Breast Augmentation Review Philippines with photos Mentor 325cc smooth round implants

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I have always wanted a boob job since high school...

I have always wanted a boob job since high school but I am sure now that this is finally the right time. Things have settled down, I am in a long term relationship, work/career is great and I am finally sure that I am doing it for the right reasons. This is it! one more day until I finally fulfill my lifelong dream of having some curves up top. I am excited and anxious at the same time. I've heard a lot of horror stories out there and I hope everything goes well. I am a side sleeper so I am also concerned about how I can sleep on my back and upright for two weeks. Any tips? I am taking Arnica sublingual tabs since I heard that helps a lot with recovery. That's it for now! Thanks for everyone who has been sharing their stories here. They have really helped a lot and I hope this feedback would also help someone considering getting breast augmentation here in the Philippines.

Day 1

Finally done with operation. It was so hard to fast and not drink anything for hours. Waiting time felt like forever. I had some concerns about going under general anesthesia but the Anesthesiologist Jovi discussed what to expect before during and after surgery so that took care of all my questions. I really appreciated his thorough and confident demeanor. Had done bloodwork done, ecg etc before the surgery and Doc Eric took photos and made some markings on my chest while standing up since its important they do it that way since the breasts fall differently while lying down. I dont feel uncomfortable taking my top and bra off infront of him and he always makes sure he is accompanied by a female nurse when examining me. I was finally ushered to the surgery room, they put an IV and premedication like what the anesthesiologist said and then the gas type general anesthesia and I was completely out. Last thing i remembered was "The Smashing Pumpkins" playing in the background of the surgery room. I then woke up in the recovery room and just like what they briefed me about. I was shivering uncontrollably. My boyfriend brought more blankets and they really helped alot. My chest area feels really tight. Had a hard time clearing my throat because it sorta aches when i need to use my chest muscles. Need to breathe deeple to get used to the sensation of something sitting on my chest. Doctor gave me 325cc mentor high profile implants so Im really excited to see how they'll look. Finally felt ok enough to get home and i was so thirsty and wanted to drink and eat something.

I was wheeled into the car and i felt really woozy from the anesthesia. When we got home my guy helped me take me medication and i drank so much cold water and tried to eat a bit of oatmeal but I felt so terrible afterwards that I threw up. I then went to bed a took a nap.

Woke up around 7pm tried to eat cold white bread and drank water but i threw up again. Noticed some blood in the vomit so incalled doc eric to ask about it and he told me there was nothing to worry about. The maid cooked hot soup with egg and i was finally able to finish it without puking. Drank the pain medication again bec i was afraid i threw it up the first time. I felt way better after the soup so decided to wait for my next medication time which is paracetamol at 11 and went out of the room to walk around a bit. Bandages feel really tight and i cant really feel the cold gel compresses that much bec of them.

I think cold water and sweet stuff make me.puke so im sticking to warm salty soupy stuff for now. Had to eat instant noodles at arnd 11pm so i cld take paracetamol. Maid was already asleep. I am going to try to get some rest now but i need to wake up around 5am later for another round of medications.

Wish me luck!

Day 2

Still sore, tummy really bloated but I can eat without feeling gross now. I took a high fiber drink and it really helped alot plus cranberry juice. I pooped twice so yay! Laughing and sneezing hurts alot. I am glad i can move around more now. I certainly feel way better than yesterday. I will see my doctor tomorrow morning. Kinda worried about having to take a cab because our driver left and we're still looking for a replacement. Anyhoo the bandages around my chest are really tight and digging into my armpits. Hopefully Doc Eric will loosen them tomorrow. I cant wait for the soreness to go away. Wish me luck!

Day 3 I finally saw them

Went back to Doc Eric for checkup and the nurse removed my bandages and cleaned my wound. I finally saw them! they look huge! still a bit high up but I am pretty sure they will drop down after awhile. I am definitely feeling way better today than yesterday and they gave me the ok to shower already although I am kinda iffy about getting my gauze wet. Must look for waterproof bandages to cover them while I shower. I will check back in with the doctor this coming Saturday to have the stitches removed but otherwise everything seems to be healing up well. I am so excited and happy. They look really gorgeous and I don't mind if they shrink a bit after the swelling goes down because they seem to be the perfect size that I am going for. There is a bit of bruising around the incisions but nothing abnormal. Been taking arnica sublingual tablets to help with that (Arnicare) got them from Healthy Options. I bought 3 boxes. I am able to eat normally now and with the help of a fiber drink, I don't feel so backed up anymore. My tummy still looks swollen and bloated but I'm pretty sure it will go away after a couple of days.

Day 4

I was finally able to remove the bandages myself, clean the wounds, apply mupicin and cover it with waterproof nexcare tegaderm bandages before I took a shower woohoo! I applied Glyderm and Bio Oil on my chest area since I am afraid of getting stretchmarks before wrapping myself back in the bandages. The top right part of my chest is so itchy and ive been scratching it so you can see red marks on the upper right (upper left on the pic) I'm kinda worried they're turning into stretchmarks (I hope not) so I got the Glyderm and Bio Oil to help. I've also been taking Orihiro Collagen powder a week before surgery up to now to help me heal better also.

So far so good, definitely feeling way better than Day 1. Been drinking supplements (vit c, arnica, zinc, reishi max, optima omega, B complex) to help with recovery and I've been eating normally too. No longer constipated thanks to Yakult and been drinking more water (atleast 3 liters daily) i think it helps alot.

Having no problems sleeping at all thanks to the many stacked pillows and this U shaped neck pillow I bought which helps me from turning to the side. Highly recommend getting a travel pillow to help sleeping on your back easier. I'm a side sleeper and this really helped me get a good comfortable sleep even when I am elevated to 45 degrees.

Day 5

Or should i call this 4th day post surgery? Anyhoo, feeling way better. I didn't feel like taking a bathe today so antibacterial wipes are a godsend. Still worried about the red scratchmarks and getting stretchmarks frm them so I've been using Glyderm and Bio Oil on my chest and back.

I cant wait for my boobies to heal and drop/fluff. I hope they are the size I am hoping for :)

5th day post op

Nothing much has changed, took a shower, removed my bandage, cleaned the incision sites, applied mupicin then covered them with gauze and paper tape. The bruising seems to be lightening up. Still taking arnica tabs. I went without the tight bandages for awhile because they felt so uncomfy. I actually don't want to wear them anymore, I know they're supposed to help the implant and the swelling go down but they make my skin itch i think. I just used Bio oil so far and no itching.

Gonna have my stitches removed this Saturday (thursday today) kinda worried if its going to hurt or not :s I hope it doesn't hurt. I'm pretty excited about ditching the tight bandages though and just wearing a sports bra!

6th day post op

I still have "morning boob" but the soreness goes away after awhile. I'll be seeing my doctor tomorrow to get the stitches removed. Hope it wont hurt!

Done with all meds. Only taking arnica and vitamins now plus plenty of water. My tummy still looks gross and bloated! Ugh

1 week post op!

Just had my stitches removed yay! it didn't hurt at all. I was told I could start massage but when i tried to do it there it sorta hurt so the doctor told me we could try again next week for my next follow up checkup. So far so good I'm healing up well. When I got home i searched for a video on how to do breast massage and tried to do it gently on myself. It didn't hurt as much as when they tried to make me do it in the clinic. Still quiet bloated but the doc told me it will go away in a week or so.

Oh and wait time for my checkup today was intense! i was waiting for 2 hours and 30 mins! I got so sleepy lol!

I took alot of photos today for reference. I also took photos of my incisions to show how they look now.

New super comfy sportsbras

Bought 2 new super comfy sportbras in beige and black. Doctor told me to not buy anything expensive i'm not at my final boob size yet so I just got them for the meantime. I love how the waistband doesn't dig at all the my incisions and the thin molded foam padding is enough to cover my super sensitive nipples.

I've been doing the boobie massage I've learned from internet videos and so far so good. Not the most pleasant feeling but i think its necessary to make my implants softer.

Kinda nervous about going back to work tomorrow.

Almost 2 weeks post op new bruise?

Ok my girls feel fine. I started doing massages copying the ones I saw online and what the nurse at the clinic showed me so they are definitely feeling softer and more normal.

My only concern is that I found a new bruise on my right breast yesterday at the lower right side of my right ribcage. My incisions on the right used to be lighter in color but now there seems to be some light bruising around it? I dont know maybe Im massaging them too hard since the right breast is a bit higher than the left :s going to see My doctor tomorrow to have it checked. Wish me luck! Hope I don't have to wait super long again.

2 weeks post op with photos

Had a follow up checkup with my PS this afternoon and everything seems to be healing up well. They taught me to do more breast massages and I will check back in with them on the 4th week since I am not free next weekend.

almost 10 months long overdue update!

Sorry it's been awhile, just writing to let everyone know that my boobs are fantastic. Best decision I've ever made and I wouldn't have done it any other way. They have dropped/fluffed fully and they look so natural now. I've been exercising and dieting alot and the size is perfect for my frame. Sometimes they end up looking so big in some photos because I'm quite petite. Clothing wise I've had to make a few adjustments when it comes to buying stuff. I usually have my clothes altered so they fit better on the chest part since I end up looking fat if they don't fit well on the chest area. When it comes to buying swimwear I have found that freesize items tend to fit me well. Sometimes I get frustrated because I don't fit into my usual XS sizes because of the chest area but in hindsight it's all worth it. I really love how gorgeous they look in bras and in tight fitted tops and dresses. For anyone considering a boob job it you have the money and the right surgeon then you should go for it! I am so happy with Dr. Yapjuangco and I recommend him and getting mentor implants to anyone I know
Dr. Eric Yapjuangco

I have chosen Dr. Eric because during our initial consultation he has been really gracious and open about all the questions I had and he seemed very knowledgeable about what he does plus I did my research and he is a board certified plastic surgeon. He also has a lot of good feedback from customers online. I will update this more once I have done the procedure with him.

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