more then anything. So I decided after reading all the wonderful heartfelt stories on here I'm getting them out! I went for a consultation yesterday 11/11/16. I really like the doctor and women in the office were awesome! Two of them had their implants removed by Dr. Meger. He said since my breasts are soft and I don't have CC that the caps
ules don't need to come out. I guess my view on it is he's the doctor so i'm going with his advise. I think all my symptoms are from having these foreign objects in my body for so long and it's affecting my immune system. Our bodies aren't made to have foreign objects in it. So I"m hoping most my side effects will go away. I started taking some supplements that have really helped me feel better. My ex-plant date is 11/22/16! Just going to do a twlight sedation. I wanted minimal surgery if possible for faster recovovery. I cant wait to get these foreign objects out of my body! I guess my big concern is fluid buildup they said that's caused from trying to do to much to fast. If anyone out there had there's out this way and left the capsules in I would like to hear how you healed and if you had any problems or not. I don't have any pictures to post right now but will get some before and afters to post eventually. I'm looking forward to my B's again! shirts will actually fit once again. What a journey this life has been. I'm a very spiritual person and I feel I was led to this site for reason. I had been asking for answers and i got them, for that I'm very thankful.

4 days left until removal of implants!

Thank you ladies for the comments! I'm trying not to think about it but I'm nervous. I just want it over with and onto healing. I'm a very active person so I'm hoping the recovery won't be to long! Any last words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated! All your stories have motivated me to do this. Thank you

Implant Free!

Well I did it this morning! Finally implant free. I was so nervous about this but the staff and Dr Meger were the best! I did local anesthesia with sedation and boy the sedation worked! Lol I don't remember a thing other then talking to the nurse before and then again after. I remember asking her if they even started and she said I was ready to go home. ???? They must have given me pain meds in my IV because I'm not feeling any pan so far just some minor discomfort. Dr Meger said everything looked normal and I should heal fast. I have a tight wrap around me for 48 hrs. Then I can shower when it comes off. I go in Monday the 28th to have my stitches removed. I plan on posting some before and after photos after I get my stitches out. I know photos were helpful for me to see. The worst part about this process was the anticipation and waiting. I'm glad to be implant free and on my way to feeling better! Thank you to all the ladies that shared their story on here. It gave me the courage and confidence to do this.
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