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I am a 50 year old full time working woman from...

I am a 50 year old full time working woman from Sydney, Australia. I have two children and one grandchild. I started looking into Rhinoplasty overseas, as it was too expensive in Australia and I am a native from Philippines.

I was unhappy with the shape of my nose and wanted a higher tip, smaller nostrils and a nose bridge. I contacted Dr Rino Lorenzo 2 months prior to the operation date, and this time was spent organizing costs, accommodation, and getting my questions answered. After all the details were planned out and I was comfortable with what we had agreed on, I left Australia on July 7th and had my operation on the 9th of July.

I was a bit nervous prior to the procedure but everything went smoothly and well and I am very happy with the result. I stayed in Manila for the next 3 weeks, checking in with the doctor 3 or 4 times before I was cleared and left for Australia on the 28th of July, 2014.

It has now been 7 weeks since the procedure and my nose is looking better and more natural. The swelling has decreased incredibly, and I am now able to wear sunglasses and makeup. Thank you to my doctor, Dr Rino Lorenzo, who has helped me find the solution.

7 week Update

Sharing my Rhinoplasty Experience

I just wanted to add on my story that i was on under local anesthesia during my surgery. It was a little bit uncomfortable in the beginning but after the anesthetic kicked in it was all great. no pain not even after the operation. For those who wanted to have Rhinoplasty operation , I can assure you that local anesthesia is very safe and less on your budget. For all those people who want to do Rhinoplasty, Wish you all good luck .

8 weeks post op

Hello everyone,
It's been 8 weeks since i had my rhinoplasty op. everything is doing well, my nose looking much better,swelling still presents as i can feel funny on the tip of my nose and also still a bit hard around sutures. Scars not much noticeable now as i keep on using my Scar reduction gel.
A bit of a problem few days ago, i feel inside my nosetril getting a bit tighter, I went to see my family doctor and she said inside my nosetril is inflamed. So , i am on Bactroban Nasal ointment medication. I am hoping that inflamation will go away soon as i started to get worried.
Is anyone of you guys experience the same thing like i feel at moment?can this normally happen?
Thanks in advance guys for reading my update review and hope someone can answer my questions. Apart from my worries ,I am so happy that i slowly getting my normal smiles back. Lips was hard and tight for a while but now it is loose and movable to smile again.
Thank you very much for allowing me to share my story. Have a good day and god bless us all.


3 Months post op

Hi everyone, hope everybody is doing well.
I just want to deliver my 3 months post op today. It's been great watching the progress of my nose rhinoplasty post op. Big deference from week one to now. It's not always good everyday as i had a bit of hay fever allergy and i have a runny nose often and it is hard because i cannot blow or squeeze to clean my nose. Sometimes it flares up inside because i keep on sticking cotton tips inside to clean it, but it's manageable and it's fine now. I don't use scar gel so often anymore. Alternatively i use Bio oil, face serum, moisturizer, and sunblock everyday. My scars are much less visible and i can see a big progress in my nose and i love it. I go to the Gym more often now and every weekend dancing. I have inclosed a few pictures between 2 to 3 months for the progress. Good night and god bless us all.

Sharing pics at 3 months post op

Hello guys, how is everyone? Well, it's been 3 months and a week, time flies really fast. I have ups and down during those weeks as I suffer from hay fever, lots of sneezing and a runny nose but with the help of medicine I've managed to control it. So far all good regarding my nose rhinoplasty. I can see a better result everyday. Still a long way to go to see the final result but I will get there. With this operation, it's just a matter of waiting and patience. :)

Hope everyone is doing fine and wish you all well. xxx

6 Months Update

Hello guys, hope everyone is in good shape welcoming Christmas season. Time really fly so quick, It's now 6 months since i had my rhinoplasty op. Everyday watching and witnessing my nose results, i can not say it's perfect but i am very glad and happy with the outcome. So far so good, not a bit of complain which i am very happy for it.
Well, I probably put my update in 6 months time,i dont want you guys to get sick reading and seing pictures of myself here..:) Wish you all a happy merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.
Wish you all really well. God bless and good night...xxx

posting pictures from 6 to almost 8 months

Hello guys how's everybody? hope everyone's enjoying their life to the fullest. Well , nothing much to say,just enjoying my new look since i had my rhinoplasty operation. Everythings going smoothly fine, nothing much to complain about . Thanks to God about that.
Wish you all a good life and god bless..Good night xxx

Update pictures between 8 months to now 10 moths post op.

Hello everybody on realself community. Hope everyone is in good shape and enjoying life to the fullest. Well, it's now 10 months since i had my rhinoplasty and very much happy with the results. Still feeling a bit of tenderness on the tip of my nose, scaring is very minimal around the stitches but i don't mind it because with my make up on you won't even notice it. Apart from those few things everything is great and enjoying life the most i can :) .
Well, update will fallow again on 12 months post op as that will be the maturity of my operation. Have a great life everyone, good luck for those having their operation of any sorts, and enjoy your new you's who had their operations of any kind. God bless all...xxx

one year updates

Hi all , hope everyone is in good health and in great shape. I'm just posting my pictures between the months of ten months to 12 months. It is now a year since i had my rhinoplasty operations and had not experience any problem with my nose at all, thanks to god everything went smoothly fine. The scars are hardly noticeable although it is a little visible if you really see it very closed, otherwise no one even knows i had rhinoplasty op because it looks so natural. Over all i am happy with the results and nothing to complain about. :)
Well, it was a long journey for me , been patiently waited and it's now a year. I just wanted to say thanks to all who came and read or fallow my journey and hope all the ladies who was inspire by me had a successful journey too. Wishing you all good luck and enjoy every moment of your life.
Good night and god bless us all..xxx
Liza ( blackkat9)

One Year and Six Months update and random pictures.

Hello everyone , Happy new year to all. Wishing you all the best for 2016.
Well, It's been one year and six months of my journey and everything's been great. To be honest, I still don't pick my nose inside of it haha ,I just being careful not to regret if something goes wrong if i picked it with my finger ;) . I still do clean it with cotton tips and i still do feel a bit sensitive up to now. Sometimes, I do experienced a bit of bleeding specially when i try to clean it.I guess I went a bit rough or went to deep. So, my advise to all of you people who had the same procedure like me is to be gentle when it comes to cleaning.
As you can see,I am very happy with my result and enjoying it. I guess the progress is now slowly near to the end, the scar is almost invisible .all in all , I am very grateful of what I achieve and the way I look .
Thanks in advance everyone of having the time to look and read my update.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all..xxx

Two years update

Hello everyone on realself community. I hope everyone is in good shape and in good health. It's been two years since i had my rhinoplasty op . I am happy to say that during those years of waiting game for the healing everything was great. I did experienced a bit of flaring and also a bit of bloody inside my nose sometimes specially when i had a runny nose day's ,but no need to take any medication . I can squeeze and blow my nose now but still feeling not comfortable picking my nose with my finger haha, I still cleaned it with cotton tips I see lot's of changes on me face since the day I had my rhinoplasty, I am so happy that I done it. Family and friends say that I look better than before and I had more confidence now. My scar is softer and almost gone, with makeup you don't see absolutely nothing. I am very pleased with my results.I appologise some of my pictures aren't standing. I try to fix them in the right position but somehow doesn't work. haha :)
My pictures ,some taken from before operation and the rest taken about six months ago. Have a good night, god bless and good luck to all..xxx
Dr Rino Lorenzo

Very professional. Incredibly kind, friendly and helpful doctor. Would Recommend. Dr Rino Lorenzo M.D. Email: drrinolorenzo@gmail.com Website: www.philippinecosmetics.com Mobile: +63 917-8866974

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