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So I've been wanting a breast aug since I had my...

So I've been wanting a breast aug since I had my daughter quite some time ago. I scheduled a consultation 3 years ago and didn't go through with it. I had a consultation back in December with another doctor but he wasn't very personable and didn't provide much feedback and I didn't feel comfortable. I found Dr Leverret in April scheduled a consultation and booked my surgery a couple of days later. His staff was very friendly and he was extremely detailed and took his time to answer all my questions and concerns. He even had me try on sizers the same day. My procedure is two weeks away from today. Earlier in the week my emotions were all over the place. I even thought about calling to cancel. I've been feeling much better the past couple of days and I'm starting get excited again- but I still get butterflies from time. I just pray every thing goes well and he give me the boobs I've waited so long for.

Before breastfeeding I was a 36 D. After I'm a small 36 C. VS size I'm a 34D. I'm 5'6 & 170 pounds- I'm hoping to be 165 by my surgery date - I just came back from vacation and I'm trying to shed the few extra pounds I've gained. I've attached a few before pics.

Paid in full

So I had my pre-op appointment today. To achieve the look I desire the doctor suggested Style 20, smooth round, 600 cc slightly over-filled saline implants. I'm very nervous and excited. My BA is 10 days away. My PCP has cleared me for surgery, so now the count down begins...

My surgeons office suggested that I add a numbing shot by the name of exparel to my package. It's suppose to provide pain relief for up to 72 hours. Has anyone heard of this? Part of me wants to do it but another part isn't too sure. I was told only 25% of BA patients purchase it. Since I'm having my procedure done 4th of July weekend. I want to make sure I'm as comfortable as can be.

I also need suggestions on things to buy for post-op. So far all I've purchased is arnica pills because the surgeons office recommends. Do I really need a recliner or will pillows work? I also found out that he doesn't have his patients use a band and prefer not to wear a sports bra (unless I want nipple coverage & it has to be a loose one). He doesn't want you wearing anything that will push the implants up since the goal is to get them to DF.

If anyone has advise or suggestions I would great appreciate it!! OMG I have butterflies in my stomach.

1 week away

My BA is one week from tomorrow and I must say I'm having a lot of anxiety every time I think about it. Last week I didn't sleep well and I even woke up in the middle of the night and told myself I was going to call the surgeon and cancel. Well I didn't... I told my surgeon about how I've been feeling and how I'm not sleeping during my pre-op on Monday. I was told this is normal and given something to take the night before my surgery. I just can't wait for this to be over. I'm already on an emotional roller coaster!!!

Got my twins!!

I had my BA at 7am this morning and was home by 10:30. So far so good!! Things are going great!! I took my meds as soon as I got have and I'm not having any pain. Yay!! I'm a little groggy and hungry so I'm just going to rest today. I will provide a full update tomorrow. I can tell you he went with mentor, moderate plus, round smooth, dual plane, 600cc saline implants. My stats; 5'6, 168 pounds, and I was a deflated 36c, vs 34d. I'm starving but I guess I suppose to only eat bland foods per my husband- what the doctor told him and let me tell you he's sticking to those instructions ????. I know it's for my good so I'm just going to have to wait to be patient

600cc,saline, mentor, mod+, unders - 16 days post op

I had my BA 16 days ago. I went back & forth trying to decide if I should update my review. My stats:
Height: 5'6
Weight:169 PDFs
Pre bra size: 34D vs sizing

My surgery was 7/1 @ 7am. I had to arrive 1 hour early. I started having major anxiety a few weeks before my BA so when I went to my pre op appointment I mentioned it and was prescribed 1 Xanax and told to take it the night before my surgery. I picked up all my scripts the same day of my pre op - 2 weeks prior. The night before went fine. I slept okay and was up bright and early the day of surgery - my husband got up at 3am (because he gets up to go to work at this time). I think I was up 30 mins after him. The surgical center is on the other side of town and traffic can be really bad at certain times of the day. We stop at his job to drop something off and we were so early that we hung out there for about an hour- for some reason he thought I said I had to be there at 5am. The center was about 15 minutes away from his office. We left his office around 5:40am and got to the center a few minutes early. To my surprise I was calm. I was given some paper work to sign and a copy of my id was taken. 5 -10 minutes later I was called back and given a container to pee in - pregnancy test. Than escorted to another room where I was given a gown to change into and a bag to put all my personals in. After I got settled in my nurse - Alex - came in told me I wasn't pregnant asked a few questions and than went and got my husband. Than my IV was put in and at approximately 7am my doctor came in showed me my implants marked me up and told me he'd see me later. Than the anesthesiologist came in we chatted for a few minutes. All I remember telling him is that I didn't want to wake up during the procedure. Hahaha. He told me I wouldn't and that he was going to give me something to relax me. I told him I was a light weight and had difficulty waking up after anesthesia. He put something in my IV and walked to the foot of my bed said we were ready and the next thing I remember is hearing someone call my name and telling me I had been in the recovery room for 1 hour - it was my nurse. The first thing I did was look down at my boobs but I had on an ace bandage so I couldn't see them. My nurse told me to rest a little longer - which I did. About 30 minutes later I was dressed and in a wheel chair heading to my car. The ride home is a blur- all I remember is arriving home and my husband helping me out of the car, up the stairs and helping me get into my bed.

The pain was nothing like I anticipated. It was actually tolerable. I took my meds on schedule and didn't experience any major pain. If I had to rate it on a scale from 1-10 I'd say my pain was about a 4-5. The hardest thing for me was having to sleep sitting up for 5 days. I debated on if I should get a recliner or not and I choose the later. I just went to Walmart and bought a pillow that looks like a chair and a couple of regular pillows. I put them behind me is n my bed and this worked out just fine. My bed sits up so my husband got me a step that keep dos use at the sink to reach it so I could get in and out of bed - it worked!!! And I'm still using it today. ????

I was having some intense muscle spasms - which sucks and not being able to open gatarade bottles was difficult for me. I never realized just how often one uses the pectoral muscle until now. I returned to work 10 days later and boy ol boy . I have a desk job so I sit in front of a computer all day. The spasms were serious. I took Tylenol, brome lain and a muscle relaxer but they were relentless. I survived the week and I've been massaging like crazy and this weekend hasn't been bad. I don't know if it's because I'm not doing much or if it just my body healing. I'm hate that I'm typing this review at one time because I'm trying to remember everything so I can share it.

My breast look great!! They are bigger than I like but I'm also still in the early phase and I now there is still some swelling and I don't want to judge them pre-maturely. They are sensitive but if I'm pre-occupied I don't even notice. Today I am 16 days out and I'm just waiting for these babies to drop, fluff and soften up- my surgeon told me they will get softer. Initially my left breast was bigger, numb below the nipple and bruised. The bruising is gone, the numbness is still there and I just hope the sensation comes back with time. Initially the nipple wouldn't even get hard but it does now so I am hopeful ????. I've posted some pics and I hope my story will help someone else.

Incisions pics

I forgot to include my incision pics.

3 week boob

I'm 23 days today and I just want to provide a short update. My left is still my problem child- a little bigger, numb in some areas and extremely sensitive. I was doing my exercises last week and massaging my incisions firmly as instructed and I heard a pop and than some pain. Later that day my left breast started to feel heavy and I think it started to swell. I decided to call my surgeon and was told that it was my suture and I may have just bruised my breast when massaging. Oh my goodness! My breast bothered my the rest of the week and I've been babying it every since. It feels much better today & I am just waiting for them to D&F. It finally got to show them off a little last night. I went out with my hubby and took a picture of the top I wore. I will post more pics later!!

He really took his time with me was very detailed and made sure I understood what he was saying. He answered all of my questions and even had me try on sizers during my consultation.

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