Yowch! Hurts but They Are Lookin Good So Far, Really Swollen

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Started off with being asked what kind of look I...

Started off with being asked what kind of look I wanted, what shape, how much I knew about restylane. She also asked if I wanted my philtrum injected at the same time. I have never read about the necessity of it and she pointed out where she'd had hers done and explained how it helps lessen the chance of the lips looking fake. I was iffy on that so she said to think about it and we can always add it later.

Has anyone here had their philtrum injected during a lip augmentation and was it necessary? How did that turn out?

So then came the numbing cream, the dental block, the needles. I went with 1cc and a .04cc to fill my lips. The nerve block wasn't painful but it was very uncomfortable and lasted a LONG time. I couldn't feel the restylane going in at all. Once the block wore off at home is when the pain started to get to me. It was a dull ache with stabby pains where the injections went in. I know pain meds are a no-no but I was willing to risk a couple bruises for relief from my throbbing face.

My lips swelled up very quickly and stayed like that all night despite icing them. I took ibuprofen today and they have gone down a bit but that might be a coincidence. I heard that Benedryl works well so I might try that.

Right now they are puffy ducky in the center, stiff and awkward, especially the top lip. That lip has NO creases so it looks like a slug about to burst. The bottom was like that last night and its already less freakish looking, had some lip wrinkles when i woke up so I have high hopes for what they will look like in a few days. Only a few minimal bruises on my lips that I can easily slick some lipstick over. Except that I can't rub my lips together to do that Lipstick Smack rub together thing because my lips are too big/swollen to touch! I just have to laugh.

It's still early but I am optimistic. I was prepared for all of these side effects but I wish I had drawn a picture for my surgeon to show her the shape I wanted. Our definition of pouty was a little different and so was her vision of what I wanted on my top lip. I wasn't clear enough. For the 2 week appt I will bring in a little sketch of the shape I hope to achieve. Overall I am VERY pleased and it was worth it even if I might have paid more than others for a syringe and a half.

5 years later, want Restylane again and realized I should've updated!

I have been thinking of getting Restylane in my lips again and wanted to know what the average cost was these days so I came to realself, I was really surprised to see my own lips in the thumbnail pics at the top of the page under "photos from the community"- totally forgot I had written that review and wish I had updated it sooner!
I am/was beyond pleased with the results of my injections and they lasted MUCH longer than 6 months. I'd say it was about 2 years before they were back to pre-injection size and going through old photos in those years after my procedure definitely shows the lasting results. The freakish swelling was gone in a week and I have no lasting "beads" or weird effects from the injections, they have been soft and natural feeling for the duration. I am very happy I didn't get the philtrum filler because I think retaining a philtrum dip/cupid's bow looks much more natural. A lot of people commented on what nice lips I had, wanted to know what lipstick I was using to create the illusion of fullness, etc- people didn't look at me and immediately see 'LIP INJECTIONS'.

The following photos are from the weeks to months following the injections. The first one looks scary because the soonest post-procedure photo I could find that showed my lip shape was from a zombie themed party (***the blood and bruising/cuts in that pic are fake!!!***)
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