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My tummy tuck is scheduled for May 16th. I am...

My tummy tuck is scheduled for May 16th. I am anxious, nervous and excited all at the same time. I have had 2 stomachs ever since i can remember upper and a lower..lol. After i had my daughter things didnt get any better, i had to have an emergency c-section which left me with a scar, a stretched out stomach and clearly a tiger attacked me as well. I cannot wait to actually look down and be able to see my vagina without lifting up my stomach (just saying) tmi, i know. I have a beautiful 3yr old and do not want any more kids due to almost dying when i had her, i might adopt but i just cant do it again...well i will post more later and definitely my before pics. Do far i have purchased the folloeing for my TT:
I dtill have to purchase some MOM , silicone scar sheets and im gonna get some bromela and some arnica montana
13 days and counting!

Getting nervous, just 10 days away, I cant stop...

Getting nervous, just 10 days away, I cant stop thinking about my tt, I had hoped to upload my before pics, my doc took some before shots of me last week and I had hoped they were uploaded to my profile on mytouchmd but no luck yet. Maybe I will get my mom to take some before shots of me later tonight. Mom has not been very supportive about this, one minute she tells me she is not gonna pick me up, the next minute she is, thats very stressful, I think I have developed a boil under my arm, I hope this doesnt affect my surgery in any way, I will try to get rid of it in the next 10 days, anybody know any good remedies for boils, well I have tired myself out thinking about my tt, im gonna call it a night.

Today was rough, i was going back and forth in my...

Today was rough, i was going back and forth in my mind with 101 reasons why i shouldnt have a tt, but i am definitely going forward. 9more days. I took off work for a week and a half which comes out to be about 13 days i dont go back until the 28th so i am hoping i have myself together by then. I am confused about compression garments do i need to buy one or ifone will be provided for me, i guess i should call the doc and find out. Well in 2 more days i will need to start washing my tummy with the hibiclens, its getting real, wow, i cant believe im really gonna do this.

Wow, i cant believe how the days are flying by, in...

Wow, i cant believe how the days are flying by, in 5 days i will be on the flat side, i cant believe it. Well there have been some stressful things going on and as of right now i do not have anyone picking me up after my tt, me and mom are on the outs so im not sure what to as she was suppossed to pick me up and care for my daughter the first few days, she is so manipulative and miserable "vent" i am 35 she lives with me, i just purchased my first home last july and i was nice enough to let her come live with me (i know big mistake) well apparently she thinks im 16 and she can tell me what when and how and it is getting on my last damn nerve. I went out last night she completely snaps out telling me i fot 15 minutes to bring my ass home etc. etc. this was the cousin to last weeks im gonna bust the windows out ya car if u go out this house hmmm (crazy much) . Apparently she has control issues but i just cant take it, i cant see myself asking her to leave so i have been thinking of moving out, i know of the beautiful home i just bought but my peace and sanity is important to me. "end vent" i really dont know what to do and i sure dont need this stress right now.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms and pat...

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms and pat yourself on the back for taking the steps to doing something great for you, you should be appreciated and celebrated today, enjoy your day.

Yes i get alot of flack too, but consider i was...

Yes i get alot of flack too, but consider i was given too much epidural, my lungs froze, i stopped breathing, its just a road i dont want to travel again, maybe i will adopt i may have another kid but a few things need to be in place first like a jusband

Okay so im really freaking out and moving to fast...

Okay so im really freaking out and moving to fast i fell down the stairs probably about 8 or 9 steps i am pretty banged up as i have a bruise on my arm, i fell on my tailbone which was already bruised from a previous fall a year ago and my right butt bone feels like its about to fall off, now i cannot tske anything for the paun as i am 2 days away from my sx and i have a feeling i will be in major pain in the morning. I have thought about taking the arnica montana i bought as i know it minimizes bruising and speeds up healing but know i have conflicting reports about whether it should be taken before or after sx, i had planned to take it after but i am so scared that this fall will have me in alot of pain, just what i needed...just great. I am so paranoid and think everything affecys my tt, now i think i have some blood leaking out somewhere in my body and having surgery is not a good idea when u have bruises already, i know im probably overthinking it but darnit! Why me.

Still feel like there is a million things i did...

Still feel like there is a million things i did not do. Well just one more day until im on the flat side, nerves are kicking in again, i dont know how i am going to focus at work tomorrow.

Here we are in the home stretch, i am at work so...

Here we are in the home stretch, i am at work so staying busy is a plus but i do feel like there are a ton of other things i could be doing.

Okay sitting here at my desk nerves kicking in big...

Okay sitting here at my desk nerves kicking in big time they bumped my tt up to 7:30am...

Okay so i have a tmi question, did anyone have sex...

Okay so i have a tmi question, did anyone have sex the night before their tt, im so paranoid i dont think it should matter since its before but im so curious to know.

all checked in

Well im here at the hospital, just checked in...wont be long now.

Its Official!

Its official I am on the flat side but I cannot stay up long enough to even type this post but im feeling okay pain is
tolerable will post more later.

Can you say uncomfortable

Hi tt family, i am 3 days post op, i have been very uncomfortable since i decided to take extra strength tylenol instead of the percocet since yesterday morning, i did this because i remember when i had my c-section i became so constipated i could not go to the bathroom and it was very painful, i didnt find out the painkillers had caused this until days later....anywho moving right along to the good stuff, so far i am feeling good today, i changed my dressing and adjusted my binder with the help of my mom and i feel good, i am able to walk around for a little while but i get tired quickly. I finally got to see my belly today and i have to day i am happy already even with the swelling because i know that as the swelling goes down my results willlook better and better. Im am swollen but i wouldnt say im experiencing swell hell because i have been drinking pineapple juic as well as taking arnica montana since day 1 when i came home from the hospital. For those wondering i started taking colace 2 days before my surgery and i started drinking mom the first night home, i finally had a bowel movement this morning which went well. I am getting tired and will try to post more later, i am posting a pic i took today 3 days post op, ttyl.

correction-2 days post op

Im sorry i guess realself keeps count better than me as i had counted the day of my surgery but i am just teo days post op not 3, i also forgot to add that along with the pineapple juice and arnica montana i am taking bromelain as well..lata

corrected pic

Cough Recovery

Why does it take at least a half hour to recover from a cough aarrgh... I was feeling pretty good so far today until i had to cough, wth it hurts even with the pillow, i am only 3 days post op but it feels like forever, i hate depending on my mom to do things for me because im sure she will find away to bring it up later nevertheless i do appreciate her taking care of me and my little crumbsnatcher.


I just have to let my feelings out because i have been brought to tears. My daughter is crying because she wants me to lay down with her but i cant, she kept reaching for me as my mom was leading her away, she looked so heartbroken. She was the same way this morning when it was time for a bath, she wanted me to do it instead of my mom. I miss doing things with her.

new pics day 5

Drains be gone!

Well yesterday was one of my worst days and i barely got any sleep because i just could not feel comfortable. As of yesterday i honestly felt like i didnt know how much more i could take, in fact even this morning i was having a meltdown because my stomach started burning in one area and then it literally felt like something was leaking out in the same exact spot, i know, weird. When i got to my post op my ps took forever to come in the room i was in there freaking out because the burning continued as well as the leaky feeling, once my ps came in i told him my concern, he took a look and said everything appeared to be fine, he said that what i was feeling could have been the drain moving around inside me..huh..but then something amazing happened, my ps removed my drains i instantly felt better! I haven't felt those sensations since and I hate to speak so soon but having those drains out makes a world of difference. I went from feeling 40 percent to about 80 percent, i am telling myself not to overdue it. My ps did say that there is a possibility that i could still drain and if so it would appear like i may have sort of a pooch, he said if that happens to call his office and they will have me come in, he said its something that can happen but its not an emergency. I thought it was too soon as i am only 6 days post op but boy was i glad to get rid of them. We will get there tt family better days are ahead.

Varoom Varoom 8 Days PO

So far today is a much better day than yesterday, to say i have been.experiencing swell hell is an.understatement i honestly thought i would pop yesterday and today is only a little better but i thank God that it is better than yesterday. I actually felt well enough to take a drive, i drove over to the market which is a couple blocks away it was a little uncomfortable but i believe it will get better and since i am due back.to work tuesday i had better start moving. I manage to shop for a few groceries and make it back without incident. I took some pics this morning but honestly i was so swollen i wont post them. However there was this one pic i took by accident where i found something else to be happy about. Now i know this pic probably would look better if i was wearing lighter clothing but that my make it look a little tmi....so check out the pic because if you are planning on having this procedure then you probably have that awful kangaroo pouch hovering over your mons pubis that looks odd in your jeans and your undies, well guess what, that pouch, pooch whatever you want to call it will be gone, history, vamoose, kiss it goodbye. Check out my pic, i was also so swollen i had to remove the string from my pants...lol..but i am getting there.

Bye Bye Pooch

My Shirt is in my pants! Dance

Okay i had to post again because i am still tripping off the pooch pic because i realized something else...My Shirt is in My Pants!!!! My shirt is in my pants, my shirt is in my pants! Dance! My shirt is in my pants!!

Day 10 Post Op

New pic some of the swelling has gone down, this was first thing in the morning

Day 10 Doing Better

Well the last few days have been such an emotional roller coaster, swell hell is something i wish no one who had a tt shoukd have to go through, i really started to get depressed, how could i look so good the first couple days and then turn into a hot air balloon. Nevertheless yesterday was a great day activitywise i manage to do laundry, wash my hair and get a few other things done, of course i was swollen the whole time but i just kept moving. I woke up around 7 this morning very swollen but in about an hour a lot of the swelling seemed to subside and i was able to take a 10dpo pic. So far so good today i do feel swollen but i am out and about trying to get my daughter some lunch for the week since i will be returning to work on tueday, i hope i'm ready.

Day 12

12dpo, first day back to work and it
seemed like the longest day ever. I
woke up swollen and it got worse as the day went on. I have been swollen for days. Im having a hard time believing that this isnt my final result. I go for my 2 week post op tomorrow, hopefully my ps can drain me.

Day 14 PO visit update

Well where do i begin, well i had my 2nd post op visit yesterday, my ps said that there was no fluid to be drained and that i was just experiencing normal swelling, oddly enough my swelling went down about 50 percent by the time i arrived at the doc. Isnt that how it always is by the time you get to the doctor your symptoms have disappeared. Needless to say i also decided to wear this little black dress yesterday in which i.could not wear my binder so i put on my cg which i hadnt got the approval to wear yet, i hid it from my ps because i didnt want him going h.a.m. on me so after my exam i asked him about wearing a cg from now on and he said i could (hee hee) i had been wearing that binder religiously and i was just over it. he said to wear the cg for 4 more weeks so it will be a total of 6 weeks of compression. After that i can wear a spanx if i want. I asked him about the hardness of my tummy and he said it was normal and would soften up over time, he ok'd me to start scar treatment after my scab falls off and my next po appt. is in 3 weeks. Work has been crazy, i am exausted and cannot wait for the weekend, one more day! Swelling is still there but not like before, i still believe i am about 40-50 percent swollen. i wore another dress today but felt fat especially as the day went on but i did get compliments. No one at work has said a thing but i believe its because i still look the same to them because of the swelling. Well thats all for now my cycle started today so now i am totally drained. Zzzzzz 14dpo pics attached

30 Days Post Op

Wow! It has been quite a ride these last 30 days, from pain to drains, from itching to swelling, from sleeping on the couch to well, i am still sleeping on the couch...lol..but life is so diffrent now. Swelling is down about 90 percent even with increased activity, i drink at least 3L of water a day..shout out to Diamonddreams for that tip, it keeps my swelling way down, i was also taking bromelain but not as consistently as i was in the begining. I basically go about my normal routine and kinda forget that i had a tt until i twist or bend down too much. I havent started exercising yet but i plan to, i have been walking 10 blocks a day to and from work since about 14dpo, not sure if that counts as exercise. As far as garments go well i have been having issues so i have been pretty much wearing my binder and a few garments that I already had which was a miraclesuit hi waist and i had another one by cupid with a little less compression. I purchased a squeem ehich was great but i ended up sending it back because it was too big, i was gonna purchase another one but in the process i fell in love with the waist nipper at macys and amazon upped the price on the squeem so i bagged it altogther, however i am not completely in love with my waist nipper either. I am looking for something to compress my sides but havent been able to find anything close to doing that except the squeem. I think i look good overall and love my results but i have a love hate relationship with my sides, i dont know if its swelling or fat, my ps did lipo therebut im just not certain it was enough. I havent been able to except my new body my mind still thinks im fat until i look in the mirror. I feel brst eith my clothes off but thats because i think i need to go shopping a lot of my old clothes are just worn out, corny and now are starting to seem too big. Well this post is wayy too long but i wanted to bring my tt family up to speed. Check out my 30 day pics, i am also going to do a before and after side by side pic later.

Started from the bottom....

Now we here!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

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