460cc round implantech,34,5'4,115lbs

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I want a booty,lol....has anyone got their botties...

I want a booty,lol....has anyone got their botties in thailand or philippines?imfrom philippines,so its best to get these procedure to where im close....im 32,5'4,stats are 34--28-32,yes,lol,typical asian flat ass........over here in the philippines,,,these procedures are discreet,or i may say i dont see alot of asians here on the site sharing their stories....i went to see 3 surgeons in manila last year,but they didnt convince me...they wanna give me 200-250 cc only,damn..i want a drastic change in my booty,,,yes i do.lol.i saw alot of ladies here that from flat to whoa.....even stars here they still have tiny ass,knowing they got implants...no star stands out here cos they got bootylicious....now,,ladies help me out pls....who got their botties in thailand and philippines?pls xoxoxoxo

1 surgeon in thailand,1 surgeon in philippines

So im torn where to get this booty..dr pichet prices are rally good,im in constant email with one surgeon too in phillippines,dr eric yapjuangco of icon clinic,i ask alot of questions,sizes,shapes,but unfortunately he only uses oval as it gives natural look...if u go to my profile,my body will show and i got a flat ass,most asians have ungifted ass,lol..so whats a natural to after surgery?a natural asian flat?im confused,lol.i want a big bump,so im thinking of getting round....ive seen ladies with round here,and they look good....i hope i can read more reviews from u ladies out here....ive read 2 girls who got theirs in india,and yes theose booties are beautiful,but india is too far already

November 2014, getting my butt implants

Oh yeah..ladies,im finally booking my flights soon to manila,getting a consultation with dr eric yapjuangco,,,icon clinic...hes a member of Philippine Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, Inc.,i have to admit,this ass is small,lol,so getting a bubble butt is impossible...a lady named shorty here,she said her butt is a bubble butt now,she just wanted an athletic look,but it turned out massive...so my doc said anatomical is the best as it looks natural,and ladies hear me out,i ask him this question " what if im unhappy with the result?very bad placement,bad projection,etc? " he answered me staright,come back to the clinic,and well change it for FREE,isnt that great?
He suggest that im between 275cc-325cc anatomical,eurosilicone,ive seen pictures of his work in facebook,and i have to say,from none to having a bump already.....
So i think im ready now,no more back outs
This site have been so helpful,ive been reading for a more than a year,stalking ladies asses,lol,asking ladies tons of questions,and this gives me a lot of courage,seeing ladies who did their journey with someone or alone.......
Cant wait for my turn :-)

Butt in thailand

I backed out the last time,cos the surgeons in here,don't do round implants.maybe cos Asians don't want a bubble butt?i don know
I'm thinking of Thailand,been researching you ladies,I know one o got oval,one girl round,I'm more of a bubble butt dreamer,lol...I like shortys oval,but I liked more of Sandra 224 rounds,but she just disappeared after her surgery,the last review she had was she didn't like her butt implants from Naravee cos they didn't placed it under the muscle
I just wish she could have said more
Anyway,are you ladies out there?
I'm 5'4 weighs 110 lbs,my hips measures 31 inces
I've been reading here form u.s and Mexico,I wish I can go there,but too expensive,lol
I can't seem to find specific before and after photos from Thailand hospitals
Booty ladies who got them in Thailand,help me out ??????????????????????????

I'm back,looking for any suggestions.....I haven't...

I'm back,looking for any suggestions.....I haven't done butt implants yet...now I'm back,but I'm confused now,I just went to a doc,that wanted to give me 330 cc round,with 13 diameter,and 4.2 projection...but my butt is flat,no crease,I'm scared imma look like a duck after.....

One friend here,she had done her butt recently,hers is great,she got round,because she have a butt and crease to start with...
Ladies I need inputs,much appreciated

400cc round Sebbin,surgery in 2 weeks

I've been to one surgeon who does inside the muscle technique..which i like,cos I think I don't have much ass,see my pictures.......and he uses drains for 4-5 days...any ladies who have Sebbin rounds?how do they feel?my hips measures 33 inches now,cheeks measures 13 cm....I'm nervous...originally I wanted implantech 400,but only 460 is available,I'm scared its gonna be too big....I'm just 5'3,weights 110-115lbs....ladies lemme hear your experiences,I need good vibes,and reality,specially with how it feels when you sit..

Period during surgery or a day or 2 after?

I'm supposedly getting my clearance today,when I realized what if I get my period before,during or after a day?im irregular,so I don't know when my period comes...damnit.....I'm scheduled to see surgeon on 14th,I'm finished wit my consultation....
Has anyone experienced this period issue?

460cc only available

Will this look good on me?i know nothing is perfect,if there is to someone,that's a bonus....I'm so confuse now

Surgery tomorrow,fuck it,it's gonna happen,lol

After years of reading,and postponing these dates,ohhhh boy,its happening tomorrow

Height: 5'4
Weight: 115lbs
Stats (present): 34-28-34
I've been hitting my legs in the gym hard these days,and I guess it working...
So I have my feminine wash,beta dine for the incision,I both small bottle sprays,so I'll just spray my vajayjay and incision every after toilet use,antibacterial wipes,for poop and pee...peeing cups,hmm,read that girls used these cups and it saved their lives...got an antibacterial cream...underpads,compression pants,and improvised them neck pillows to be my botty pillow....
And oh,it's a bad day today,I have my period,damn,so I guess they gotta figure that out tomorrow,lol.....

Going in,in 2 hours.....whoooop whoooop

I'm in the same hotel where my clinic is,so just get the elevator and I will be in my cutting table,lol.....
I'm nervous?yes,and scared too
Last night took 2 pills. 1 after dinner,2nd before I go to bed...that pill was like whew,my body was light,I don't know if I'm only just nervous............
My period today is not so strong....it's like it's the 3rd day...
See u girls on the bootie world ????

hell after abesthesia wears off

Hate my surgeon for not giving me strong meds



Day 5

Ok ladies,I thank you all,for telling me ur meds,,I let my brothers bought Naproxen,Thank god it's OTC..per pill is 550g,took 2,and wow,pain is gone,but. Pressure is there,which is expected...took aa shower,boy it feels good..a and of course some pix


Again,thanks for laxative,and oats,made the toilet visit easy....used the shower to clean which works great..tomorrow my drains will e out,I'm excited to see my butt

Day 7 incision opening

It's so depressing,I'm crying again when my siblings said,u got an opening on top..went to clinic for post op appt,they cleaned it thoroughly and put some steri strip on the open sites..they add me antibacterial pills,ciprofloxacin....but I keep crying every time I picture that incision,I'm so scared of infection

Implants removed

It was very depressing,when one of the tubes produce puss,flowing puss,then doc said we gotta remove it.i kinda liked them already,it was under the muscle,so it was well hidden,no lines....surgeon said the tube holes are so close to anus,that it might be the poop that got in,but when I asked about having another butt in the future,he said we will go smaller.i have 460,I've seen girls same my BMI wit bigger..so I thought,was it the size that got it all messed?im crying,till now.cos not just I lost my azz,I lost so much money too.i asked surgeon if I go for another butt implant,I want them tubes away from my anus,but he said it's his only technique....

Implantech implant video

I have the implants wit me,just sharing so ladies will know how implantech contourflex feels like
My butt is ok,feels lighter,swelling is ok,and hope it won't go away,lol,I love my hips..lol
Well ladies check this out
Dr. Alex de Leon

La Nouvelle Image clinic pasig

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