43 Year Old, 3 Boys..breastfed, 5.4 Ft, 138 Lbs, Considering BA for Myself - Phoenix, AZ

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Recently decided on BA and am shopping around at...

Recently decided on BA and am shopping around at the moment..getting info and trying to educate myself as much as I can..so I definitely am reading as many reviews as I can. Not sure which type I need at this time..I just want to upsize from my size D to a DD. I want a change but not an overbearing change for me..but you never know..

Decision is made ..

I decided to have my BA procedure done at North Valley Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Philpott will be doing my surgery. I have scheduled for September 15th if there are no changes made to my personal scheduling at work. I will also be getting the Femilift at the same time. I thought I might as well just go for it all at once because you live only once and my mentality right now is "just do it." During consultation, Dr. Philpott also recommended that I get Mastopexy Vertical-Bilateral (lift) as well; which I knew ahead of time that I probably will need it. I opted to get the high-profile smooth silicone sub pectoral. I chose high-profile because I wanted a more fuller look and when trying out the low, moderate and high implants during consultation, I just liked the look of high-profile best. I settled for 600 cc but since my right breast is slightly smaller I would like to even them out, so right side will be more than 600 cc I'm sure. I will find out at my pre-op appointment in 2 weeks time. I am excited and a little nervous.

Second guessing myself..

I am beginning to second guess. If I am getting a mastoplexy with a 600cc smooth silicone; will that hold me up well? 600cc!!! I will need to sit down and talk with my doctor at my pre-op visit this Tuesday. I don't want to "bottom-out" or make them (my girls) weird. If I have to down-size and not worry too much about "bottoming-out," I will do that than regret it later to go through another surgery to correct things. I'm beginning to stress out over things like this. Also if 600cc will just make me sag in the long run; I don't want saggy over time; that's why I'm getting the lift. OMG!! I'm definitely overly stressed over this.

One week to go!!

Next week today I will have my surgery. One week!!! I am feeling super duper nervous and a little scared and excited all rolled into one. I work only 5 days this week and took 2 days off (I work 80 hrs in one week and take one week off--my regular work schedule.) I also am taking off an extra week for a total of 3 weeks off just to be safe and I want to give myself time to heal. I will update with post surgery pictures and if any changes are made. See you after my surgery.

Surgery day and Post op day 1

Yesterday at 7am I arrived at North Valley Plastic Surgery center and had my surgery at 8am. Dr. Philpott and the whole staff were super sweet and I felt very relaxed although I was nervous. I got anesthesia and next thing you know I was done and ready to go head back to my hotel. Surprisingly I had little discomfort and even little pain. I slept most of the afternoon, walking each time I woke up and even had ordered Chinese for dinner. That was day of surgery.
Today is 9/16/16 and I had my post op visit with Dr. Philpott. Instead of the anchor lift I ended up with the lollipop lift. 600cc smooth silicone Natrelle implants style 20 in each breast. It actually looked great and not too big/huge. I love it. Pain I will say the most I had was like 3/4 out of 10 ( it wasn't really pain but more discomfort), a little nausea; so I took my medications plus my antibiotics. Dr. Philpott said all looked nice and I have had no discomfort either. The only complaint would be that at times it was hard to take a deep breath; which was expected but it didn't bother me. I didn't even have morning boobs. I was able to move my arms around without any problems, not really sore. I think my recovery is great so far. I will see what tomorrow holds for day 2 and 3 I hear are the worst. I have a high tolerance for pain so we shall see what happens. I will post photos later.

Day 2 post op

Not much to say today except that I slept all day; only to wake up briefly to eat, restroom break and to take my antibiotics. Did that happen to anyone? I'm sooooo sleepy that I feel that is all I did today. Pain wise I had no pain really; I can lift my arms with no problems, move them around; just the pressure on my chest which is really not pain at all. Well, that is all I have for today.

Day 4 & 5 pics

Still drowsy day 4 and 5..no pain just mild muscle spasms. Finally had a BM last night too..haha..felt relieved!

Day 10 post op

Hi everyone..day 10. Seems it all went by quickly but in slow-mo? haha..I guess due to taking the pain meds, muscle relaxers and anti-nausea pills. The Valium(muscle relaxers) were making me sleep too much so I stopped taking them like 3 days ago and still I feel a little drowsy. My sis is a RN so I asked her and she said it was still in my system. I still feel like I need muscle relaxers for the tightness and mild discomfort but I don't want to sleep too much. I have just been massaging a lot and that seems to help a lot. I also noticed that I still have full sensation in both nipples (Thanks Dr. Philpott for doing a great job.) I believe the stitching around my left nipple is giving me a little discomfort..it is not painful but just a strange sensation; especially the bottom portion of my nipple. I do feel a little nauseous in the mornings though..(So weird like I'm pregnant..but I laugh at myself because I have no one to get pregnant with.) Not sure if this is normal or if anyone else experienced anything like this. I tend to just ignore it..hard to do but... So far, I have had no pain at all; still able to lift my arms and move around with no difficulty. Most of my discomfort has been from my medication it seemed more than anything else. My one week post op appointment coming up on Monday. So I will have more pictures then and anything else that comes up new for me.

16 days post op

Well...after stopping Valium and Percocet..I finally "woke up" and more alert but it took awhile like almost 5 days. After being more alert, I just felt drained of energy; I'm thinking due to not exercising much plus all those meds making me sleep too much. Strange but also I feel nauseous still..very mild but it makes me not want to eat and I feel like I am forcing myself to eat just to get something in my stomach. There is no pain at all to my breasts; the left side is dropping much faster than the right side; but my left nipple is a little oversensitive? Like it "hurts" but when I touch it, there is no pain...hmmm...I have heard of "phantom" pain? I think its called..not sure. Maybe my nerves are beginning to come back to life? I think that weird sensation is the cause of my nauseousness because it just makes me feel strange and I feel "sick to my stomach for a few seconds." The only place I feel "pain" or some strange sensations are around my nipples so far. I will post photos that I took yesterday later. So far I like the way they are looking; can't wait for the sensations to really slow down/stop.

2 weeks post op pics

1 month post BA

Dr. Ethan Philpott

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