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I'm on day 3. I really don't feel the incision,...

I'm on day 3. I really don't feel the incision, it's the stomach muscle that was tightened that hurts.
It's exactly like I thought it would be so. i can walk just fine, slow of course and just a little hunched over. Going to the bathroom myself now. I have my husband empty my 2 drains and it has ben gradually getting less so hopefully they will come out on monday (my first post op visit) When I woke up I didn't feel much pain at all, its when the meds are running down that I start to feel the muscle. well, thats it for now, any questions?

oh I can see how small my wast is and I'm swollen,,,,,woot woot!!!

day 5, 4 days post op

going to the doctors in a few minutes. I hope these drains come out. i know the pain pump will come out.
well the pain is different. I still have the stomach muscle pain but its bearable now. The incision is hurting now, its more of a burn. When I move the wrong way it feels like a cigar being put out on my hip. so obviously I try not to move the wrong way.
There is no pain that I didn't expect. Every day gets alittle easier. I will eventually post pics (I'm an idiot and have to figure out how) I find it easier to wear a sun dress rather than big pants and a shirt. I haven't had a bowel movement yet but thats not unusual for me. I'm gonna worry about that soon I guess however I have been taking a colace everyday since day 3. well thats it for now.

Before and after pics

Heres before and after and also what the drains and pain pump look like

My first shower

I would love to say my first shower felt awesome, but I cant lie to you.
It was really hard and very painful on my back. My husband washed my hair, poor guy, I have long hair. But now that I'm in my resting spot I do feel better. Ladies do not try it alone!

Day 5

I forgot to say that after my visit to the doctors and all the tubes are gone , I need to smear silvedine cream on my bellybutton and the center of my incision, twice a day with washing it with soap and water in between. Very uneventful, no pain at all in doing that in fact my stomach is numb to the touch. The pain I have is still mainly the muscle, from the tightening, and I am getting a severe burning feeling on one side at the crease of my leg, where there is no incision, I can only guess that from all the pulling and stretching my nerves are a bit sensitive. If this persist I will ask the dr next week whats up. Still taking pain meds, I see no reason to stop if I'm in pain. I can walk pretty straight up, not completely but I dont think its noticeable that I'm hunching a bit.
My back is in pain from I dont know what probably everything. My stomach feels like I have a corset on even when I'm naked, very strange feeling. Well thats all for now

Day 6

Better everyday! Pain is very bearable I would say but its the tightness and uncertainty that make it hard to do anything ( not that I should be doing anything) I've had bowel movements but not without difficulty. I've taken 1 cola e everyday which I think helped a great deal also plenty of water. My eatting is minimal because I'm not that hungry and I sure dont want my stomach to feel any tighter feom being full so with that said I've had fruit yogurt and then a good dinner also protein drink. Protein helps healing. So I havent had a pain pill nor a tylenol for 12 hrs and I'm good. Maybe bedtime will be different, we'll see. Posted a pic from today. It looks the same I think. Ta ta for now.

Day 6 continued

Thats colace for stool softning not cola e!!

I never said how old I am

Just in case theres some grandmoms out there wondering stuff!!! I'm a 55 yr old mother of 3. Their ages are irrelevant at this point!! You're never too old to have your body redone!!

day 7

Yesterday started off really great but I feel I may have "done" too much. I am not a person that is used to sitting around. So about 4pm I took a pain pill and laid down.
Today i plan on laying down a few times (the only way I will "rest") I am trying to ween off the pain meds so I hope this works.
The pain now is still the muscle (I imagine this pain will be there for a long time) My back really hurts a lot, I feel this is from hunching over and probably straining to hold my stomach in (not doing that on purpose) I do feel better with the "garment" on. it seems to hold everything together. My incision is starting to make its presence known, I can feel the stingy tightness that you would expect but that pain is very bearable. My bowel movements are going pretty good. thanks to colace everyday. I know thats not a great subject but once you have your surgery you'll realize how important going to the bathroom becomes.
I have been reading some reviews and I am alittle concerned about swelling even after 6 months!!! WHAT/ I don't like that idea at all. Is this a common thing or can I avoid this somehow? Does this happen to everyone or is there a chance I'll be spared ?
ok thats it for today.

Day 8

Well I've come to the conclusion that no matter what I do or dont do, I swell as the day goes on. Oh well I guess its par for the course. I really hate soing nothing i have ro force myself to sit still. My mind says do this and do that and my body is saying "not yet you're not"!
I so feel better everyday as far as getting in and out of bed, walking, and the pain has been bearable. The tightness (swelling), stomach muscle spasms, and fear of pulling something out of whack is the most difficult and frustrating to deal with.
Bowel movements are going great, again thank you colace, trust me its a big deal.

Day 10

Well, I guess I feel ok. This tightness tends to make me "baby" my stomach. I am walking better but I can walk too long or I get tighter. I guess thats swelling from doing something other than " relaxing". The incision doesnt bother me a bit in fact it never really did. I still have this nerve thing going on in the crease of my one leg. Whenever I move wrong, just when trying to get out of bed, I get this exceusiating pain in a 1inch diameter spot. Its as if someone is putting a cigar out on me. Tomorrow is the dr visit so I'll ask about it. Sleeping still sucks, I cant lay down( because getting up from this position causes that pain)

Well thats it for now. Everday a bit better

Day 10

Sorry I should have spell checked. Hehehe

day 12

I went back to work. I don't have much to do this week because of the holiday so just behind the desk with my feet up.

Most of my big pain is gone. I am frustrated with this swollen feeling, I feel like a sausage stuffed too tight. my incision is healing great says my doctor, oh my appointment was 2 days ago. she said I am a miracle healer......thanks to all of you for tidbits of information and tips of what to do and not to do.

I finally put a pair of zippered pants on today, they were fitting, I just felt like they were tight, silly me, its me that too tight!!
I have still been taking a pain pill at night but I think that will stop this weekend.
I get tingly feelings every now and then, very wierd feeling.
Everything to going according to plan I guess, I just want it to hurry up and stop swelling!!

ta ta

Day 20 post op

Getting better everday. I am starting to really hate my "garment" but 1 more week and its off. There is still alot of swelling abd tightness. But i did hear it takes a good 2 months for most of the swelling to go away. My incision is doing very well. I have one little spot on my hip that needs to heal better abd about 4 inches in the center is not healed yet. I dont really have pain any longer, just a pang here and there when I forget I'm still healing and I do something I probably shouldnt. Sleeping way better now, I can sleep on either side now. Well thats about it

day 20 continued

I was hasty in my last post and forgot a thing or two.

the skin on my stomach is very sensitive, I'm guessing this is my nerve endings coming back to life. It's not painful just strange feeling, kind of like when you have sunburn.
around my incision I have for a lack of better words, pockets of very hard spots. I think this is fluid from swelling. At first I could only sleep on one side and this is where the "hard spots" would form, now I can sleep on both sides so it kind of fluctuates from side to side and in the middle. I dure hope that goes away soon, its "lumpy".

day 22

getting tingly in my stomach area, I guess my nerves are reconnecting. i still have numb spots. most of my incision is healing well however there are 2 small spots that I may have to call the dr about. very very red but not painful. we'll see. I can walk pretty straight up now except if I have too much salt or sodium, this my friends is a big mistake, stay clear of sodium and salt for a while. All else is going as planned

day 26

I have decided enough is enough with these "garments" I can't stand them any longer. I feel so much better without that added pressure on my stomach.
I have one spot on my incision that is not looking so great so I am washing it carefully and hopefully its just this heat (its 95 degrees in philly) thats making me swell and have this redness. it doesn't hurt it just looks really red. (dr appt next wednesday)
I'm sleeping 100 % better now. still not standing up straight as I should. no one notices I'm not standing straight but I feel it.
my scar is just fine as far as I'm concerned, i have no intention of wearing a bikini at my age so it can be ugly if it wants to be, lol.
hopefully I can start my exercising again next week, not alot just my bike.
I'll try to take some pics for next post.

day 34

Had a check up this morning. Dr said I'm healing perfectly. I have an ingrown hair thats causing a tiny and I mean tiny spot that is "oozing". Its so small that its not requiring a bandage or anything but just thought I'd mention that it could happen but its not a big deal.
I still am not straightening all the way up. I could put my shoulders back and I am all the way straight but I feel the tension on my stomach. next week marks my 6 weeks then all resrtictions are lifted although she said I could try to ride the stationary bike now but if I feel it pulling to back off. (okey dokey)
I am putting vitimin e on my scar (not where I have the "oozing")
I still feel alittle pain if I walk too far I guess I gotta work that back into my routine.
I still swell but we all know that last a long time.

I swear I'll try to take new pics as soon as I can.

Day 41

Doing better everyday. I can stretch, stand and walk straight, going to the gym starting tomorrow (6 weeks)
Very happy

day 48 (I think)

I couldn't be happier with my belly. the scar is smoothing out just fine, I still have a spot in the middle that oozes but I don't even need a bandaid. the drop is not even the size of a dime at the end of the day. I still get that hard spot near the scar but I know I'll have that for quite a while. I'm about to go buy the next size down now.....woot woot!!!!!! I have not been a size 10 since I was 25. next year perhaps a 2 pc bathing suit. probably not but its nice to know that if I wanted to I could.

just approaching 8 weeks post op

so my little spot that was oozing turned into a big spot oozing. Went to see the surgeon and she poked around and said its not really an infection as much as a "suture reaction". so theres a stitch in there thats bugging me and when I see it I'm to pull on it gently and cut it off. hahaha, good thing I'm not squeemish.

Going back a bit I don't think I ever told ya'll what I did to help with healing and I do believe it helped big time. Not only did I take the meds prescribed I drank sugar free protein drinks everyday. Apparently protein is a natural way to promote healing. just thought I'd share that. I wish there was a "dissolve the stitches " drink!!

So I am not feeling as tight anymore, only when I stretch in the morning do I really feel it. I can arch my back without feeling like I'm gonna pop something.I still have the little swollen bump, I think I'll have that for a long time.

Ok thats it for now.

342 p.o. hehe

My scar healed perfect as far as I'm concerned as I said before I have no intention of a bikini. Because I had the stomach muscle tightened, I still to this day feel like I have a corset on. I don't mind the tightness too much but even after almost a year, i still feel it.
I'm happy with the results of my abdominoplasty. I remain a size 12 but thats ok by me, I'm 5'6" so a size 12 is a good look on me. Good luck ladies

342 p.o.

oh by the way...I still have spots on my stomach that are numb to the touch too

My doctor is great, ready to answer any questions and all smiles.

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