Mommas Who Opted for Just a TT? No BA - Philadelphia, PA

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Curious if women decided to get a full TT w MR but...

Curious if women decided to get a full TT w MR but NOT touch their breasts, as I've decided. And how was your recovery?? I breast fed 3 babies but aside from being a little deflated and slightly sagging my breasts are the same small gals I've always had. I don't want to get into BA at this time and I'm not a candidate for BL (I def asked!); it won't add volume and will just leave scars. My tummy is a mess. 4-fingers-wide gap, hernia, extra skin, protruding belly. I'm 39, 5'5", 125lbs, in good shape and I think a TT w MR will make a big difference for me (hope!). I always look 4-5 months pregnant. I live in spanx tank tops and tights, leggings to suck my tummy in. And my stomach is actually uncomfortable at times, aside from always feeling bloated, it feels like my guts are hanging out when I lie on my side or try to do a plank or something similar. I already have 2 c-section scars from 3 different c-sections, so I feel prepared for the scar, though I know it will be much much longer. Surgery scheduled for Sept 29 2016. I am super nervous and wonder if I'm totally insane to do this. At the same time, so excited and sure I want to do. Only hubby knows, for now. Plan to work from home after 6 or 7 days, potentially back in office after 11 or 12 days (desk job). I hope that's realistic? The month following surgery will be pretty busy for me. Again just work on my laptop, doing conf calls. I'll need to travel for work 5 weeks after surgery. Getting Exparel in my abs where he'll do the MR. I read about a lot of women who do mommy makeover, just curious if a lot of women get just a TT like I plan to do and how you faired afterwards. I know TT w MR is the toughest recovery.
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