40 Year Old Mom of 15 Year Old Twins- Umbilical Hernia Repair and Destasis Repair - Philadelphia, PA

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This is my 3rd hernia repair, first 2 not...

This is my 3rd hernia repair, first 2 not successful, the 2nd left me with nerve impingement which is very painful. I consulted with a PS for my 3rd and hopefully final surgery, he did a CT scan saw that I had destasis recti and said since he will be repairing the hernia he will repair my abs as well, which was a big bonus. My anxiety is the fear of the unknown the post op pain and drains. Any information will be helpful. Thank you

what should I expect???

What should I expect and what are the muse haves besides pain meds to help me heal?

1 week count down and I'm so nervous!

Help any last minute advice?? Did anyone else feel like they had second thoughts?? Should I go through with it??? I know the pain is temporary and the results are forever and I will be happy but I'm super scared.. any advice is kindly requested.. Thank you RS friends

tomorrow is the big day.....

I'm so nervous, scared, anxious etc. I am staying for 2 days in the hospital which I guess is good since they can help with pain control and IV fluids. Any last minute advice???

I'm on the road to recovery. ..

I had my surgery monday, my ps removed the 2 prior mesh implants and tacks that were causing complications he was able to fix my hernia without mesh so that was a plus. My stomach is still swollen and my belly button doesn't look normal yet doc said it will take a few weeks to look normal. I was in the hospital for 4 days and had an epidural for the pain prior to the surgery it was worth it, it helped so much and it didn't give the post affects like pain pills do. I'm now home and have 2 very uncomfortable drains, the one doesn't hurt much but the other hurts so bad it has a stinging sensation what can I do for that? The good news is that I'm not putting out much fluid so im.hoping to get them out monday. Fingers crossed!

drainnnnnnsssssss .... ouch!!

My right drains is really hurting and is burning. They really aren't discharging much and in am having one removed on monday.. how bad will it hurt?????

going slow but not so bad....

Post op day 7.. slow bit getting there I know once I have thee drains out I will be much better they are so annoying but they have a job to do so I have to suck it up and deal with it. in 2 days they are removing them so I'm nervous because I'm afraid it will hurt but it can't be much worse then having them In.
Dr. Stephen Kovach

Dr. Kovich is very sweet and really took his time and answered all of my questions

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