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I want to loose 30 pounds by the procedure date ...

I want to loose 30 pounds by the procedure date .So good by fast food abd hello fresh food lol.Iam 5"5 190 I just had a baby 7 months ago . Ive always had a big stomach since my first son who is 17 my second son is 11 I never lost the stomach. I would loose a yon of weight but I could never loose this stomach. Can't wait to get my TT sbf BBL done

Surgery Date is secured

So I went today to put my deposit down to secure my surgery date yeaaa. Iam getting excited/ nervous. Ill post pics of before my surgery soon.

loosing weight

so i have lost about 10 lbs 20 more to go . I am so excited and nervous lol.

wish pics

me n my two stomachs

My day is almost here

But whos counting 50 days to go whooooh

just wondering about somethings

Ok iam 190lbs 5"5" iam in a size 14 jeans my breast are hugh i wear a size 36F but my body size and shape compensate then well . Iam wondering that if I get a tummy tuck and BBL iam going to look funny do u think iam going to need a breast reduction. I would hate to get the TT and my breast look even bigger or my shape look funny . Should i get the breast reduction TT n the BBL all at the same time Need your. Advice ASAP

Cant wait to get my new booty

My two stomachs up close n personal

throw back pics wish for it again

getting prepared

So yesterday I brought my vitamin C and multi vitamins and stool softners. Today I went to 5th n Wyoming to get my spanx/ girdle / shaper garment it cost me $150. She asked me where was I going to have my surgery done at I told her Dr Gabay she said oh ok he does a lot of surgeries because everyone comes to her to buy there garments. I asked het has anyone complained out him . She said no not really? But the she said that the only people that complain is the ones who get surgery abd has very high expectations in which it takes times but they wanted quick results. Otherwise she was very helpful and nice. She also sales other things like cream and gel to help with bruising diet supplements ect .She was very nice and informative. She told me to eat right and keep working out .


I have about 32 days left to go until my big day but who's counting.. Feeling very excited . Ive lost a total of 25 lbs yea i got about 10 more to go till my big day ....


Yes 20 more days to go

The Big Day Is Almost Here

Tomorrow is my pre-op iam super excited but lil nervous to .

So my pre op was good

He said that he would do my arms to yeaaa for me. But noooo for the pain thats going to come along with it .

So my big day is tomorrow.

Ill be a Gabay doll at 11am tomorrow. Omg iam scared but excited. .. Cant wait to get it over with . I got all my prescriptions filled I got everything on the list that my good sista klwneedsabooty gave me. I wanna really take the time out to thank everyone for sharing there stories and journeys it really has been a big help . Also ive met sone really good people who has nade this process easy . Thank god for this site. Well I have a ton of things to do but ill definitely keep everyone posted on my post op journey. Xoxoxoxo

So today is the day

Iam sooooo nervous. But as the saying goes a lil pain for a lil beauty

At my Post op Appointment

I would likw to thank every for there good luck wishes . Unfortunately I wasnt able yesterday to let everyone know that iam doing great . Iam currently at my post op appointment. Ill post pics later . Oh yeah this pain is a Bi**h. But iam handling it like a champn. Now I have a big old dunky butt lol lol . Ill post pics asap.

one day post op

Ugh cant wait for better results

day four post op

I finally had a bowel movement. It took forever uh...

So pissed

So I woje up this morning and one of drainage tube are leaking . I called the office in which they called me right back . They say its normal and it usually happens when its time for them to come out. But my appointment isn't till Wednesday. And I think its time to switch compression garments because vthe blacl one for the BBL he gave me I s to loose . Smdh just when I thought things were going great

the after math

after math

Some results but I lots of bruises and swelling

I will say that he lipo the hell out of me

1 day post op I weighed myself the next day and I was 11lbs lighter lol on my way to looking fabulous

the junk in my trunk

Its starting to shape good... more pics to come. Iam 8 days post op as of today iam out of work till March 3rd. I so I wanna look tight when I get back to work

1week and 4days post op

Still got some swelling to my abd but so far so good

Drains are out thank God

So I went earlier today to get a massage it felt great and it really helped with the swelling. I seen a difference once i got home. i went to my appointment afterwards in which they took the drains out (OUCH) I did not realize that they were as long as a was. I cant wait to be able to were some jeans lol . But I know one step at a time. Next week at my appointment ill be asking about me working out . i need to start ASAP but i dont want to over do it or have a set back

two n half weeks post op

Iam so loving my results


Before and After what huge difference

One month post op

Ok so I got my stitches out my belly button. My TT incision is health up great. Overall I love my results just wish my butt was a lil bit bigger and a lil more blump . He gave me the ok to start working out. So before I even think about round two for a BBL iam going to try n tone my butt upthe natural way.

1 month and six days post op

Loving my results thanks Dr Gabay

looking better

Each day

I think I might be getting a

Six pack lol

Thanks Dr Gabay

This to that . Iam still maintaining a great shape.

work it out

work it out

stay focus for a month

it feels good to look good and healthy

the new improve me

Thanks again Dr Gabay

loving my new bikini

The new and improved me

Thanks Dr Gabay

Going back to Gabay

Iam in need of breast reduction like Asap since I've lost the weigh my back and chest has been in a lot of pain . I am hoping dr gabay can get the approval to do it through my insurance company. I am crossing my fingers. I am a 34hh I would love to be a 34 DD

small boobs

breast reduction

So in two days I'll be going to see my Dr Gabay for a breast reduction and lift consultation . Iam so excited iam a 34HH bra size ..... Iam hoping he get get me down to a DD . These watermelons are killing my neck and my back . Wish me luck

small boobs

So I'll Be Going FOR My pre-op on January 8th and my surgery is scheduled for jan 13th iam so excited but nervous of course.


So on Tuesday I'll be getting my girls lifted and reduced can't wait excited and nervous . Two days and counting

small boobs

So iam one day post - op of lipo to my stomach flanks and back , and my breast reduction in which went great. My neck and my back feel awesome already. The pain is about a 1 out of 10. They gave me percocets for pain in which I've only taken three since yesterday. I really don't need them . I have a post op appt at 240 today I let you know how it went


So iam 4 days post op of my breast reduction and lipo . Iam speechless they took all my boobs lol lol lol . I feel so different no more neck back or shoulder pain my family stated that my voice sounds different to lol. I am not sure of my bra size yet because of all the swelling but the look AWESOME. MY recovery has been fantastic I haven't really been in a lot of pain just sore. Pics to come

small boobs

New Boobs 20 days post op

So today I had the little bit of stitches that I had in out . ouch.... But THE Look Absolutely GREAT AND No More Surgical Tape Thanks God LOL Its A Pain In A Butt WHEN It gets old. I will post some before and after pics

20 days Breast reduction Post-op

I am feeling great . No pain meds needed

Loving my twins

It's been awhile people but iam still feeling great loving my new Breast size 36D yeaaaaaaaaaaaa

Bbl still look great

I am not sure about everyone else but my BBL took perfectly fine and it's a year and a half later

Still maintaining

I picked up a few pounds.....But iam still looking good

In need of lipo to my back ..

Ive been trying to get rid of these back roll ... I tried lipo from Dr gabay, diet and lots of exercise but there still there sooooo think iam going to go see the Dr Duran In DR ...Her work is awesome

bbl with Macadoo

Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

So far so good . Hes has answered all my questions. He can't get over on my or just tell me anything because I'm in the medical field too just not plastic surgery. He did a fantastic job iam so happy with my resultes. He is truly a good DR. ,,, iam going for round two for a BBL and a breast reduction and lift. cant wait

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