41 and explanted 550 cc saline implants after 8 years - Phoenix, AZ

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I'm getting nervous! I've had my smooth saline...

I'm getting nervous! I've had my smooth saline implants for 8 years and now that I'm getting a little older I feel they look silly in my 120lbs 5'7 frame. Also, I'm more active than I was when I got them and just want small boobs again. I'm opting for local and not a lift. I'm hoping I don't regret not getting a lift, but I figure I can always go back later if they really don't bounce back. I will keep you all posted and wish you all well with your experience!

They are out!

Well, the explant was totally uneventful! I did a local only and felt no pain, a tiny bit of pulling, and he was done in 15 minutes! I am very happy I did local only and even stopped at Costco on the way home after driving myself. My boobs are a different story. I already love the feeling of not having water balloons attached to me but they look very sad, very wrinkly, and very deflated. I am open to a lift down the road, but I have little natural breast tissue so wondering if that would be with it? I'm hoping in time they will look decent and not so wrinkly, we will see.


Thank you all for the wonderful support! I'm hoping to get some help with a few questions from those that have been where I am. I'm 2 days post op of 550cc saline implants. I feel amazing without the water balloons but am very deflated and have droopy and little natural breast tissue. My questions are, when I lean forward without a bra my breasts flatten like pancakes (noticed this getting out of the shower bending over). I'm sure this is just from how droopy I am. Does this get better or will they look like pancakes forever? My other question is, how many months did you wear a tight sports bra? I'm wearing one now 24 hours a day (other than shower). I notice from the side I look completely flat. Did your boobs really fluff up? I just don't see it with mine! Thank you for all of your help and support! I have yet to show my husband! :/

Two days after explant pics

Not sure I see changes and amazing how droopy and lack of upper fullness I have. I LOVE how they feel though! I had no idea how uncomfortable they were until they were out. Honestly, even right after I felt like a huge weight was immediately taken away. I love how I don't feel "side boob" every time I walk, love that I don't feel self conscious about how big they were, and love how I can shave my arm pits normally (for some reason I had a huge indent in my armpit that I didn't know was from the implants until they were out).

One week tomorrow post explant and pictures

Tomorrow will be one week since my explant. I have to tell you ladies, I do not know why I kept my implants as lo as I did. I had no idea how uncomfortable they were! I am doing much better than I thought I would be without them! I took new pictures. Not much or if any changes from what I can see. They still look better in pictures and look really flat when I bend over. I have a question and would LOVE honest answers. I need others unbiased opinions please! If these were your boobs, would you get a lift? I decided to explant and look at a lift depending on results. As of now, they are a little low but 1. Do not know if a lift would really do anything drastic and 2. Don't know if I want to trade the droop for a lot more scars. Thank you ladies for all and I'm loving reading your updates too!

Questions on follow-up appointment today for post-explant women...

Today I am day 8 post explant and had a follow-up to remove the stiches. A few questions...

1. Both of my incisions are a little raised. My PS said this is normal and will go down. Is this common and did you have this?
2. My PS said that I can start wearing any bra I want. I thought it was a little soon to move out of my sports bra. What was your recommendation? He also said wearing at night will not make much of a difference, so I could forgo that too. What did your PS say?
3. My PS said to start using silicone scar gel next week. What did you use and did it help?

Thank you!

Month after explant

I think I see some improvement looking back a month ago, but still droop. I don't think the droop is going to retract but they are less wrinkly. They feel great, are soft, and am not self conscious any longer in any clothing I wear. I found some great push ups that make me look a little more full, but still very flat when wearing a sports bra. It's okay, I'm so happy with my decision and being natural again feels so good!
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