21 Year Old Half Syringe of Restylane on Top Lip - Phoenix, AZ

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Let me start off by saying how much I love full...

Let me start off by saying how much I love full looking lips! I am not the type that likes them too crazy though, or extremely noticeable. I wanted it to look naturally pouty and full. I also did my research and was really debating whether to go with juvederm or restylane but I found a really good deal for restylane so on august 12th 2014 I went in for my first half syringe .5cc of restylane on my top lip. I felt my bottom lip was already a nice size so I wanted my top lip to be equally full or somewhat close. I did not want to do a full syringe on my first visit because I wasn't completed sure of the effect or how it would look so I started off small. After the first hour, My lip was still numb and I could see fullness but it wasn't anything crazy. approximately 3 hours after the procedure my lip puffed up like a duck! But I kept icing it for hours upon hours. Not to mention I had an early flight the next day to Miami to see family and didn't know exactly how long how how extreme the swelling would be ( definitely do not recommend to go anywhere the next day) the next day has to be the worst. I slept with my head elevated which I heard helps so I tried..also with an icepack touching my lip. In the morning I got a new ice pack and iced until I was headed for the airport. I was so embarrased..I literally looked ridiculous, my top lip was huge. Not as bad as I thought but pretty bad once it actually swells up on you. From the time I woke up to the time we were already on the flight headed to Miami the swelling went down significantly. Still swollen but not too crazy or ugly. I was actually liking the look and hoping it wouldnt go down more, but by the next day the swelling was already basically over with and I was kind of wishing I had done a full syringe. The half syringe you think will stay pretty full because of the excessive swelling but once the swelling is over your going to wish you did a little more. Now its October and Im thinking of getting another .5 on my top lip. I will keep you guys posted with the results and if im finally happy with the fullness by the second dose. Even with just the first .5cc I am happy with my lips and the results. I probably have just one little ball feeling under my lip but I only feel it when I press my tongue against it, and when I smile there is no bumbs which I was very happy about.
Dr. Carmen

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