Swollen After Smart Lipo

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I am still undecided about my results. I did call...

I am still undecided about my results. I did call my doctor to make an appointment but she was angry that i wanted to see her so soon after. She said to wait 6 months.

I did have 2.5 liters removed from my upper, lower abs. I do understand that is alot. I just need some assurance that things are going well. I'm don't want to call the doctor again to find i just made her angry again. I am unsure at this point if i would recommend my doctor at this piont

I am 4 months in to having smart lipo. I feel the areas are still swollen. Is this possible? And if so what can i do to help reduce the swollen areas? How does it help to massage the ares? Is that just for the lumps.
Dr Falcone

I am unsure of my doctor at this time

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