35 YO, 2 Kids, 2 C-sections, 123 lbs, 5'2", Ready to Get My Body Back

I was one day away from sending in my deposit with...

I was one day away from sending in my deposit with the first doctor I had a consult with when I was able to get an appointment with a different doctor. I decided to switch to the second doctor, he gave me much more detailed info regarding my abdominal repair and he just made me feel so comfortable. He took before pictures but I don't have them. I will be having a full tummy tuck with abdominal repair and liposuction.

Searching the Internet

I found some inspiration pics for after the surgery. I'm sure it'll take some exercise to get all the way there, but this is my goal.

Before pictures

Ok, I finally took some before pics. The front view isn't so bad, but the side....ugh. The doctor said that about half of my tattoo will end up being cut off and relocated much lower than it is now. I'm ok with that, I got it when I was young and dumb, so now I'm looking for something else as a cover up.

Compression Garment

This is the compression garment my doctor suggested that I use. I ordered from hourglass angel, it's called that firm control cotton waist cincher by flakisima. I tried it on this morning but couldn't get more than 3 hooks closed and didn't have time to keep trying. I will say that it is lighter and softer than the other waist trainer I have so I think I'll be more comfortable in it.

2 weeks til post open, 3 til surgery!

I'm so anxious for my date to get here, I'm just ready to be done already! I'm still going back and forth between scared/wanting to back out and 100% sure. I've been trying to get some last minute things done, gather my supplies. My grandfather gave me an extra walker that he had, I just need to order replacement tips. The other things like bandages, ointments, stool softeners, etc I'll pick up on Veterans Day since I'm off. I plan to ask my doc about bromelain and arnica at my pre-op appointment. I've seen that so many people have used them but I didn't know enough to ask about it at my consult. Pretty sure I'm going to sleep in my daughter's bed for the first little bit since it's low to the ground and has rails on the side. My bed is pretty high and I don't want to deal with a step stool. Guess that's it for now.
Dr. Paris Butler

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