I'm 29 but Feel Like I Am 90. Phoenix, AZ

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QUESTION! Have any of you brave women that have...

QUESTION! Have any of you brave women that have had your implants removed because of health reasons.. Experienced a better quality of life since getting them out? Any less pain?

I had a fantastic chest in high school. After my first was born, I was ruined. My left breast hung down a full inch and a half longer than my right and was a whole cup size bigger. I delt with it for two years but I felt so uncomfortable. I wouldn't wear a swimsuit or form fitting tops. I always had to add padding to my right side to even things out. SO I asked my husband if I could go "get my old boobs back". He was weary about me going under the knife and being put under for asthetic reasons but eventual said I could do what I needed to feel comfortable. I got 250cc on the left and 325cc on my right. I had textured gel implants under the muscle with a full lollipop lift. Recovery was a nightmare! 2 full months before I didn't wake up sore.

FAST FORWARD 5 years and I feel like my health has been on a steady decline since the end of the first year with my new "old boobs". I have terrible neck a shoulder pain that truly never leaves. Numbness and tingling in my back and shoulder blades. More headaches than usual, all over aching, pain in my joints.. My knees especially. I have had all kinds of blood work done, I have had an MRI on my back, I've have steroid injections in my neck to try and alleviate some pain, I've been to so many doctors and have gotten zero answers. I even did physical therapy and went Raw Vegan for a year to see if it was my diet hurting my health. It only helped minimally. I feel like I'm dying. I'm too tired to do the things I want. I get winded just walking up the stairs. Getting myself and my 7 year old and 5 month old daughters ready and out the door is a monumentous feat! Im just in constant pain.

I also feel like I have some capsular contracture happening in my left side and I'm 100% convinced that my right side is ruptured. If it's these implants are causing all my pain and exhaustion I want them out.. Even though I know I am going to be devistated by the looks of my poor hacked up boobs after. My hubby is all for what ever can help me feel better so that's not a concern. I just would like to know if any of you have had a better quality of life after getting them out. Not just convienence or piece of mind... But real relief from pain. Thank you so much for any help or advice you can offer!

Woke up feeling so stiff again.

I feel like now that I really suspect my implants are what's causing my pain and exhaustion, I can't stop thinking about them. They feel so heavy on my chest now. I need to set up a few consults. Afraid to go back to my original Doctor. I'm worried he will be defensive.

Preparing to say goodbye

I had a baby girl 5 months ago. I gained 55 pounds with her and 75 pounds with my first born. She is 7 now. I've worked my booty off (literally hehe) and focused hard to get the weight off quick. Yesterday I hit one pound under my pre pregnancy weight. I had a shirt I bought in the middle of my pregnancy. I told myself I'll wear it once I lose all the weight. Up until now I have been wearing really loose clothing. I felt confident for the first time in a LONG time. I still have an extra 20lbs on me because of steroid injections I had done in my neck to help with my "mysterious undiagnosed pain". BUT! Putting on that shirt that has been in my closet for so long felt great. I'm still no where near where I want to be but I actually got the gift of feeling attractive last night. My hubby got a sitter and took me to a Fair and music festival that was in town. I took a photo to remember the night and that I can feel confident again even if it's fleeting. Man I'm going to miss my chest.. :( I know my chest is not what makes me, me. It's not what makes me attractive to my husband.. But I'm sure a lot of you wonderful women can relate to the feeling of loss once they are out. I know it's for the best. I need to feel healthy again.. It's just hard.

Tomorrow is Monday. I'm going to start calling around to schedule a few consults. I'm praying I feel comfortable with at least one surgeon. I hope I can find one that has experience with the en-block and total capsulectomy procedures.

Death bed

I'm reading more about adrenal fatigue. And also about low blood pressure. I have had border line too lower blood pressure stats for a few years. I almost black out every time I stand up if I don't take it slow. I need to keep learning more about the adrenal side of all of this.

Ultrasound vs. MRI Help

SO! I'm going to my OB tomorrow to get a referral to an imaging center. It's time to see once and for all if my suspicions are right and I have a ruptured implant. I'm not sure if i will be refered for an MRI or an ultrasound. Have any of you ladies had false results with either? I know they say an MRI is preferable.. I'm just not sure what my insurance will cover. I'm trying to disguise the need for an implant image as a general check up on my "girls"... My insurance is insane and tries to wiggle out of every claim.

ALSO! I have my first consult scheduled for April 14th. I'm so anxious to hear what he has to say. I really hope he doesn't try to talk me out of it or disagree with the need for removal. I really want a surgeon who will support my decision.

And they are ruptured.

I had and ultrasound and they are ruptured. One of them.. I could tell ruptured over 3 years ago. I'm not sure when the other one busted. I haven't even had them 5 years yet. QUALITY!!! ????????????

I'm free!!!

A LOT has happened since my last post! I finally explanted almost 3 weeks ago! If you have any interest in what happened to lead me to this point, a link to my whole story can be found under this YouTube video. The video is a clip from my explant surgery. I had an extracapsular rupture of a silicone implant.


I don't have a general feeling of total unwell was anymore. I don't feel like I am dying from some terminal illness. I'm getting my life back one day at a time for myself, my two beautiful little daughters, and my sweet supportive husband. ??

I have zero regrets

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