21* Y.O. FNG. From H to DD? (3 MONTHS POST!)

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Well, it's currently in the wee hours of the...

Well, it's currently in the wee hours of the morning. I'm up, doing the usual, reading on how I can get insurance to cover my breast reduction. A little back story, shall you. As far as I can remember, I was wearing a 36C bra at the age of 9. Yep, you read that right, full developed breast before I hit the double digits (as I'm sure, we have a similar story). I've wanted a breast reduction for a long, long time. There was one point, being in middle school/high school that I had major insecurities. I was even suicidal because of these insecurities that surrounded around my breast. They were too big, got too much attention, my back hurt, my shoulders would cut and wire would poke me causing open wounds. I knew I wanted and needed something to happen, or it would eat me alive. I was 18 years old begging my parents to put me on insurance (it was a struggle), and to help me get a breast reduction as my mother did when she was 18 years old. It didn't happen. Fast forward to today, I'm working for an amazing company, I have insurance with an amazing deductible. I no longer want the gaps in my shirts, the bad posture, the back pain (even after I got a memory foam bed), the insecurities of feeling like nothing on me is proportionate. I've had fears that insurance would make me go through hell and back to get a breast reduction, and after reading some reviews from my own city it doesn't seem like that's the case. But if it is, I have to do whatever I need to do. I'm going to win this battle of depression and pain. First step, finding a doctor and joining a gym.

STATS + Before Pictures:

I weigh, 203 lbs (funny, because I was just 208. But I've been drinking tons of water and eating extremely clean, TBC of course). I wear a size 12-14 pants, I'm 5'8" and my bra size is 38H. Ugh, sounds like a big all around girl. I'm giving myself 7 months to lose 60lbs if not more. I will be joining a gym and taking advantage of my own gym this weekend. I've heard stories that it takes 6-8 weeks to hear from insurance (please Aetna), so I'll give myself that time to lose about 8-10 lbs. and I would like for my surgery to be scheduled the begging of 2015, around Feb-March, since my 21st is in May. I want to be fully recovered and confident and energized to have fun!

Here are some pictures currently ...

Today was like any other day ...

I hate being like this, but I hate the way that I look in tops. It's just so ... big. They're just there, taking up every inch of my body and just makes me look massive. I hate my boobs, it's so self destructing. It makes me cringe, but it's not like this is just now happening it's been as such for YEARS. I hate to be the downer, I'm just home on a friday night thinking, I can't wait to feel like a new me. Seeing you all's pictures is so inspiring, fresh start, more excitement even in the way you type. You can read and feel your happiness. That'll be me.

Quick Question,

Ladies, for you BR did you have to go through a lot with insurance, with 6 months of doctor complaints, chiropractic, documents, etc? I don't want to go through that and haven't seen it noted in any reviews. Just something I want to prepare for in the result of denied coverage.

"Let's Get it Started!"

So, I'm really pushing things to happen. I have two consultations from reviews from you lovely ladies on here in Arizona, whom has breast reductions. I'm so grateful for this site to see recently done work, honest reviews and what to expect. Luckily, both PS's I'll be meeting with take my insurance, that's very important to me, because I don't want to pay out of pocket. Although, I've seen some really great reviews from surgeons that don't accept insurance, or do, but out of network.

According to my Insurance, I need 3 months of proof so like prescription medicine, working out, picture proof and a PS deeming it to be medically necessary. So, I had a doctors appointment today, and I swear I have the best PCP, I'm so happy I found her! She's all aboard with this and seems so supportive.

Both my PCP and PS's that I've spoken with, and even myself (obviously) agree that I should lose weight. Now, I've lost a total of 8 lbs. from my starting weight, and I have an additional 33-45 lbs. that I want to lose before surgery, which hopefully is in May or June of next year. Losing the weight will not only help with the outcome, but the approval from insurance. Currently, I'm considered overweight. And it's not something I'm comfortable with, so I not only want to lose weight for the BR but for myself as well. I no longer want to be 20, overweight and reaching obese.

My first consultation is on the Dec. 18th, and next will be Jan. 23rd. Really excited about both doctors, I'm really leading more toward the female doctor, because I just feel women understand and get it. Hopefully the person who I found the PS through, who is also on RealSelf continues to update and I'll follow her progress from there. Can't wait, so excited that it's so close to actually finally happening!

Now, off to workout. Will continue to keep you all updated with weight loss and BR journey!

I had my first consultation!

Today was my first consultation with one of the surgeons! It started off horrible and me crying. As most of you know, and probably all feel the same, I've wanted this for a long time. I really wanted my mother to be there with me, in fact, I scheduled it just so she could be there. But she decided not to go, because she was too tired. I did not like that answer at all. I know it's not the surgery, but it is the first steps and I wanted support there with me. Yes, I'm a big baby when it comes to these things, I mean, who wouldn't want their mom with them? Plus, I'm not to keen on men seeing me naked, but I let my guard down, because he is the surgeon and not just some person off the street obviously. Then again, that can let you know just how insecure I am with my breast.

On to the good stuff. I met with the surgeon my first reaction to meeting him was, "Oh! That's the man from the pictures," LOL. He was very nice and started with a joke about my name. I totally get it a lot, I mean, it's very hard to pronounce and then I followed up with the one joke that I hear the most. He liked that. We talked a bit, then I got undressed and into the cutest pink robe. [I know this is so off topic, but the dusty rose pink (a lipstick color that I love) is so complimentary to my dark skin tone. I need to find a dress color in it, I couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror and the way it sat, just covering my boobs was so sexy; the robe, not the boobs].

When he came back in, I had to remove the robe and he took a look at my chest while the woman who was recording the information, well, recorded information. He mentioned that I have stretch marks, obvious, grooves in my shoulder, which I never paid too much attention to, and some other medical terms and things I have no clue about. The recorder took pictures of me, I'm assuming to send to insurance for approval. Speaking of which, they told me that they're pretty successful with getting approvals. It may take some work, that I should see if my PCP can send in a letter stating that it's medically necessary, it would help. So, I'll be contacting her next month to get that all started.

PS told me that he would perform the anchor incision on me, not the nipple grafting (I have to get the exact terms), because I would lose sensation and would not be able to breast feed in the future, which is something that I really want to do once I have children. He also said that I would still have sagging, but less weight (with them being smaller of course), because my skin has lost elasticity and I would still have stretch marks which is a given.

What size did he say? D or larger, so DD. Because if I went any smaller, I would lose the nipple. D-cup, I have no problem with, the other PS said and this is over the phone a B/C which is NOT at all ideal to me. He also mentioned that he's done the most BR's in the area, Scottsdale which is full of plastic surgeons and he pretty much specializes in them and in scarring. So with scarring, they would set me up with the skin bleaching and the ointment (I forgot the term - so sorry) as well.

I'd say, all in all, it was pretty successful and I'm glad that I went. Now, I'll just be waiting to see when they submit the information into insurance. See what insurance says, and then go from there. I'll still be meeting with the other PS to see what she has to say, in regards to size and whether or not I'll still have sagging.

*crossing fingers for approval*

On another note ...

After my consultation, I went to the nearest Ross. I figured, they may have cuter things because it is in Scottsdale. Meh, everything is the same. But I did look at the bras. I can't wait to be able to buy a bra on clearance for less than $12. No more $50-60 bras soon. YAY! *I also got some jeans by, ymijeans, they're advertised as "Wanna betta butt?" YOU GUYS (LADIES), it makes my butt look 3x bigger. So now, I'll be investing and won't be getting a BBL. LOL.

The Before Pictures

I just wanted to add a few more before pictures. Clothes and in a bra and without again. I'm patiently weighting to hear from insurance. It gives me more time to focus on losing 30 lbs. AGAIN. Can't wait!


May this year bring nothing but happiness, success and approvals from insurance!

I will be meeting another PS on the 23rd, this month and I'm really excited to meet her. I'm still waiting to hear back from insurance with the other PS. They said they would submit the info sometime this month, because insurance is usually backed up at the end of the year with others getting their claims in. I wonder if it's a problem if two PS's submit info. Meh. I've picked up my prescription from my PCP for the ibuprofen and it actually works for a few hours and then the pain is back. I haven't mentioned but I've been having extreme back pain lately. Excruciating. Which is odd, because I sit all day with low physical activity. It's almost to the point of tears if I touch the place where it aches. Not sure why this is happening lately.

I wanted to start physical therapy soon, but not sure if that will happen. I'll just continue to see my PCP and let her know exactly what going on. Keep me in your wishes. Ready for this year to be the year that I love myself.

PS - I'll be weighing in in 8 days. Can't wait to see the progress, holidays are no fun. But time to get back to the gym!


Hopefully I'll reach my goal of being 160 in or around April. Have to look good for my new boobs! I cannot wait to have my new body and new confidence. I'm so happy and excited for all of you in your journeys as well. It gives me so much hope!

Had another consultation. I may have to have a 'free nipple graft'.

Well ...

My mother had a breast reduction when she was 18 years old. She had to have a free nipple graft, one of her breasts has nipple sensation, the other one didn't, so she got a nipple piercing (yes, we talk about these things), and it helped a bit. She wasn't able to breast feed my sister and I, I don't think there were any other complaints than just that. She had smaller breast, so she was happy.

I feel bad about feeling down and bad about the fact that there's a chance I may not be able to breast feed in the event that I have children, that's something I wanted to experience. Am I being selfish from taking that bond away? Or, should I just be fine with feeding them goat milk? I just really, really wanted that with my little bundle of joy. I could care less about sexual pleasure, because it really didn't do much for me to begin with. I think honestly, my breast just weren't anything that I loved or anything that gave me pleasure when someone sucks on them. I'd rather my neck get the attention (but that's another topic, for another place and time).

I met with another surgeon today, I really really was excited about meeting her. Everything was great, she was great and then ... she told me that there was a chance that I would have to have a free nipple graft. I'm so excited about it being done, no more back pain, feeling better in a bikini, but not having a choice in breast feeding? I'm a tad bit bummed out about this, not overly but I am. She did say that she would try to keep my nipple attached and there is a device that would allow her to know if I have blood flow or not, 'Spy,'. If not, then she would have to do a nipple graft. I'm glad that she didn't just tell me that I had one choice. So, I appreciate that. And I'll pray that my blood continues to flow. She said if she were to move my nipple, without checking, my nipple would die. I'd much rather have a nipple and no sensation than no nipple at all. And honest truth than broken promises.

One thing she and the other PS agreed on, is because my areola are so large, there's going to be a darker area around the bottom of my breast, because there's so much areola. In fact, with all reviews and research, I haven't seen someone with as much areola as I have or size and shape. No breast is the same. So hopefully, this helps someone out there.

$12 BRAS?!

One another note, I went to Target for something not related to bras and found myself admiring the bras. I cannot wait to be able to spend $12-16 on a bra. vs. paying $60+ on one. That is the life, tons of cute bras too. I cannot wait to be in a 36D cup.

I'm a tad bit annoyed.

I just need a moment to vent.

I've been to two PS's. One in Dec. a whole month and almost a month and a half ago. And another almost two weeks ago. NEITHER have submitted anything for approval to my insurance. I understand that they're busy but don't tell me you're going to do something and weeks pass from that date that you promised. I do have to work, I have to get the time off for surgery. I need to have this done and I've given them both the time and date I want it done. I don't even want to work with either of them at this point. I'm not sure whats the hold up because all of the reviews I'm reading about them seem to be amazing. Am I impatient? All of this time that has passed I could have gotten approval by now. I just want to go into a corner and cry. I've been wanting to take these steps since I was 16 and I'm finally building up the courage to have surgery and to lose my nipple sensation and they are taking their time. I really am not happy about this.

I spoke too soon.

THEN: About a week ago, I was pretty upset because my information wasn't submitted to Aetna. From either of the surgeons that I've met with. Which is concerning and I was taking it personal. Which I probably shouldn't have, but I'm under a lot stress. Work is stressful, finding if I have the time to take off and have the surgery.

And there was NOW: I called one of the surgeons office today, to see if the information has been submitted ... and ... it HAS. Yesterday, actually. She told me that I was a good candidate for the surgery, but because it is Aetna and they're the worst, we're just going to wait on the outcome. I'm expecting the worst, but hoping for the best. I think worst case scenario they'll probably say that I need to lose weight, which is a given. However, I've been others that were heavier than me and approved so hopefully they're not douches about that. In the mean time, I will be working out. Today I did crunches, leg raises and planks, lol. It was painfully tight on my belly, I'm back to clean eating after that horrible, but delicious weekend.

Now we wait to hear from Aetna.


1 week, I called Aetna almost everyday to see if they've received anything. Nothing.

I'm no longer even excited about this, I'm just purely annoyed about everything. I hate to be negative about this, but I feel like no one is doing their job right now. I have yet to hear anything from the first plastic surgeon I've met and it's been 2 months. I'm very tempted to call them, but I don't even want to work with him so there's no point. I was told my info was sent in, I know I can check the status with Aetna. They haven't gotten anything for approval. What is the problem?!

Finally Approved!

First, please excuse any typos you may find as I'm at work - lol, and on a phone.

I was approved you guys! Now, if you follow my previous entries, I'm probably the most impatient person ever, lol. And thank you so much for your words of encouragement.

I'm so excited, Aetna isn't as bad as some make it out to be. My pictures are pretty obvious.

More to come, scheduled for March 26.

Timeline of Pre-Op

March 5: I got blood work done for my surgery, I've seen people post about it, but not much of a detailed description of what exactly you're going to be tested for. You're going to be tested for (and I'm assuming this may vary for surgeon, but I'm pretty sure it's standard), CBC or Complete Blood Count, this tests for blood disorders, bleeding disorders, including anemia. Mostly your blood is being tested to see possibly if they'll need any extra blood on hand, if there's anything that would need to be addressed prior to surgery. You want to be in a normal range, probably something not to be too worried about.

March 6: Pre-Op Appointment: I'm scheduled for March 26, 2015. Which is less than three weeks away, I did not want to waste any time. And hopefully this date doesn't change at all. I met with my surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Geoghegan and her PA or RN, not sure exactly what her title was. But, I will say, I'm so happy how they came in to greet me at around 9:30 AM. I felt like they were excited for me and happy for me. Which makes me feel like I'm in the best hands and have such good support there. We talked about the size I'm going to, which is a D and I will for sure be having a free nipple graft (FNG), I was not so happy for that previously, however, you never know what the future will bring and to be quite honest, my nipples aren't the most sensitive. We also talked about what I will need to purchase, simply just the zip front support bras that I will be purchasing from Wal-Mart, I'll be getting an XL and L. Dr. G advised to get something big enough that's comfortable and enough room for my dressings. I won't be able to bathe my top half for 5 days. That will stink, literally.

I also met with Katherine, we talked about the location we will be going to, what medications not to take, etc. She was great, so helpful and also mentioned that Dr. G by far does the prettiest breast, wether it's breast augmentations, breast lifts, breast reductions or breast reconstruction. This made me happy, I didn't ask if she was a perfectionist, but I've seen her reviews and she does beautiful work. I cannot wait to see what my girls will look like! This cannot be any more exciting

March 7: I'm waiting to hear back from the surgery center to see how much my out of pocket will be after insurance pays their half. I have an HSA which will help offset the cost, my deductible isn't high, I have about $1,000 left to meet my deductible. What ever I have to do it will be paid. Also waiting the results from my blood work. Blood work always gets me antsy, it's like the unknown.

Will update soon!

Update: $$$

So, I talked to someone in the insurance center at the surgey center and my cost for the hospital will be about 1400, based on my super high deductible, lol. Luckily I have my HSA which isn't much but ever little bit helps. The great thing about the surgery center is that I don't have to pay the full amount by the surgery date which I was told that I would. And I'm so relieved that this was incorrect information. I will be billed and then can set up a payment plan without interest thank goodness. So, that's all set. I'm so happy about that. I hate bills, but it has to be done.

Now, I'm still waiting to hear back from my blood work. It's been just about a week. Well 3 business days, nothing back yet and I hope nothing odd sneaks up on me and my blood is flowing fine.

Just about 2 weeks away! Can't believe it!

2 Weeks (Pre-Op) Notice: Boobs it's time to VACATE!

I kept having dreams about balloons blowing up. So odd, I mean, it pretty much fits this scenario. Last night, I tried to sleep on my back and eventually I ended up on my stomach it's definitely not easy to get comfortable with sleeping on my back. I think I might build a little fort when surgery time comes around out of my pillows to sit up.

ALSO, I sat there and thought this is really happening. Have any of you felt that way? I can't believe I'm going through with this, this is actually going to happen (given my blood results come back fine, which they will - speaking on it). I was kind of in shock, like, am I really going to do this, is this really going to happen. I guess nerves are sneaking in a little bit. I'm still a little bit hopeful that I won't be having a FNG but in reality, I'm sure I will have to have it. And then, I looked at others 1 year updates with their scars on dark skin and them being dark and of course, my scars will be a little bit different because I have larger areola. In fact, I haven't seen any reviews with others that have larger areola's such as mine. Dr. G said that she's going to try her best to get all of the areola out, but it will probably be in my vertical incision line. I'm king of going back and forth. 95% of me does not care about the scars and not having nipple sensation, it will fade with time and I have stretch marks already what's the big difference? I'm still going to wear back outs eventually and crop tops and racer backs, everything that I've ever wanted to wear.

I have to create a shopping list and I'm also thinking about creating a YouTube vlog about my breast reduction journey, just to give updated insight to everyone, my age range, size and all of that jazz. I'll DM you my channel if anyone wants to see that on YouTube as well! It would be fun for you all to watch.

All in all, I'm pretty much ready for these two weeks to come. I just feel like once my breast are gone I will have so much confidence, I'll more than likely get really serious about my weight loss journey. Just everything will fall into place (plus, I need to do squats: perky boobs and perky butt).

Has anyone had a FNG?

I'm obviously set to have one and as the day gets closer I have so many questions, I'm really curious to see before and afters and it's so hard to find online. Especially for darker skin, I obviously don't want pink nipples ...

However, I trust my surgeon for some reason (I'm sure you should), lol. And I feel like I'll heal beautifully. Theres just a lot of cons to a FNG.

Oh, just 5 more days before the DAY!

5 days, until THE DAY.

Today, I got my second approval letter from Aetna. Just confirming the dates of surgery. I still haven't heard back from my PS about my blood test. But, I'm assuming no news is good news. I'm the type of person who hopes for the best, but expecting the worst. Besides, it's 5 DAYS PRE-OP I should have known by now if I was anemic?

I went shopping! I'll take pictures of my items in the AM (I prefer natural light). I got two sports bras. Which zip in the front, I'm hoping I picked them right. They're a size 40D and 38D. As I'm not 100% sure what size I'm going to be going to. I'm hoping for a D, we talked about a D so I'm hoping that's what I get. I trust that she'll make me look proportionate and pretty boobs are in my future.

I cannot believe this is happening?!?!!?!?!?!?

I also went to Target, I have my prescriptions ready, going to set my bed and nightstands all up! I also got a cute little fluffy backrest from Target. I swear it's so darn cute, lol. It already lets me know, it's going to be difficult to sleep sitting up!

You guys, this is happening!!!!


It feels like it was just two days ago, I was weeks away from having my surgery. It's so crazy that it's just a few days. The sweetest thing is, I told my Dad that I was having the surgery, he wasn't too happy about it. I called him later and told him the date, he called me yesterday before he went to bed, and sounded concerned and asked how my surgery was. Lol! I was so alert, like, Dad, it's on Thursday. I was just talking to my Mom, because I thought he forgot about me and hasn't called or checked up on me. But ... I'll call him Wed. and on Thurs, right before surgery.

I haven't gotten any nerves or any thoughts about not having it done yet. I've had some scary thoughts, that I don't even want to speak about or put it into the universe. But, I'm a firm believer that God will be with every step of the way and I hope that I have really good dreams while I'm under anesthesia.

I'm moving into a new apartment on April 12th, but don't worry, I won't be lifting a finger. It will be a little over 2 weeks after the surgery and I know for sure, I'll be extra cautious to not lift anything over 3lbs. I don't know if my little pup would be happy about that, lol. Today has just been filled with packing boxes, doing laundry to help out my Mom before surgery, just leaving out everything that I will need.

I just cannot wait to be able to buy bathing suits, and swim and tube tops, really cute back out dresses. And tank tops, without having to wear a bra. Actually being able to wear a strapless bra, sports bras, not worrying if my extra thick bra straps will show.

In the process of packing, I found my 38F strapless bra, 38 G bras and 38DDD strapless (never wore it, could never fit into it -- don't even think about it bra, lol). I'm not sure what to do with them, they look so darn huge. I'm thinking about burning them. Obviously, I need to keep at least one to do a comparison. I just don't want to throw them away, these things cost so much money like $160 worth of bras (just 3 different ones). Such a waste.

Anywho, ready to buy some cheap $12 bras. Lol, this will be my new obsession. However, I'm sure I won't be able to shop for bras for months!

Just a Few Items

? Danskin Now sportsbra. I got two sized a 38 D and a 40 D. I tried them both on and of course my boobs were like, yeah right girl. The 40 I could tell was loose around the band and the 38 was a tad bit loose just very tight on my boobs and sides. I'm just a little afraid because I've read a review stating that wearing the bras too tight caused indenting in the breast. Needless to say, I'm thinking about returning the black one to get a 40 D. I'm hoping these bras won't rub my incisions but we will see and I'll report on that.

? Target Backrest : isn't it the cutest little fury thing ever? I can promise it's not comfortable sleeping up right but as you can see on the side or the backrest I have my pillows I'll probably try to sleep at an angle but making sure not to sleep on my side.

× On my nightstand I have my meds.
× I have anti-bacterial soap, not pictured.
× my stool softener also next to me.
× Oprah book on nightstand.
× headphones and remote on nightstand.
× laptop resting on bed.

I think I'm ready, I'll have to go grocery shopping on Wed.

As 'The Day' Gets Closer ...

I'm still hoping that I wake up from surgery, and Dr. G says, 'Guess what, we didn't have to do the FNG (free nipple graft), I swear I would be the happiest girl in the world.

I'm going to call on Monday, to make sure she still will bring her special tool to see if she would need to do it or not. I don't believe that I'm an extreme case. However, I could be biased but very hopeful.

Cramps and Stubbornness.

It's getting very close, I'm still not freaking out. BUT, I am cramping and I figured that gave me a valid excuse to call Dr. G's office.

I got confirmation that yes, you can still have surgery while you're on your period. And 2, you guys ... I had to ask. Now, I know the FNG is a huge option and she can't make any promises that she won't do it.

But, I did ask about that too. Because in my gut I don't feel like it's necessary. No, I'm not a doctor but based on other reviews and the location of their nipples, I just do not think a FNG is the only option for me!

So, at first it sounded like it was set in stone but I was placed on hold and was told that the tool (Spy, to check blood flow to the nipple) was going to be ordered. So, I'm relieved and I'll ask about it on the day of. Lol.

I just want to make this as simple, pretty and easy as possible.

happiness is on its way!

No matter what happens, FNG or not. I know that happiness is on its way. Tube tops, tank tops, back out, being able to exercise, no more spillage, no back pain, no headaches, better posture, no mandatory ibuprofen, the list can go on.

I'm so relieved that I'm going to have relief.

Now, it's time to get ready for the mani and pedi. ????

... ?

On a side note, I'm so confused, because I'm going to post THIS post and it's going to say, 'one day post op,' when actually tomorrow is going to be the day before surgery. Idk, maybe I'm confusing myself. Lol.

But, my surgery time got pushed back so I have to be at there at 6:45 a.m., it starts at 8:30 a.m. I keep asking about the 'spy,' because I just have a strong gut feeling and I hope it's right. I'm starting to get nervous, I'm sure it will get more intense tomorrow.

It's so surreal.

My breast will be gone tomorrow morning. I'm up so late, because I'm a procrastinator. I need to clean and wash my hair and lotion (my skin has been dry and flaky lately, ack!). I just got a camera for more YT videos. I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow, just for some yogurts and snacks for recovery (Target has a cartwheel app btw guys tons of coupons 5-50% off, and if you have a red card, you get an additional 5% off). I'm already off of work for FMLA the next 2 weeks. Hopefully that's enough time for recovery, I don't even want to think about work. Lol. I just want everything to be perfect for tomorrow. I just want to wakeup and them be gone, me feel no pain and sleep good. Aaaagh, more excited than anything. TTYL.

"You're only a day away!"

"Tomorrow, tomorrow
boobies, I'll love ya tomorrow.
You're only a day away!"

I have to take out my piercings tonight and remember not to eat or drink past 12. Move everything to the counter tops so they're easy to reach. Run to Target for vitamin-C gummies preferably, kale, spinach and bananas for my famous green drinks. So happy that Netflix has season 7 of Mad Men on now, and I can watch Being Mary Jane, its actually pretty good! New episode for Scandal will be on, such a perfect time for surgery. My nerves haven't kicked in full throttle. I'm getting a headache and my back is aching just a tad bit.

ajrkrodiajwgvrgyhslwpwirgt !!!

Today is the day, I just need to sleep, wakeup and I'll be driving to a new life. Then sleep, wakeup and I'll have new boobies. It's like being born again. A second chance to be happy. Night, night. Talk to you before and after.

I'm here!

Got my IV, waiting for my anesthesia and all that cute stuff. Lol. My blood pressure was a little high, but I'm not that nervous. I swear it's those little machines. The nurses here are great! I'm so ready this is going to be a long surgery, about 4 hours.

Praying for no FNG, but whatever happens is meant to be. Can't wait for no back pain. Back is currently aching.

really quick hello *waves*

I'm so sleepy, lol.

I got the FNG, which is fine. I mean, as long as they're pretty. My throat feels weird from the tub. I don't even remember getting wheeled back. Haha!

K, time for another nap. TTYL.

Recap of my Breast Reduction: The Day Of!

5:00 A.M: I woke up and found myself trying to procrastinate, lol. I got myself out of the bed, shaved my under arms and bathed with anti-bacterial soap. When I did the medical survey with the nurse over the phone, she made a lot of emphasis on ANTI-BACTERIAL. Lol. And no lotion of deodorant, which sucked being my skin has been extremely dry and flaky and I sweat, luckily hospitals are very cold. I decided to wear a sundress for surgery, something easy to put on. And quick and easy it was.

6:30 A.M: We arrived, I was a bit earlier than that. I signed in, went over info and paid $200 from my HSA towards my hospital bill, which was a lot less than I was quoted (-$400 less), which was a pleasant surprise, thank goodness for that. Hopefully, thought the year our HSA @ work will give $100 here and there towards it and early next year, I'll get $500 again for reimbursement. Back to the recap.

7:15-ishA.M: Called back, (and she didn't butcher my name - woo-hoo for that), I had to do a urine sample. Then weigh in, change into my gown - completely naked, may I add - and socks. Then they asked more questions. Literally everyone asked multiple times what Dr. G. was doing for me today, lol. BREAST REDUCTION. I guess it's to make sure I'm coherent and I'm the right person, my Mom explained that to me. So funny, before the nurse came in she wrote BREAST AUGMENTATION. We both died laughing when she noticed that, I said, "Oh no, no, no!" and even another nurse behind the desk laughed too and said, "Noooo."

8:45-ish A.M: The anesthesiologist came in, he was hilarious too. I signed documents and even asked, and mentioned, "Because I watched movies, I will be asleep and not feel or hear anything, right?" and he assured me that I wouldn't, in a very confident and funny way. I liked him, he was kind of cute too. Lol! And then my favorite person, that I will always have thanks for changing my life (I will write her own review on a separate post), came in. We talked, I kind of knew then I would have the FNG, she marked me up. I didn't have much questions for her, I trust her and was ready to get it started. I've waited too long, wanted it too bad. No other questions, I signed on the dotted line.

9:00 A.M: The anesthesiologist came back in hooked the anesthesia up, and as soon as he was done, I asked, "Did you already put that in?" because I FELT IT. Lol. I felt tired immediately, lol. The nurse said that I was a cheap drunk, lol. (I take no offense to this, because I have that sense of humor dude); Or, that's at least what I thought I heard ;-). If so, she has a great sense of humor. We were strolling and I was awake but my lids and body caved, I remember entering the room, heard some music, which I wanted to hear and I was OUT. I don't remember anything. I got back to my waiting area and I felt like that was so fast. Like, dude. Are we really finished? I got ice chips and those melted on the way home.

1:45-ish P.M: I was discharged. I wish I was more awake, because as the nurse got me dressed she said she (Dr. G.) did an amazing job and that I would love them. I have no doubt about that. She said they were beautiful. I'm sure they say this to everyone, but this is what we need to hear. I was too tired to respond. My Mom came in and got me, the nurse wheeled me out on a recliner chair and told me to open my eyes, lol. I walked with my eyes closed. Ladies, I was tired. Those drugs are no joke. Haha! And we drove and drove. I was told not to sit in bed all day, and to walk around every two hours or so not to get blood clots and help swelling.

3:00 P.M: I took a nap after drinking some water. Woke up. Ate some crackers and scrambled eggs, took half of my oxycodone and then it happened, I puked. I hate being nauseous, but I'm so glad it came up. Turned on the AC and took some cat naps, walked around every few hours or so. I've been up, just too lazy to type so much. I ate more. Watched some movies, resting on my back rest, slight laying at an angle. The nausea has settled and I feel just a tad bit sore on my breast. I've only taken 1 and a half of pain pills. It just hurts when I walk. Not hurt, just pressure. On a pain scale 1-10, I would say that I'm at a 2, believe it or not. Totally could be the pain meds helping from hospital as well. So, we'll see tomorrow.

5:00 P.M: My nieces and sister came to visit and went to the store to pick me up some gatorade and oatmeal and such. My oldest niece cried because she didn't want me to have surgery, I think she's just hurt because we can't hug right now and I didn't want me to get cut open. I have a very open door, book policy with them, she's 6 but I'm so honest with her on events and what circumstances are. She's my little love, I had to talk to her a pit.

10:00 P.M: Did my last walk around the apartment for the night. And used the bathroom finally only #1, I need to start taking my stool softener, starting tomorrow with my normal diet. I don't want stomach pains. I squatted to sit down on the toilet, not holding on to anything as I normally do. Didn't have a problem wiping either. Not horrible. I washed my hands, even squatted then too, because I'm tall and didn't want to bend forward.

Now: Just going to watch Netflix and Mad Men (so stoked about that), until I fall asleep. So happy, my back pain is GONE. I feel nothing. At all. All the pressure and soreness are in my breast. I cannot wait to see them and nurse my nipples back to color. Will be posting pictures of my wrapping! I'll update my YouTube channel eventually. Just need to chillax right now. TTYL!


In my wrapping and my markings. Unfortunately, I couldn't get pics, because as my Mom was snapping they were coming in for my anesthesia. So my nipples arent showing. Pretty decent picks. So anxious to see them. Dr. G says that if I wanted I can up wrap them no less than 48 hours, Saturday and then put on my bras. Or wait until I see her on Tuesday. I'll probably do it Saturday. No drains!

Boobiessss pt. 2

I had to edit and crop this picture, for privacy reasons. But here is my only picture my markings. Not going to miss these.

1 Day Post-Op.

I woke up extremely early today, for some reason. Not because of pain or anything, just naturally waking up. I watched a lot of TV and then used the rest room at 5. I still haven't did a #2 (poop, bowel movement). I've been taking my tool softener and anti-biotic. I've had oatmeal, eggs, strawberries, apples, and going to eat some yogurt and granola, then sweet potatoes, chicken and broccoli. I've been gassy, just haven't actually had bowel movement yet. The pain is still about 2 or less, occasional stinging here and there just A LOT of pressure.

Dr. G. called me not too long ago, I haven't really had a lot of pain and asked if the 'Oxycodone' was going to help with pressure and soreness. She said no, it's not well designed for tightness and pressure. So, that just lets me know either I have a strong pain tolerance or just no pain at all. Which is what she said she expected to hear, when someone is young and healthy.

I've still been walking around the apartment, to avoid blood clotting and stiffness. I do find that when I lay down, I lock my shoulders a bit, stiffing them up. So, I have to keep a conscience mind, to relax. Sleeping hasn't been too bad either, just cannot wait to sleep on my stomach which I know is going to be weeks from now. Not going to rush much.

I'll be unwrapping on Sunday, and then on Tuesday Dr. G. is going to remove my little nipple puffs/popcorn things, lol. I'm hoping my sports bra isn't too tight! I've had a little bit itching on my chest. Everything seems to be going really well, I'm actually quite surprised!

i got my period.

well, there you have it, lol.

I was cramping a few days before surgery, literally all night. I'm guessing the Oxycodone took away any other cramps, because I had no idea it was actually coming (I have irregular cycles). So, that's my little surprise. To anyone who's concerned about pain from cramps and breast reduction at the same time. I wouldn't worry, you'll be on pain meds anyway, so you won't feel a thing. However, I only take 1-2 Oxycodone pain pills a day. Oxycodone doesn't help with the pressure and tightness that I'm feeling, so no need to take more than that.

I'll update tomorrow when I take off my wrapping. TTYL.

"Flowers" = new boobs!

I couldn't resist, I was going to take my wrapping off tomorrow, because my nieces ate here. All under 6, so they're little jumpers.

My mom took off my wrapping for me, to showcase my boobies. My niece (6) said, 'Did they put flowers on there?' it's one way to look at it! I almost fainted, I got really hot and had to sit down. Not sure of the reasoning behind that.

But here are the new girls, my 'flowers' are being taken off on Tuesday.

I ended up wrapping them back up instead of putting on my sports bra. It felt like it would be too small. It was a 40D, and I wanted to make sure I had enough room. So I'm going to head to Wal-Mart later to get a better bra!

Day 2 & 3: Post-Op

Day 2: I got to see my breast for the first time (see previous post) and I got hot and light headed and had to sit down before I passed out. I don't know if it was seeing the blood on the wrapping, the smell of blood (wasn't a lot at all), the fact that my sports bra didn't fit. Not sure what it was, but it didn't feel good! I ended up wrapping my breast back up, because I had nothing to cover my breast. And I'm trying to be very careful with my "flowers" or, "popcorn, puffs, gauze on my nipples." I felt a lot of tightness the second day, no pain just a lot of tightness and pressure. Speaking to Dr. G, before the weekend, she told me that feeling is normal and also Oxycodone doesn't help with that. All Oxycodone does for me is knock me out, and makes me a tad bit numb (maybe that's not the word - drowsy. Yes, drowsy!). So, I decided to ween myself off of taking the pain meds.

Day 3: A LOT OF PRESSURE! That definitely hasn't changed, I'd rather feel the pressure than the pain. So, that's okay, I just feel like there's no release from it. I haven't taken an Oxycodone today. Just my antibiotics and my stool softeners. With being T.O.M and constipated, my stomach is extremely bloated. I figured one wasn't working, so I doubled up. And I finally had a bowel movement today! I didn't think I would be so excited, but I am! Lol. Now, that may have been too many, because now it's runny. It's okay though, as long as it's passing thats fine. I'm still amazed at the zero pain. The only pain that I'm feeling is if I rest my arms ever so lightly on my side boobs or incision line and there's a faint sting like a scratch and sometimes I'll feel a little tingling (which isn't painful). Sometimes my cleavage feels a little heavy, like my breast are going to drop. But that's about it.

In fact, I went out and did some walking and shopping around stores. I'm not comfortable with going out without being done up, hair, makeup, etc. But lets be honest, I don't have the energy or motive to do that right now with a so tight chest and still being so cautious with my breast.

I went out to get a new sports bra to accommodate the swelling and I got, the, 'Fruit of the Loom Seamless Front Close Bra (with removable pads)'. I haven't seen any reviews on it, I got a 3X. Lol, just so it wouldn't put too much pressure on incisions and on my 'flowers'. And it fits great, it actually looks like a surgical bra, of course I'm sure it's more lightweight and hasn't rubbed on my incisions and it's comfortable and $11 with tax! Score! I kept the pads in to protect my 'flowers'.

I think that's about it for today, I'm not in a rush to see my nipples because I know that process isn't going to be so beautiful. But, I will be seeing them on Tuesday, anxious to see my incisions and how they're healing as well as how my areola was handled. TTYL!

'Fruit of the Loom Seamless Front Close Bra'

Size: 3X

I got such a large size to accommodate swelling and my 'flowers', I love that it sits lower under my breast. And it's $11! My breast definitely still look larger, so hoping that I do fall to a D. However, my shirts fit different, my back isn't aching when I walk. And I wore a strapless dress today (with my wrapping), still excited!

Today the 'flowers" were taken off!

Thsee pictures were taken this morning before I left to get my flowers taken off @ my first post-op visit with Dr. G. They are so beautiful to me right now. I love them!

Free nipple graft (FNG) - is when my nipples are completely taken off and then stiched back on. This technique is only used in extreme cases, depends on the location of you nipples and size of breast, etc (amongst other things I'm sure). I was a 38H and let me tell you what a relief it is to be smaller. So, you have to wear the gauze to protect the nipple and helps it heal.

Day 4 & 5: Almost 7lbs taken off!

DAY 4: Still lots and lots of pressure. At night time the day before I did take an Oxycodone before bed. Just to relieve the pressure and to be able to fall asleep. Throughout the day, I'm fine! Not a lot of pain, still at about a 2. The 2 is more so discomfort and in certain cases, I'll feel like a pinch or sting on my incisions. My nipples and flowers, there's some sort of feeling there. It's like a tingling and burning like a wound would feel. It leads to believe there's some sort of feeling there, especially in the left nipple. I don't want to get my hopes up too much, because there is a chance with a FNG sensation could be lost. Of course, I also won't be able to breast feed. Other than that, nothing new to report! Just pressure, not a lot of pain.

DAY 5: I'm a pro at scooting and not using my arms. Lol, I refuse to open things, lift items or to lift my arms or stretch them behind my back. I do not want to run the chance of opening any incisions because that's a larger and unwanted scar. The PA noticed that today when I went in to have my flowers removed. Im good with my core. I don't even bend forward, I squat down, lol. Eventually I'll be a normal person again.

Dr. G. did a phenomenal job on my breast! I saw my nipples and my mom said they look so cute and they do. Even before I arrived to my appointment and was still getting dressed back home, I looked and the mirror and I felt beautiful for once in my life! I felt gorgeous.

Getting the stiches out around my nipps wasn't bad all. Probably because I took some Tylenol right before. And while Dr. G. examined her masterpiece(s) she touched around my nipples to check if they were healed and I felt that very faintly, but I did. Could this mean I'll have a bit of sensation, I have no idea! I hope so, that would be fun! ;-)

Dr. G took off A LOT, 1470 on the right breast and 1077 on the left. That's almost 7 lbs. in total. That is a lot of breast and they're still at about a D-cup! My boobs weighed so much. That's where those stubborn lbs. were. Sucks that I didn't weigh myself before and after, ah well!

When I looked at my nipples, I fell in love. They are so gorgeous! I finally can say, I feel like myself and actually Iike myself! More like love.

I picked up some neosporin and gauze from Target and then I'll take a nap. I'm beat!

;-). ;-). :!P

Excuse the angels, my mom didn't take the pictures too well. I promise the size are perfect! I absolutely love the girls!

I got neosporin to rub on my nipples. To set my self up, I have to give myself a mental heads up. There's a chance they will chip and fade and have small pink spots which would take months to heal! I'm just happy they came out so beautiful. I know have a hot rack, lol!

shower time!

I took my first shower today! I got cleared to take one after my "flowers" came off. So nice and relaxing! I'm currently holding the fan up to my boobs to dry my steri-strips. Instead of just using my towel.

In the shower, my back faced the water and I let just a few soap suds run down my breast. Not too much. I also used anti-bacterial soap, I wasn't fold that I had to. I think it may help stop any infections, I'll be following up with my neosporin as well!

It's just been a day since the "flowers" were removed. I can see scabbing on my nipples. As you know with FNG, you areola and nipples will peel. So eventually they will be bright pink. I know that a few of you ladies may have to have the same technique. I'm going into this with positive thoughts. I know it will be ugly, but I also know it will heal. (don't worry, I will post tons of pictures, lol).

1 Week Post-Op: They're melting (peeling)?!

They're peeling, my nipples are peeling. Well, healing. Let's just say they're healing. They're also dripping.

So it's been 2 days since the flowers were removed and they were scabbed. I started putting my Neosporin the day that my "flowers" were removed. Ive been putting on the ointment, once a day and my nipples would just be free underneath my sports bra. But that would make me have some scabbing rub off onto my sports bra and I would be washing it everyday! Now, today I don't have extra gauze (which I'll be picking up), so I used a panty liner to protect my nipple and scabbing from rubbing and me having to wash my sportsbra everday.

Today, I see pink! My scabs are slowly coming off. The ointment is making it softer of course. I'll be adding pictures up-close so you can see it. Now, to me, that says I'm healing fast. I'm trying to look at the positively, because it can get really ugly seeing pink on your nipples. And my breast are so beautiful and I'm so in love. I just have to remember, this is short-term and they'll be beautiful and healed soon! My nipples feel odd. There's a little stinging there and with them peeling it feels a little bit minty, if that makes sense. It's like tingling, like its healing. Totally finding all of the positives.

I also noticed after my first shower, that I'm having draining too. Yellow. I've called my PS office to see if this is normal and it is. Today, it's not dripping like it was yesterday, however it's still wet. So that lets me know, its gradually getting better. It freaked me out at first, especially because I haven't seen the incisions and I don't want any infections of course. But, I try my best to keep it clean as possible. Remember, I don't wash directly on my breast I let the anti-bacterial soap run down from my chest over everything. Pat dry, just a tad (I don't want any lent, pet hair they may have gotten on the towel, etc on the incisions) and then, I fan dry.

My breast are without a doubt still swollen, you can see it in my pores being that they're enlarged and it gets tight. I still get a bit of pressure when I do a lot of walking, I lot of anything actually. Thats still pretty much my only discomfort, aside from now, my nipples tingling and being a little sensitive (my left more than right). I'm so surprised by that, it's been a pretty smooth recovery!

May I add, whomever the lucky guy in my life ends up being, I'm sure I'll get tons of compliments. Because my girls are so gorgeous, I don't want them to ever change! Lol.

2 Week Post-Op: Staying Positive is Hard to do!

It has been an emotional roller-coaster, that's for sure! There's really good days, and there's those days when I think everything negative under the and I'll have a break down (such as today).

My pain has been great since the beginning, not unbearable, just very uncomfortable. Now, I havent had nearly as much tightness or pressure as I was experiencing the first week post. I have, however experienced some soreness, like a few seconds worth when I get out of bed. A bit hard to explain. I'm now sleeping flat on my back, no longer on my backrest. I'm so glad that's over, sleeping upright or at an angle was not good for my back and made my neck ache and stiff. Anywho, when I get up from my sleep on my back (slightly on my side), I can feel all of the weight and it's almost as if it shocks my incisions, if that makes sense. Also, my first time driving, going over humps and bumps is not fun. I'm overprotective and trying avoid pain or anything that will hinder my healing, disturb incisions and nipples at all cost. I'm just a bit sore going into the second week, not pain. It's all just discomfort. I've taken Tylenol which I feel is a waste of money, lol. It relieves nothing for me. I even had some pressure and aching, one night I took a pain bill (Oxycodone). Again, nothing too intense. To me, that's a bright side. Let's just talk about all of the positives for a bit, lol.

I tried on my sports bra that was too small at first, 40 D; and it fit! Way more support and just enough tightness, even with the swelling. My pores are still larger on my breast, being 2 weeks post, of course swelling is still there. I'm just hoping for no more dropping, because I love where they sit now. It's such a nice sight not to have my breast sitting on my stomach. That is the definition of love to me! Sometimes, in certain shirts I still feel large, but I definitely need to do a before and after clothed. My mom even said that I'm flat chested, lol. Nice to hear that for a change.

Now, on to the ugly. Emphasis on ugly. My areola is getting more pink. I take that back, it's not ugly it's healing. My biggest scare and concern is that my nipple survived because it is definitely scabbed. This is where the roller coaster begins. I'm hoping in the next weeks when the scabs fall off, I'll be able to tell there's still a nipple there. I know that she did use the Spy tool, to make sure my nipple would survive, she said everything was good there. So, I'm going to try to keep my faith there. Luckily, my incisions didn't open. A few days back, my steri-strips were very yellow, like dried egg yolk and had an odor. I was terrified what was lingering under there. Because traditionally, odor = infection. Luckily, my steri-strips were lifted and I was told to trim them at that point and timing one spot, most of the strip under my left breast came up. To my surprise, no infection, no opening and that fear is now gone (I didn't want a larger scar).

Speaking of incisions, you'll see the pictures, they are so thin, I can barely see them. That, I also don't want to change! Dr. G did an amazing job with the stiches, even on the nipple. I'm really, extremely happy with what's under the steri-strips so far.

All in all, I love the shape. Hate the healing process with a FNG. It's so hard to see the beauty in my nipples. I really need to stop staring at them daily. Once my color comes back and hopefully my nipple in the next few months, I know I'll be satisfied. I'm really loving how I look in clothes, and being able to go braless (haven't yet, lol, but I know I have that option).

Clothed Before & After.

I wanted you all to see this picture I posted on Facebook. There's a lot of concerns about looking heavier after your surgery. If your heavier now, you definitely will look it after (unless you get lipo). It's definitely motivation for me to workout, because I hate my gut. Lol. Now that I have new smaller boobs, that I find beautiful I want my body to match. No more insecurities. It's totally a HUGE difference. Even I was shocked! No more melons on my chest. Lol! If you're debating having a BR surgery, you have to do it. I demand it, lol. You will feel and look 100x better. With any surgery there's healing and pain (or in my case, discomfort). Do what makes you happy!

3 Week Post-Op: Almost Normal Again!

Things have changed just a tad it! Back to work, no longer only wearing button ups, scabs have fallen off, steri-stips have fallen off as well, lots of trying on swimsuit tops, sports bras, started using bio oil and slightly and ever so gently massaging. One thing that hasn't changed, my happiness in my decision to have a breast reduction and having Dr. G. be my surgeon of choice (so happy about that!).

(this review is one day late, lol. I like to be on time, but in the midst of typing a review and uploading pictures I got so sleepy watch RHOBH reunion and passed out, without a sports bra on. haha!).

Sooo ... where shall we start? I want to keep this simple and sweet, because I typically type novels. But I like to go back and remember things and whoever is reading this or will be reading in the future will have a VERY detailed review on a BR and FNG. Who am I kidding this is going to be a long review! So, now that rambling is over we shall begin.

I returned to work on Tuesday, after my salary continuation was approved from work. I took 2.5 weeks off from work, and worked two days and had two days off. I wanted to pace myself and get back into the swing of things. Work was not bad at all, I have a desk job, so I'm not lifting or pulling anything. Prior to my BR, just sitting in my chair I had back pains, to the point I had my Excedrine and Ibuprofen with me at all times! Now, I don't have that problem at all. I do find myself slouching over, but that's just because I have poor posture (even typing this I had to straighten my back). It's definitely something that I need to work on, because bad posture is causing mild shoulder pain. I know for sure it's not the weight of my breast now.

I also started using Bio Oil on my incisions. I got the OK from my PS, on Friday and started on Sun or Monday I believe and it's been less than a week. I'm using it to keep my incisions dry (they are now fully exposed with the exception of my vertical incision). They were pretty dry once my steri-strips came off. Bio Oil is supposed to help fade scars. So, if this works that would be great, I'm also using it on my full chest, I doubt it will help with my stretch marks, but if so that's a double win! Speaking of scars, I have a post-op appointment today, which I'll be blogging about, I'm going to ask if it's okay to start using silicone sheets now. I've done a lot of research about helping scars fade and flatten and I've seen that just even taping helps, because scars love pressure to help it mature. Even so, we won't have the full results of our scars maturing until 6-12 months. My scab over my left nipple has completely come off, this morning and last night actually. The right nipple is still fully covered in a scab, although it is lifting. I still use Neo-sporin on both, twice a day, not the Bio Oil. I also still cover them with 4x4 large gauze (that I put up in small squares).

I still have a tad bit of soreness when I get out of bed in the morning, and little sharp shots of pain at random times. I'm not sure if those are the infamous zingers I hear of, but it isn't horrible. Just weird. My left breast is the one that has the most soreness still in the morning. Lefty is also more swollen throughout the day and gets tight. Righty doesn't really have that reaction anymore. They're both healing at their own pace right now.

Overall, I am still extremely happy with my breast. I find myself even taking nudes, even with my nipples being pink. Lol. Of course no one is seeing them right now, but I still love the same and I actually do love the size. I'm not sure what size I am right now. I'm still wearing my 40D sports bra. It's not as tight as it was before, it's actually perfect now, it fits, my breast don't feel squished.

I'll be posting more pictures of my breast now and incisions also info from my post-op appointment with Dr. G this afternoon! I'll be asking about working out, going braless, when I'll know my true size, when I can go swimming, silicone scar sheets or best options on fading and flatten scars.

1 Month Post-Op: Scar Care and Pink Nipples!

It's been one month! Time flies when your boobies are having fun!

I went to my post-op appointment last week. I was cleared to workout, no longer required to sleep in my sportsbra. I can swim once one spot closes (a few disolveble stiches were removed and I bled under my areola, nothing major), I was cleared to start my scar treatment, massaging, etc.

Prior to being cleared for massaging I was already doing it, lol. At about, 2.5 weeks I started using bio oil and massaging the bottom of my breast and on top of the incision. I also used bio oil on the top for moisture (basically I used it on my entire breast). My breast are pretty flaky since I've stopped. I actually do miss the massaging but can't because I'm using silicone scar sheets.

I'm using ScarAway and have been for about 3 days now. It's amazing because it doesn't hurt, doesn't move, really great reviews. The only cons are having to clean it daily and not being able to shower or workout with them. I'll do a full review in the recommended 6-8 weeks of wear, so my 3 month post-op review. One thing I will note is that my areola was huge before, so most of the discoloration is from that, and can't be faded. However, for the insicion lines, I wear them 18-21 hours a day.

I will say, my scars were not horrible at all. Dr. G. I don't know how she did it, but my results are almost flawless to me. They are beautiful and amazing! I cannot wait to go to a nude beach. I'm just preventing them from being visible as much as I can. I want to shock her at my next appointment in July!

All of my scabs have come off, so my nipples are pretty splotchy with pink and brown. I'm being patient with them right now. I asked Dr. G. how long she would think it would take for my color to come back, she said maybe 9 months and if not then, we can look into tattooing the color back. I don't mind waiting because A) I'm single and B) because my scars and experimenting with them has been a great distraction. Oh, and I have SENSATION! I definitely don't want to jinx it, but my areola definitely has sensitivity and it feels amazing to the touch like an orgasm, lol. My nipples to be exact, a little nothing more than what I had before. (which was VERY little sensation).

I'm still happy with everything, blessed there's hasn't been any openings at the incisions, no infections, no pain. The size is perfect, I'm definitely not in the itty-bitty committee but compared to before, sure I am! I would say I'm a DD. I still don't know for sure as I'm still afraid of under-wire and I believe I'm still swollen. I am still wearing my 40D Danskin Now sportsbra, which is the most comfortable and I feel like I have support. I wore it under a dress yesterday and my mom said, "Take it off, you still feel like you have to wear a bra all the time and you don't." She was right! I don't, and I don't sag, lol. I'm so afraid my boobs are going to fall and it's been a month they still sit pretty and full. Of course gravity is going to hit, but gotta enjoy this perkiness.

I still sleep on my back, finally more comfortable with bending forward. I still don't lift anything too heavy. I shower facing the water now. I can use regular soap rather than antibacterial.

I'm so much happier!!!!!

My updates will be monthly from now on, unless there's just something I have to share. I just want to feel normal and not take pictures of my boobs daily, lol. BUT, if you have any questions in between time, feel free to message me.

Quick Little Update!

It's been a little over 5 weeks since my surgery, I just wanted to say that I've been using my silicone sheets every day with the exception of one day and the scars are looking great. BUT, what I really wanted to share ... I'm so in love with myself! I absolutely love my breast. I've never ever been so happy, I've went braless multiple times and they sit perfectly. I can fit into a size 38D which is the size I've wanted to be since freshman year. THIS IS THE BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE!

Talk to you all soon @ 2 months post!

Breast Reduction Cost: $59,848.03. I paid ...

I got this question a lot, and I finally have the total cost for my procedure! In total, the breast reduction, anesthesiologist and whomever billed the 400+ cost, $59,848.03! That is a lot of money! Thankfully, I will only be paying $1,382.21. I mean, that's huge price difference! I'm so grateful for insurance, there would be no way in the world that I would be able to afford this without them. This is life changing, the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm okay with paying this amount, I'm completely okay with it. The bulk of the price was with the anesthesiologist, I need to go to school for that. Lol! Well, there you have it to those that were asking.

Thank you so much Aetna!

3 Months Post-Op: From 38H to 38 DD (and more sensation than ever!)

Hi ladies! It's been a long time since my last post, but it's officially three months since my surgery on March 26th, 2015. Well, it's been a little more than 3 months -- I typed up a whole review on the day, but I tried to upload pictures and it all got erased! Nooo.

I bought my first bra today, 38 DD. I definitely wanted to be a D-cup, because it's so much easier finding D-cup bras than a DD. However, it's way easier finding a DD than an H and A LOT cheaper might I add, so no complaints. My favorite place for bras is target. I fitted myself, so I could be wrong. I've gained weight, I'm not sure if the cup size will decrease with weightless or not. However, it fits great. Not that I'll wear bras often, because I love going braless these days. The girls have fallen a little more into a natural shape and guess what ... almost all of the color to my right nipple is back. I'll probably get nipple tattoo, I meet with Dr. G. next week so I'll ask more then.

Discomfort? My incisions still feel a little sensitive when I sleep on my sides for too long, but I've been sleeping on my side, stomach and back since 2 months post-op. On top of pillows, flat on my mattress. I think I rushed that a bit, but I'm not one to baby myself. After 2 months, I said enough was enough! I need to get back to being normal. And normal I am! I'm still afraid of wires but I'm wearing the bra as I type ... I definitely need to loosen the straps because it's bothering my shoulders much like before, but it's also strapless aha!

Scars? I'll upload pictures! They're fantastic! I still give Dr. G 10's across the board. Although I would have liked being a cup-size smaller. I still love them really much and get compliments on them. Even that they look like implants. So that's a win win, scars are almost not even noticeable. At least to me. I mean, I have stretch marks, who cares about scars! Lol.

Sensation? That was a big concern (for some) with having a FNG. But I'm happy to say that I have more sensation than ever, and the weirdest thing, my nipples are bigger than before! Lol. I have no idea how that happened but they used to be so small, now they're wide and fat. My right nipple is always "hard," she doesn't even wait for a command! The left just a swift of cool air or rub and it does the trick. I was thinking about getting nipple piercings before, but they're extremely sensitive. I don't even want to take that chance. I don't want anyone to bite them, just look at them and leave them alone. Lol. Righty is my favorite, she has almost all the color, protrudes and is sensitive. The only down side I guess I would say with a FNG is, well, two. 1) The time frame it takes to get the color back, 2) The fact that I probably won't be able to breast feed.

All in all, I love the girls. They love me. I'll post pictures soon!
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

I would give Dr. Geoghegan and the Oasis Plastic Surgery team 10's across the board! I'm not a patient that requires much or has 1,001 questions but if I did I know without hesitation Dr. G. would take the time to answer them. Sometimes I feel like I didn't ask enough questions, but somehow Dr. G. still told me everything that I would later want and of course need to know. Her staff from the RN, Esthetician and patient coordinator, Katherine they were all so welcoming to me from my first consultation. All smiles and felt almost as if they were girlfriends of mine. Everyone admires Dr. G's work and said she was the best, which sealed the deal! I even felt they were genuinely happy for me! Dr. G. not once to me seemed like she was overly confident in her skill (although, she does an amazing, outstanding, brilliant, phenomenal and all other synonyms you can think of), she didn't rub me that she felt she was better than any other surgeon in Scottsdale. She was humble, honest and gentle. All in all, I've met with one other surgeon and I am so glad that I chose Dr. G. Oasis is the BEST! She made me feel and look beautiful as I'm sure 100's of others feel the same!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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