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I had upper eye lid surgery done 6 days...

I had upper eye lid surgery done 6 days ago,swelling and bruising is not that worst ,I sleep with my head elevated until now,warm compress as my doctor told me until the swelling is gone and put the antiboitic he gave every morning and afternoon.I have a double eyelid already buy because of extra fats my eyes sag and i dont like the way I put my eye shadow,I am 34 and i think its not bad to have a plastic surgery to look fresh and young.I dont want to feel any regret of having surgery so i read all the possitive comment here in this blog to give me some hope that my eye will be better one of this days,

I think what my doctor did is yeah get the exist fat and make my eye lid bigger/higher?because the cease i saw in my eyes is higher than may original line that make my eyes really change from there original look and my other concern is my right eye scar is different,when i look at the mirror the two eye have different scars,my left have this normal scars like what i saw the other healing photos but my right eye is like two skin paste(i dont know if i say it correctly) skin is folded even if when i open my eyes,I went tothe doctor 2 days ago(4 days op) and he said he didnt saw anything wrong and its normal,i dont have a choice but to trust him but still i want to ask some advice if this really normal?I am afraid what if this right eye will create a line even if when i close my eyes?i hope this is just a normal line of a normal scar.

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