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I am 29 years old, 5'5 128lbs and a 32/34DDD/E. I...

I am 29 years old, 5'5 128lbs and a 32/34DDD/E. I have been contemplating breast reduction surgery for years now. I was trying to wait till after I had children because I am afraid having kids after the surgery will just ruin it. However I am getting older now and I am just sick of the back and neck aches, and just want it done at this point. I am also extremely scared of the scars! I have made phone calls to Dr. Ted EIsenburg here is Philadelphia, PA, I just want to at least go for a consultation. I feel like I keep getting brushed off though. They said before I even bother coming in I would need a letter from my family dr stating I have been having problems for years and been prescribed pain meds or muscle relaxers over the years, and that I would also need letters from two different bone dr stating it is causing me back problems and I would have to exhaust the means of a chiropractor and pysical therapy stating that neither of those worked to help my back or neck problems. All of this so that my medical could cover it. Over the years I have been prescribed muscle relaxers for my back and I have had an X-ray of my back that showed my spine was curved from the weight of my breast after all these years. I have the marks on my shoulders from my bra straps and everything, I feel like this should be enough at this point! Any advice from anyone who has had the surgery? Are you happy with the results? Did your medical cover it and did you have to jump through hoops to get it to cover it? Are your scars really bad? Sorry for the long post I am just super scared and have so many questions!

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A couple of my friends had breast augmentations and one friend had a breast lift and their results were great and very natural. Also here commercials on the radio all the time for him! Lol

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