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I never had a big boobs ever since I can remember,...

I never had a big boobs ever since I can remember, Im stuck with cup B. Im 5'5", 150 lbs with medium athletic built. I got married at the age of 22 and had my first son. It was the very first time I experienced to have big boobs, I feel very happy.

Needless to say, after breast feeding my 2 children. My breast change from small became more worst. Super saggy, empty really no volume, my areolas was enlarged. I hated myself everytime I look into the mirror.

Now we are more stable financially. Me and my husband decided that its the best time for me to get a breast augmentation. I did an e-mail consultation with my surgeon who did my rhinoplasty. Im requesting a 550 cc to fit my frame but according to him 375cc to 400cc will fit me.

Im so sad when I heard it... I really want to have a big sexy boobs. I sent him a picture of my dream boobs. He explained to me the cons to getting a big implants.

I trust him, and I believe he knows better than me...but I dont want to be devastated after the operation and have the normal complaint "I should have gone bigger".

We really saved money for this hoping this will end my boob agony...

I will just wait for the actual size fitting. I will meet him on April 22 and will have my operation on May 3.

I got an email from my ps today, he aggreed to try...

I got an email from my ps today, he aggreed to try 450-480cc
Yeheyyy sounds better. The plan would be peri-areola incission.
Now my natural boobs got side boobs and i want to get rid with that..
I want to have cleavage, i wonder how can it happen with a peri-areola??
I need some advice??

By the way me and my family lived in saudi..so we...

By the way me and my family lived in saudi..so we are taking advantage of our yearly vacation to do this. We will be in Philippines, by April 21... a month more
to go. Im super nervous..specially after reading those horror storiea.
But i have to do this to end feeling sorry for myself everytime i looked into the mirror

Its less than a month before my surgery, I'm...

Its less than a month before my surgery, I'm really nervous and I'm afraid of the complications. To ease my mind I spent most of my time looking on real life videos of women underwent BA. Sometimes before I sleep, then suddenly thought of the upcoming BA, I just laughed out loud because of too much excitement. My husband was not shocked anymore, he knows what I'm laughing about. I just pray everything will be ok. I really want this for myself and even my kids were so excited about it.

As the most awaited day getting nearer,, my...

As the most awaited day getting nearer,, my anxiety and excitement is building up. Im scared because Im aware of the risk, and im not sure how my body going to react on the implants. But I want to do this once and for all, so rest assured everthing will turn out fine...

2 more weeks before the big day May 3, Im so...

2 more weeks before the big day May 3, Im so nervous,,i just pray my body will able to adapt positively to the implants. Im scared after reading horror stories of breast augmentation gone Bad... hhayyy but Im determine to do it once and for all.

My operation was set May 3 @10am. My PS agreed to...

My operation was set May 3 @10am. My PS agreed to try max of 480 cc silicone textured memory gel. Im so nervous after reading horror stories of those who had complications after having their implants. Anyways, this is the moment i have waited for...hope everything will turn out fine..

Finally got Boobies :)-May 3, 2013 Breast lift with Augmentation

Hi everyone, finally fulfilled my dream to have boobs that fits my body. I want to share my experience during my BA. I had my BA last May 3, 2013 @ 12 noon and lasted for 5 hours including recovery.

I went to the hospital as scheduled and I have been able to talk with my anesthesiologist. Shes very nice and asked me some questions regarding substances Im allergic to. Luckily I dont have allergies. Then I raised my concerns about anesthesia, the "anesthesia shock" (reports of sudden death once you have allergy with certain substance in that specific anesthesia) and as I have learned that anesthesia are different from one another. According to her there is no such thing as anesthesia shock.

After that I spoke with my PS and he started to make measurements on my chest. Starting to take pictures (before) of my old boobies. Then I lay down on the operating bed and the anesthesiologist inserted an IV then I fall as sleep. When I woke up I got boobs and a little heavy. Im an outpatient, so I traveled an hour to go back to our house.

The worst thing that happen is travelling back home, which is an hour drive. The pain is really bad specially when we run through a rough road. My husband is driving is so slow and we are afraid we will get caught coz were so slow in the middle of a highway. Finally we reached home, im so tired and swollen, my strap was placed at the bottom of my chest causing the implants to be pushed upward. After 4 days post op I met my PS and he was shocked to see the bandage was wrongly placed in the bottom of chest causing it to push the implant upwards. The top is so swelled while the bottom part is small.

Anyways, Ive got 510cc silicone implants 3rd generation. But to tell you honestly i think its quite small for my frame. This is the biggest my PS got so what can I do.?This is way better than the before (old, saggy and wrinkly) boobs.

Day 1 - almost dead been sleeping the whole day, im feeling so tired and vomiting
Day 2- a little better having a hard time to get up. My husbands assisting me all
all through out I cannot d anything by my own.
Day 3- a little better, I went down on our first floor and manage to eat with my family
in our dining area.
Day 4- got checked up with my PS, I showed him the large hematoma (bruise) under
my left boobs and the bruise in the strenum area. He said its normal and it will
go away. He explained to me that I might notice a discharge on my nipple.
Day 5-to present -getting better everyday, although its still pretty high and swelled.

** note painful at all although its a a bit heavy and hard, been taking meds to help soften it. I kept on touching it and looking at it which is awkward LOL. I had little back pain. Since the right side it more swelled than the left, my shoulders were not balance so Im still trying to balance my posture.

** we flew back from Manila to KSA 9-12 hours flight but I had no problem or an uneasy feeling.**

I will post my pictures soon, sorry for the grammar and spelling :)

Worth it

I love it and one of the best thing that happen to me
Dr. Rino Lorenzo

Thru the internet

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