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34 yrs old, mom of two girls 6mo and 6yrs old....

34 yrs old, mom of two girls 6mo and 6yrs old. Body trashed from pregnancy weight gain and loss. 5'2 125 lbs trying to lose 5 to 10 more pounds lots of excess skin. no date yet, but did have a consult and quote. definitely will be getting it done just a question of when. had a profile on here before but lost the password. also thinking about a liquid facelift.

wish pics

June 6th 2016

Hello ppl, its been a while. June 6th.....That's the date of my tt&bbl ! It's been a year and the longest wait of my life. finally, its going to happen. May 26th is my pre op. I'm going to post pictures closers to the procedure. I might do something on youtube as well.

does anyone have a supply list for tt bbl combo?

I know my surgery is a while away but I really want to be prepared. Can anyone let me know what they thought was useful for this combo? The best garments and what to sleep on?

New date July 18th

Had to push my date back for personal reasons but now it's locked in solid. I'm definitely worried though. I've been seeing not so good reviews for my ps as of lately. I guess only time will tell.

Pre op

Today I went to my ps for pre op. Got my scripts fill and I'm all paid off! Gottlieb answered all my questions. It was a quick sit and chat but I didn't feel rushed. they talked fast as hell, I made sure that all my concerns were voiced. They definitely were all business and no small talk. I'm not going there to make friends anyway so I'm ok with that. Though, when Gottlieb isn't wearing a turtle neck he's kinda cute lol. Of course not as hot as my hubby who's paying for my surgery. He's amazing and so supportive. I'm a very lucky lady.
Ps said definitely stock up on Gatorade. And they will send me home with some supplies. We will be staying at the hotel across the street from where I will be getting my procedure and will be getting a small discount for mentioning my ps.

I'm going to put a list of supplies I'm getting for the procedure in a few days.

I will put before pics up after my procedure.

Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes lol


Ok, so I know everyone has a million list.
I decides to do my own taking from some vets. Just putting this in random order.
moo moo/ house coat, script*
Baggy pj's, maxi dress , full body pillow, bopping pillow, chux pads, female urinal, baby wipes, maxi pads, baby diapers, elevated toilet seat/whites padding and side arms, *2 gel ice packs 11"×14"*, stool softeners, Arnica tablets, Neosporin, gauze, medical tape, faja, inner tube.

Food I'll be getting-
Crackers and white rice for nausea,
Smothies , Oatmeal, bananas, yogurt,boiled chicken, jello,gatorade, lean protein drinks, low-sodium V8, pomegranate juice.

If there is anything I might have forgotten of importance please feel free to chime in.

I will be trying to keep the carbs and sodium to a minimum so I don't bloat to much.

I'm so nervous and excited. I've been waiting for this for so long and it's finally going to happen!

Getting excited!

Freaking out!

How am I going to sit on the ride home after surgery !? I live an hour away from my ps. I'm going to bring my inner tube and boppy pillow and possibly oversized body pillow to see what would be more comfortable. The first night I will be staying at the hotel across the street from my ps but I'm nervous about the hotel as well. Hopefully the pain killers will have me feeling "good" enough that I won't even realize that I miss the comfort of recovering from home. If anyone could let me know how there drive home went after a tt &bbl combo that would be great!

So sad...

Unfortunately when I thought no one was reading my post there was.... some girl who is an obsessive stalker....
Who seems to turn ever thing to s_*t.
I know you are reading this... I don't talk to you bc I don't like you.
now you even ruin realself for me and other people that I could have informed and shared my journey with.
Sorry realself friends I won't be using this account anymore.
You can message me for details if you like. As long as you are a legit realself member.

The pain is no joke!

The the pain is manageable. As long as I'm taking my prescription. I'm going through voice text because I'm just too damn tired to text. I would say the What Hurts the Most is my upper stomach where they tighten the muscles. But damn do I look good! I'm in no condition right now to take before and after pictures I'm very weak and I keep dipping in and out from the medication. Life would be a little easier if I didn't get my period the day of surgery. What a mess to maintain.

Just a few pics

I'm happy with the tt results but not the bbl as of now, so I will not be showing any back side pics. Chin lipo looks good so far. Talked with the ps and he said wait for all the swelling to go down. If I'm not happy with the bbl he will do a revision.. The pain isn't that bad as long as you take your meds on time and constantly use Ice. Arnica is so important to take as well. I will right the things I actually did need for surgery and things I bought that were unnecessary later. Sorry for any poor grammar.

Very happy so far

Tomorrow will be two weeks since surgery. It seemed to go by fast. Very uncomfortable but fast. I still feel weak so the hubby is still helping me in the shower. I'm icing the bloat a lot and making sure I get my walks in. I did have a massive melt down yesterday feeling guilty that I couldn't do the summer activities that I usually do with my kids. I'm also a massive control freak who likes everything in my house spotless so seeing it messy is driving me insane I think. My husband is really doing his best to keep up with it and take care of the kids and myself so I really shouldn't complain. I am very lucky lady. I have a wonderful family..... and that's not just the drugs talking lol.

So I haven't got the chance to really see my back side. since I'm so swollen right now and hunched over a bit still. I kind of don't want to check it out in the mirror or by picture until I can stand up perfectly straight and the swelling goes down so I don't get depressed if I don't like what I see. But I will be taking pictures of the back side once I'm ready to. Hopefully I will not need a revision and like what I see. Just in case you're wondering I also have had breast augmentation few years back by dr. Gabay he is a wonderful surgeon as well but this time I choose to go with Gottlieb on a tummy tuck and BBL. When the time is right I will be going back to Gabay for a facelift probably in about 3 or 4 years. Definitely getting some Botox and fillers for my face in a few weeks during one of my check up just not sure exactly when.

If anyone has any questions fire away.

I said I wouldn't and I did

I said I wasn't going to look at my BBL until after the swelling goes away and I could stand up straight, but I went ahead and had my husband take pictures anyway and I'm really unsatisfied and he is as well. I'm not looking for a giant ghetto booty I just want a round full butt. There definitely will be a revision. Now I'm stressed about taking off more. My Dr is a good guy and did a great job on my tt so I feel bad writing a bad review but I'm just not happy with the bbl and my husband definitely isn't happy with it lol. I completely understand that you aren't always gonna hit a home run so I'm not angry at my ps or nothing. I know my revision will be flawless when I get it. It's just taking off and having to go through recovery again that is my main concern. So I'm super sad at this point.

The real deal.

I have another check- up tomorrow and will be getting my stitches taken out. I'm not looking forward to this. I'm definitely going to voice my concerns about the bbl again. I'm glad I took off from work for a long time for this or I would never would have been able to go back to work in 3weeks. I work for a nonprofit organization which is a very physical job. After my scripts were finished I feel like ty es is a joke. I get so exhausted so easily. And it's not like I was out of shape going into this procedure. If I had to do it all over again the answer would be hell no. But since I definitely need a revision for the bbl, I mean seriously need a revision on my ass. I guess I gotta. As if I have the time money and can hand my children off to my family members .... Jesus what did I get myself into. I have my youngest in daycare full time which is costing over 1000 a month and my oldest at home playing board games reading books and watching the little one play in the kiddie pool "(fun summer for my kids???? )". I'm so lucky that my parents, husband and siblings are helping me or I'd be f***<. What am I gonna tell my family? hey hope you don't mind me being completely selfish again bc I need a revision so your all are gonna have to go through this all over again in a few months. ......
Sorry for the crazy rant, I'm just so sleep deprived and feel selfish and guilty . I read all of these other post and thought I can probably handle this 2 weeks I'll be good as gold. That is bull ppl. Be ready to deal with the hell your about to put yourself in and hope to god your ps gets it All right the first round. Be able to take off about a month. If you have children save at least 3000 for child care. Be ready for pain, weakness , faintness , melt downs , guilt, total emotional stress. The supply list are the least of your worries. And most of all make sure you have a lot of support and don't forget you gotta give back in return to those who have helped you basically you will be in their debt forever... just a bit to think about before you have surgery.

Stitches out

I got my stitches out today! It wasn't so bad. Now the hr long ride home that winded up being two 1/2 hrs bc of traffic delays and detours was what go to me. I'm going through detox mode from the perks so I'm sick to my stomach, nauseous, and have diarrhea. sorry for being so graphic. But I must say my stomach has never been flatter. Making my boobs look even more gigantic then they were from before the procedure then two kids after that. They are definitely in the e range if not bigger. A dd before my kids were born. Now my booty on the other hand is still an issue and the ps said once the swelling goes down he will be able to judge if a revision is needed. Which makes me passed bc it doesn't even look like I had anything done. He said he wouldn't be able to get much more fat out of me though if I were to have a revision. So boo too that shit. This feels like a long lonely journey.

3 weeks

I'm still exhausted and grumpy. I feel like progress is going very slow for me and I'm also very achy. I'm standing a bit more erect but still some hunch going on. When doctors say you can go back to work in two weeks that's a lie. (*My ps did not say this to me*) but I've seen so many other ps on here say this..... what bullshit crap! And obviously from reading other ppl post they aren't back to work by week 2..... if so, damn I'll take what ever she's having! And congratulations on being a super hero!!! I'm beginning to think I'm not as strong as I thought I was and I might be screwed if there was ever a zombie apocalypse. (Sorry I have a morbid sense of humor at times.) I just really hope that I start recovering quicker. I miss playing with my kids and cleaning my house the way I like it lol. more pics to come later this week.!!!!

Almost 4 weeks

I'm starting to feel a lot better. Still going through swell hell if I eat certain foods so I'm eating small healthy meals throughout the day. Definitely do not eat a half of a grill ham and cheese sandwich!!!!! The sodium in the ham had me so bloated. It was very uncomfortable. I'm sticking with grilled chicken salads , fruits and yogurt. Also a cup of coffee in the morning and one in them afternoon to keep me going. Otherwise I think I would be tired sooner. My posture is about 85% now. Sleep is getting better as well. Almost sleeping fully flat. Can't wait until I'm well enough to sleep on my side again. I still haven't drove by myself since surgery. hoping by Monday I'll be back to myself or by the 18th which will be a month from my surgery. I'm supposed to be going to the beach on the 23rd and have a check up with the Dr on the 25th and my daughter starts school at the end of the month.

Day 27

I'm a little discouraged. I'm 27 days in and I'm still not standing up straight.
I want to be able to totally stand straight by 6 weeks. I miss playing with my kids :(

Lipo bbt

So it's been a while and I'm ok with the tummy tuck my tummy is flat. but very unhappy with the bbt and lipo. Also my belly button has a thick red scar around it :( So I talked with Gottlieb a few months back and it will be touched up. I felt as if he was annoyed. And I'm being charged $800 for the anesthesia instead of the original $500 I've always been charged. Did the rates go up ....? I guess ??? I will update after the second surgry. Which will be in a few months.
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Im extremely happy with my tt and lipo so far. Im not happy with my bbl though. i definitely believe i will need a revision. once my follow-up /check-ups are finished I will give a review on the Aftercare and follow-up also all the questions that I have asked and overall rating. so far overall rating is 3 stars for me at this point in time only bc I'm unhappy with the bbl.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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