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Hello, i had my smart lipo done on the chin and...

hello, i had my smart lipo done on the chin and tummy area yesterday at 9am under twighlight anaesthesia. im 5'1, and 140lbs, and i have 2 adorable kids aged 7 and 1.
i cant remember anything during the procedure. all i remember was my anaesthesiologist inserted an IV to me and ask if im okay then thats it! hehe. when i opened my eyes, there were 4 containers of fats in front of my bed, and i was like, OMG, it's over :) without any pain or anything.

today is my day 1, i still feel dizzy and i threw up twice already. (after breakfast, and while my eversupportive mom and sister were helping me put my undergarments.

i saw lumps in my tummy area but the doctor said its normal... my pubic area is swollen too. i didnt take off the foam under my chin coz the doctor advised me to just leave it there for 3 days for support, but changed the gauze on the incision sites...

here's the photo i took before i left the house yesterday, and my day 1 post op :)

1 week now

im on my 1 week now... still so swollen at the pubic area. i find it hard to get in and outta bed.
had my free ultrasound yesterday and the nurse told me that swelling will continue up to 3weeks :(

also there's so much pain on my ribcage (?) sorry for my english coz its not my first language.

Nurse even told me not worry too much if she weigh me and i gain weight coz its just because of the swelling and fluids inside me.
good news is that when they weigh me i lost 2kilos or 4.4lbs :)

i also lost 3 inches off my bra line, 4inches on waist, and 3 inches off my love handles :)

pics seen here are from my 5day post op.
the line on my waist is just a line caused by my CG.

13days post op

i still continue using my CG for 12hrs. i wear it at night. so far im very much happy with the result! i can see my curves now eventhough my tummy is still swollen (?) ...

from day 8 after the major swelling subsided, bumps/lumps started showing. i can also feel the tightness (feels like i have an elastic band tied around my waist area) . sorry for my english hehe....

hardness starts when i walk, sit, or do something . pain is tolerable..

attached are my day 13 post op pic and my pre op pic....

i also showed parts of my chin now for you to see the result of my chin lipo :)
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