NEED HELP!!! bunched skin around incision line is this normal?? - Philadelphia, PA

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I am 23 years old and have always struggled with...

I am 23 years old and have always struggled with weight. I weighed at my most 220 at the age of 15 years old. Over the course of two years i shed about 90 pounds. I have maintained the weight of about 130 135 for the past 7 years. I workout 4 to 5 days a week and still could not lose the belly weight or extra skin. March 14th I received a tummy tuck and I am still deciding if i am happy with the results and need some help or advice if my stomach looks the way it should or there is something wrong please help!

Day 5 post op I am feeling alot better and...

day 5 post op
I am feeling alot better and almost pain free. Still a little hunched and sore with some tightness on incision line. Had a visit today with the ps had one drain removed and to have my bunched skin looked at. He said it was fluids and swelling and it should smooth out over time. Im trying my best to be hopeful and stay postive but still looking to see if anyone had a similar issue. Today everything looks ALOT better and the bunched skin and what loooked like a dent in my stomach is more smoothed out today but still is there along with one right above my one drain. just praying will smooth out and look great keeping my positive pants on and hoping for the best that nothing went wrong.

Day 6 swelling is down ALOT finally feeling...

day 6
swelling is down ALOT finally feeling flatter which is great. i still have alot of bunching and still very concerned but noticed it has decreased a little bit. But wondering how the two extremely large bunches that go about three inches up will be able to lay flat all the way even when all the fluids and swelling are gone.
Now today im also experiencing warmness in my middle area of my stomach and a large red streak going all the way up my stomach that has darkened alot since yesterday. Starting antibiotics but hoping its not an infection :( hoping this will get easier
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