18 y/o, 36B, 5'7, 150lbs, No kids, on a Quest to Be Happy with my Body!

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I've been thinking about and researching breast...

I've been thinking about and researching breast augmentations for a few years now, but I obviously could not act on it until now because of my age. When I was about 14 my breasts stopped growing and they have since been my biggest insecurity. I don't want bigger boobs so I can show them off left and right, I really am doing this for myself. My breasts are a big source of unhappiness for me and if I can change that, that'll be one step in a happier direction.

I moved from home over a year ago to go to school so I am on my own and I've come to this decision by myself without the influence of others. In addition, I've been very vocal to my parents about wanting to get a breast augmentation and they have told me that they fully support it.

-----------My end goal:
I don't necessarily want to have much larger breasts, I really just want to improve the shape. Basically I'm more concerned with the visual aesthetic (how I'll look naked) than any size increase! I also want the size to fit my frame proportionally and look as natural as possible.

I'm so excited to be starting this journey with the support of my family and closest friends! I'm going to be updating my journey here as I learn more and come closer to my op day.

My body stats//First consultation

Just so you ladies know my body type so you can possibly gauge it for your own situation!

18 years old
150 lbs
Pre-op: 36B (small B, in VS I'm a small C with massive push up padding)
Average build
No kids/No breastfeeding

First Consultation!

I went to my first consultation on October 8, 2015 (I'm a little late updating). The surgeon I went to see was Dr. Shaun Parson in Scottsdale, AZ. I know it was only my first consultation but I felt so comfortable with him and his staff. A good number of his staff had gotten breast augmentations or various other procedures done by Dr. Parson and they were raving about him. It helped reassure me that he is skilled in what he does, and that he does it well!

When I was telling Dr. Parson the look I am going for (natural looking, improve the shape and not so much the size, be proportional to my body etc.) he was completely on board and explained that he prefers to keep his breast augmentations looking natural and proportional as I am wanting. That was good to know that we were on the same page with that and that he knows exactly what I am envisioning for myself.

We began discussing my options for implant type, size, incision location, and where it could be placed. I really want silicone because I think in my case especially it would be most beneficial. But with the FDA restriction on silicone (only 22 y/o and up) I was worried that I would have to settle for saline and get new silicone implants in a few years. I explained this to Dr. Parson and he agreed that silicone would be best and that he would be comfortable using silicone with me despite the suggested age. Super excited about that!

What we decided on---------

350cc-400cc silicone gel (to go from small B to full C)
Incision around the areola
Along with a peri-areolar lift (to correct nipple position)

I was quoted about $9100. This includes everything (surgeon's fees, anesthesia, implants, etc.).

During this first consultation I was so caught up in the excitement of talking about my options and trying on sizers that I forgot that I should be asking a lot of questions. Since then I have been coming up with a long list of questions to bring back to Dr. Parson for my second consultation with him, which is scheduled for the 26th. If I still feel completely comfortable and happy with everything I don't think I'll bother going to see other surgeons. But I will definitely see how it goes!

Possible Surgery date: 1/6/15

Before Pictures

More Wish Pics

As my second consultation is getting closer I'm just getting even more of an idea of what size I'm wanting.

Second Thoughts?

Nothing new has really happened since my last update but I'm doubting my decision to go through with the surgery.. I haven't committed to anything yet so I would still have an out if that's what I decided.

Here's my dilemma--usually I feel like my boobs are the smallest, ugliest things to exist. They're pointy, my nipples are very low and point in opposite directions, they have no volume, I don't even have a breast fold. They just kind of go straight out from my chest. I hate it. But there are these rare occasions where I'm having a decent boob day and for some reason they look fuller to me. The shape doesn't look so bad. And I think, they look fine. Maybe I'm just overreacting in wanting to get an augmentation?

I really don't want to have to go through the healing process. I don't want to be in pain. I don't want to not let my boyfriend touch me while I'm healing. And once I'm healed what if it's not the same (intimacy)? I know that may sound shallow but it is genuinely one of my biggest concerns. I don't want to be limited in what I can do, in any way.

I brought all of this up to my boyfriend last night and I asked him, am I being irrational? I have more breast volume than a lot of girls, so why does it bother me so much? Is this something I should go through with or should I forget it? He told me, honestly this is something you'll always be insecure about. I love your boobs, theres nothing wrong with them in my eyes. But I know how you feel about them. And it's always going to be this nagging thought in the back of your mind making you unhappy. So if you really think it won't be worth it, if you're still doubting your choice, don't do it. Wait. But if you are sure that you want to do it, take advantage of your position financially and with all of the support you have and just do it. Knowing you I think this is really what you want. But no matter what you choose you have my support.

I cried.

He calmed me down so much. And I know I can't expect him or anyone else to make this decision for me. But I am so lucky to have his understanding love and support through all of this.

So I'm really just needing support and input from you ladies. Did any of you have the same thoughts before surgery? Was it really worth it? I don't want to regret what I choose.


More wish boobs to help me see my goal! Hopefully these will help me stop doubting my decision!

Second Consultation!

I had my second consultation with Dr. Parson on Monday. It went great!

I brought my boyfriend this time so he could ask any questions he had and we could clarify sizing, what type of implant that will be used, etc. Dr. Parson answered every single question I had, even if it was a small silly question. He had incredible patience the whole time and he made me feel like I was the most important patient he had. He had come straight from a surgery to my consultation and didn't make me feel rushed even though I'm sure he had so much more to do. It was all ears on me, and I loved it!

Another thing that caught me off guard (in a really good way!) with Dr. Parson was when my boyfriend brought up what his policy is for mistakes, like if something goes wrong and I need something changed what would it cost me, etc. And he immediately said, you know I do a lot of breast surgeries. I'm confident in my abilities to understand what my patients want and how to correctly do it on their body. And if something did go wrong, whether it was my fault, or even if she simply changes her mind about the size, I will fix it, no questions asked, with no cost to you. I honor that offer for 2 years after the procedure date so even if she has her implants for a year and decides they're too small, I will happily adjust it for her, no problem. After he explained all of this I was like whaaaaaaaat. That's awesome. He wouldn't put such a bold offer out there if he was completely confident that there wouldn't be any issues. It just reassured me that much more that I chose the right doctor for me!!

After my long list of questions we began talking about sizes again. Last time we didn't discuss the implant type, brand, texture, profile, or anything along those lines. We just used sizers to choose the cc's. This time I made sure to ask him about the pros and cons to the different options I just listed. And after talking about it and explaining again the look I'm going for, Dr. Parson and I easily agreed on what would look best. 400cc, smooth round, moderate plus profile. And I believe the brand he uses is Allergan? I could be wrong. But I'm not particular about brand, I figure they're all pretty much the same.

In the pictures I have on the 400cc sizers. I'm confident with how they fit my frame and proportions. I'm so excited!! I will be booking my surgery date for early January within the week! Yay!
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