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I didn't want to do this but I need support. I'm...

I didn't want to do this but I need support. I'm freaking out like crazy, reading all the horror stories. What if something goes terribly wrong. I know I'm ready, I've been wanting this since after my son. I've researched and gone to multiple consultations. I'm ready but fearful of there being complications. I quit smoking and really cut back on drinking. I know I'm ready.

pre op

Today is the day i hand over $12,400 for new boobs and new stomach. Still freaking the hell out. My ps last consult, said I was in a gray area for the tt cause I don't have very much loose skin. Btw I've gained about 10 lbs and feel extra shitty. My double chin is in my way as I write this from my phone. Anywho, I can't believe I let myself gain this much weight. I've always been skinny, but skinny fat. Now I'm just fat. I seriously go to the gym 2 to 3 times per week. For about an hour. My eating hasn't changed, I actually think i eat way better than in my early 20's. Ugh my ass is huge!!!! Enough of my rant, I'm just freaking out. No courage yet to post pictures but I know I should considering I haven't seen someone like me on here. And my ps said my scar might end up a little higher. I'm going to ask him again if he's sure about that considering I'm fatter now. No, seriously. And to be honest I don't want my boobs to be a d. I want a full c. I work with conservative people and don't want to look like I'm leaving my job to join the girls at the strip club down the street. Ugh. I'll update you all later on the pre op appt. Bye.

Bad news :(

Pre op started great. Then my doc gave me the bad news. The surgery center screwed up and i have to reschedule for the 25th. Ughhhg. I lose five days of healing. I can't take anymore time off from work. Anyways, got my antibiotics and pain pills prescription. I will be doing my blood work next week, which he's running a nicotine test. I let him know the truth that i don't want to die and have completely stopped smoking. Oh also, I lowered the amount of cc ' s to 421. I really don't want porn boobs. He reassured me of my scar and stated that he would go as low as possible. He's confident that the scar will be hidden. He is also confident that my healing will be quick but he's not god so pffft what does he know, lol. Over all I feel much better about this whole thing. Now for the anesthesiologist I know his name but not his background which i will find out cause I'm crazy that way. Oh, no aspirin and I'm good on continuing my laser hair removal. And I think that's it.


Well my grandmother knows. I was so ashamed to tell her because well I'm her favorite and she thinks I'm perfect. My mom told her, of course. Anyways my grandmother didn't say one negative thing and supports me so much that she will stay the whole surgery and will be taking me home. I love her. On another note my mom totally disagrees. Who would have thunk it lol. She doesn't want me to do this at all. Also, had the craziest dream about my tt. I dreamt that i went into surgery and in a split second was out. In my dream I thought "omg they couldn't operate cause" then I looked down and there is my scar but it wasn't red it was already healed but badly. Then in my dream i realized they didn't give me boobs. Sooooo weird. Anyways there's my rant for the day. 12 days away!


So tomorrow is the day. My surgery got moved up to 9:30 am. I've been taking my antibiotics and last night I splurged on pizza and wings. Today I will take it easy with the food. I'm looking at everyone else's reviews and can't help but think how everyone has a slight issue. Whether it be, not satisfied with breast, to slight infection, and I've even seen someone with necrosis. UGH it's all getting to me. I'm trying to stay occupied and clean, even did an hour of yoga and I still can't get all the bad thoughts outta my head. Well there's my rant. I will let everyone know what happens tomorrow.

made it!

I know i haven't been on here but the road has been rough. I came out of surgery crying and my blood pressure was high. Tbh my breast hurt the most. I did see my incision the next day and i am so pleased. Today is three days post and I have not had a bm I'm still definitely hunched over and coughing or laughing is not allowed. Also, no lipo! I did have mr and my incision is pretty low. I keep thinking of the worst but so far everything has been really smooth, well except for the crying. Well thanks for the support I'm so grateful. I can't wait to shop. Happy healing to everyone.

pics and thoughts

16 days post op. This might not be the best day to write something, I'm not feeling well but I'm bored. I went back to work on Monday and felt fine, still a little hunched over. Everyday I've been extremely tired. Tuesday was the worst. By 6 pm I felt like i was drunk. Today my stomach hurts, like I ate something bad. I left work early, I woke up feeling bad so i know it wasn't something I ate. So far my breast feel really heavy and my incision is what it is. I'm not saying I'm dissatisfied. On the right my incision went up some, not by a lot but you know how us women are, critical. My incision is very thin. I can say that my nipples are really sensitive. Oh on day 12 I had sex. Yes, it was actually really good just had to be very careful. Also, day five was the day i had a bm. I see the ps on Monday.

Right side higher

Three months

Hello all. My three month check up was on Friday. The doc told me I was looking really good. I will post a pic later. My scar is still really dark and I've been researching ways to lighten it. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know. My boobs are a d which is a little too big but I can live with it. I'm still pretty tight and I swell really bad some days. Oh and I've gained weight, I don't feel huge but Damn that scale really messes with my head. Alright that's it for today. I will post pics later.


Here are the pics. After my appointment on Feb 27th I got depressed. I don't really like my scar and I've gained weight. Ugh but whatever.

four months


I'm so upset I'm crying. I'm four months out and i can't wear anything. Nothing fits not even my biggest pair of pants. My love handles poke way out and I'm eating well and working out 4 to 5 times a week. I don't know what to do. Everyone is dropping weight and I'm gaining. I'm so angry.


Dog ears, yup I got them. They have ruined the way I look. I was not given lipo, which I paid for and I look like freakin spongebob. I will say this, my scar is looking pretty good but my entire summer is ruined thanks to this crappy tummy tuck. Also, my boobs are way too big for my frame I don't think the ps heard me when I said I wanted to look natural. I just am upset cause I was told I would have to pay to have things fixed. These errors were not my fault. Everyday I want to cry.

Over a year

It's been well over a year. Hate, hate, hate my belly button and of course wish my scar was lower. Had dog ear removal in Nov 2015. I'm still trying to lose weight bUT the scale isnt moving. Here are my results. Oh and the back fat is real everyone!


Well here it is, over two years post op. My weight is finally coming off. My bb is still ugly, it's really dark and I think it looks like a butthole. I still think my boobs are too big. My scar isn't as light as the picture shows and yes its too high. As for swelling well it has calmed down alot but has not gone away.

Just an update

Still hate my bb and wish my scar was lower and even. My scar isn't lightening up so hopefully one day I can get it lowered.

Belly button revised

Not sure if this looks better. Thoughts? I'm give months out.
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