28 Years Old . 2 Kids - butt implant

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I am writing this because i am planing to have...

I am writing this because i am planing to have this butt implant next week. I will be flying to philippines and i am very excited about it. I have an okay butt not bad at all just want to have more on the upper part of my c shape butt (not sure if you guys get it) i will be updating this next week. I will post some of my butt photo what do u think is the size and shape for me? My dr. Mentioned he will use a round implant. I dont want it to big just enough to have a C fuller shape. Will appreciate some comments and suggestion.

Surgery day

Well i did my lab work and talk to the dr. Yesterday saw the implants he will use, and very excited he told me the size will be 260cc round implant im a little scared that will too big but he make sure that it will be just ok and will look natural .. lets see and will update after surgery including pics ;)

2nd day..

I couldn't wait for the nurses to send me the clinic surgery photo.. my sister took a pic of me after the surgery. I was throwing up when i woke up.. the nurse took care of me they wer great and tje doctor too they will make you feel everything is going to be fine and make you less nervous. I woke up in the middle of the surgery lol i felt the pressure on my left butt but no pain i know they wer doing that part so i asked them to put me back to sleep haha. . I didnt feel scared or anything i just want to be asleep and wake up with a new bum!! So anyway instead of 2 stiches each cheeks he only made 1 i guess its in the middle of my butt crack he told me it will be easier for me to take care of 1 wound than 2.. i didnt see the stiches yet i can't stand up by myself my mom dad sister and brother wer helping me.. i pee on a bed pan my sister will wipe me i tried standing up but cant do it on my own tried to walk little by little it feels weird i can feel theyre there but not bad i forgot to mentioned the size of the implant is 265cc each.. i will post a photos here after the surgery and another photos in my room recovering.. we will see in a couple of days what is this implant look like right now i kinda like it but i wan to make sure aftter maybe a week or 2 will let u know if i do like or love it. And yeah its hard as rock very sensitive feels like i have really bad bad bruise..

More of the surgery after photo

More photos after the surgery...


Took out and clean my wound yesterday i am just a little worried that the medical tape they put on my butt to keep my butt crack kinda close for my stiches is too tight and its a day and have the marks seems dent? I am frustrated, they told me it will come back to it shape ?? Well we will see i just didnt understand this big medical tape is so tight press the middle of my butt in a ugly shape. We will see what it will look like tomorrow.


Woke up less pain.. i can get up much better with no help, asked my sister to take pic on my butt today.. so i guess the shape of the tape got a little better.. less stress and worried im really hoping this is going to be a good butt journey for me .. seeing this girls with no complains makes me worry on my butt because i keep looking at my butt feels like i can see my implant, my stiches are getting better too my mom clean it everytime i go no.2 to keep it fresh and clean! Girls here on real self helps me think more positive thank u for the girls who replied on my inbox i do really appreciate it and sharing their experience. Hopefully i feel better more and more everyday about my butt will see in a couple of days how is it.. ill upload some pictures today.

Concern and advice to all ladies!

My pain is so much better.. butt still hard doctor said it will eventually get softer like most of the ladies saying here.. my concern is that the burning sensation on my upper right butt is so sensitive it does hurt when i touch it bearable though.. i went to my doctor and ask him i feel burning and tinggling and a little numbness on my right leg till on my toes my said doctor it is Normal bec he did dissect eventually the nerves will regrow.. It may or not take a while but it does bothered me everytime im relaxed or not moving i will feel it.. but when i stand it does feel better but it does come and go . Pls i need some ladies who felt or feel the same thing ?


Well woke up today pain free but super itchy butt!! Its my 2 weeks today and tried to sit with 2 neck pillows just trying if i can do it and will practice till i leave next week.. i habe 4 to 5 hour flight and will see how will i do. So far been sitting for 15 mins i think im doing fine feels so good to finally sit i didnt know that i will miss sitting. I guess 2 neck pillows will work for me ! Hopefully my son wont be cranky in the plane. So far so good. Went to the mall yesterday with my leggings butt looks good but im not yet convience when i am butt naked the implant are still kinda hard and the bottom is soft so it doesnt look as perfect as i wanted lol.. any one have same problem? The implant are kinda standing up while the bottom is soft?? I will patienly wait cuz i dont have a choice !


Well im so happy im back home my flight is ok got lucky the plane is not full so my son and i moved to the empty sit i lay on my side almost the whole time sit a little bit. My incision are not completely healed i still have some stitches are not close hopefully they will close in a couple of days because i have so much time laying in my belly here and not to moved around . Our place in p.i is to stressful for me im glad im back.. my husband said my butt looks amazing but u know i dont believed him completely because i feel like he just want me to feel positive lol.. although i asked him if he can see the implant i did some not to much stretching just put my leg a little open and bend he said he can see it alittle bit but i can see it alot!! Or because i know where they at? I am only 3 weeks is it normal to see the ouline when u do some certain position? I include lots of photos here.. i will caption the on im worried. The dr said its still healing and give it a time asusual.. my husband said feels like a muscle and the outline looks like a muscle aswell but "haller" youre not supposed to see the outline or even the implant maybe more time it will dissapear? Coment and suggestion will be more appreciated please let me know your experienced! Right now i cant say i love or like it cant even say i dont like it for now im like "meh" i will wait till i say omg i love it for now i am focusing on my incision to fully healed! When im standing up i dont see any lines or implants just on a certain posistion was actually going to post video here but said this type of file cant upload ill try to convert or maybe just do video on the 4th week? How long is for the incision to close and heal? Im on my 3rd week still have a little bit open. Any suggestion? No pain today just weird feeling still and whenever i do some certain posistion or movement feels tight.


Took it now before cleaning and putting anti bacteria cream.. my incison that are open right now are open never close or re open dr. Said it will heal eventually i just heal slow.. i will include pictures.

Almost 4weeks post op

Hey i just want to share pictures with clothes on. I realize i keep sharing my butt naked! My butt still feel weird not painful i can't explain how.. but just weird waking up in the middle of the night to pee when i stand up i feel the weight of my butt im not sure if therr are some ladies here feel the same way. Please share and comment your experience i would love to read them!


Incinsion is getting better i can sit but not for long . I can lay on my side makes sleeping so muccch better! I tried laying on my back omg im so scared it feels like theyre going to pop!!! Theres nothing really new but they are soft. Not as soft as the bottom of my butt.

Little bit of everything..

So far so good. I feel better sitting id easier laying is better specially sleeping. Im happy because my incinsion is closed and my husband told me can't even tell i had incinsion over there. Im kinda liking my butt in every clothes. I have couple of friends asked me what am i doing why my butt looks good. I told them what other girls tell other people lol SQUATS i have other friend who asked me to see my butt without pants just with my thong so i said ok, we wer in the club we went to the toilet together and i guess girls guys wer looking @ my butt. I know its weird. My butt is softer but still firm she wanted to grab it so i said ok she said my butt is firm i said from working out. I dont knoe if she did believe me haha.. she message mr this morning and telling me how much she loves my ass . But anyway everyday the lines are less visible but ofcourse i can still tell where they at ill wait till i can say i love my ass!!


Close up pictures

Almost 6 months

Well I'll be 6 months next month... nothing changed butt still ok.. my stitches are just still very itchy for some reason when I lay on my butt I'm still feeling some discomfort that's why I have to change position was wondering if anyone here feel the same. One of my friend and husband told me that my ass feels so natural soft not even stiff. But when I do some certain position I can still see where the implant is. Although I was bother before I think I get used to it and accept it and starting to be happy with it. I guess I'm thankful no infection or any serious issue if only the edge of implant on some certain position I'm fine with it, I'm not going to walk while I'm bending over lol. I get lots of compliment and people stare at me well my ass sometimes I get very paranoid that maybe there's something wrong with my outfit or I have a dirt or something.. I can see some people whisper to each other and look at me but I know it's the ass.. because when I wear fitted clothes it's up there.. I'm skiny and not big of a breast so my ass stand out ..

My incision

It's still very itchy on some time ....
Dr. Sherwin Montenegro

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