My experience with tattoo removal :)

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This is day 1 of my removal process. The doctor...

This is day 1 of my removal process. The doctor injected the area with lidocaine to start which was pretty awful considering there is thin skin around that area and mostly bone (hip)... he started with one laser and I could feel it which was like a burning feeling, then moved on to the red areas with the ruby laser. They coated it with aquaphor and a light film and tape. I will return in 8 weeks exactly, for round 2. I'll keep updating pictures so you can see. Photo 1 is before...Photo 2 is directly after..


crispy and sore. i keep it lubed up nicely with aquaphor and a non stick dressing. it's red and puffy but not gross at all.. feels like day 2 of when i got the tattoo on. the smaller one is doing well and fading nicely. woot woot! (excuse the non shaving.. it's winter and i'm single. stop judging me.)


i'm sort of annoyed.. the results aren't nearly as great as they were on a tiny one i got removed years ago. it's still sore and i keep it covered with a non stick pad and a ton of aquaphor.

a week later

I now know why they asked if I was pregnant.. they aren't sure of where the ink goes when they zap. weird phenomenon- the red heart ink is migrating all around.. it's strange/gross. anyway here is a pic of a week later.

itchy itchy itchy

this thing is sore and itchy.. its starting to flake, but not really very much. i picked at the hearts which felt good ;) it's starting to fade.


ferret with a hoodie. since he has fans ;)


Went away to the islands for a week- sun burning the tat helped a lot :). Not sure if I can afford more treatments as of yet.. Kinda bummed

Session 2

Lidocaine hurt so badly on the scar tissue surrounding wings I had to stop... Bad tattoo artist did a crappy job...

Tat removal jan 29

Tat part two


Right after removing bandage

Day after

This looks and feels brutal.. I'm using a ton of aquaphor and yes I taped pads to me because I'm poor..



massively itchy

Welp, it's still healing and incredibly itchy but the black around the hearts has gone away! Yay!

Damage is done session 2!

Check out the hearts- no black! It's fading nicely. I did scratch it which was bad... But it was remarkably itchy. Aquaphor is my best friend


So, i have another session tomorrow and i'm not seeing a terrific amount of improvement and from what i've seen... the best results (pictures anywhere on the web) are from doctors (doctored results?). SO i'm at it again tomorrow morning and hopefully I'll see some results for this summer.

Session 3

The day after- he cranked the heat up this time


Welp the black is going away and some spots of white are showing through!

Itchy itchy


Ok.. I talked to someone who had removal of his entire back and it was cheaper than mine and more effective.. thus far I haven't seen a single picture of successful removal that wasn't a doctors review. Anybody in the area have any better ideas/doctors? :( feeling blue and inky

new laser/new doctor

I went to a new doctor today who charged $300. Quite a difference and used the lidocaine cream and hour prior. That did nothing, it took longer and hurt like a mother. That was intense. She also does aftercare differently- I need to leave the bandage on until morning, wash it, do peroxide soaks, use a burn salve and polysporin on it. The burn salve is to help cells regenerate. Last time with the other doctor I just used aquaphor. I'll keep yall posted on pictures. She was at Cirillo dermatology in Bryn Mawr.

day 1 after using the new laser- yag something.

The pain was worth it. The process took a long time, but today it's inflamed, in pain, and it's disappearing! No pain no gain :) As per usual, I forgot to buy gauze and i'm using sanitary napkins on it and polysporin. :)

More laser today.

Another session. I'll show before, during and after pics. Today i'm going to purchase the high-grade burn salve she recommended for healing. Last time I couldn't afford it. Session is 300. I will say, without the lidocaine injections it feels like grim death. I'm gonna load up on lidocaine cream for the next 2 hours in hopes that it numbs it better than last time.


Ow video coming soon


Hurt a lot less but still awful. Using biofene for scar treatment and I'll upload the video soon

laser today video

video of today. every pop was awful :)
Philadelphia Dermatologist

a variety of lasers, nice guy. I'm using revolite switched to another doctor which is $300. FYI. revolite still

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