Regretting my Fresh Tattoo to the Point of Insanity - Philadelphia, PA

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Hi everyone. I read a few peoples stories on here...

Hi everyone. I read a few peoples stories on here and I figured I would add mine to the list. I got my first tattoo in January. I had no regrets before or after. I got my second tattoo last Tuesday (April 2nd). I went to a reputable tattoo business in the area and since it was just script I trusted it would come out well. I am normally not a spontaneous person, but lately I have been trying to be more impulsive to challenge myself.

Anyway I got the quote "the most powerful force on earth is the human soul on fire." I love the quote and it's meaning. And actually, after the tattoo was complete I felt pretty good about it. I remember thinking that the tattoo was big, but then again it was a lot of letters and it still looked nice. Then I noticed the flaw. The word "soul" is crooked. You see I am very muscular and so all of the words kind of flow with the muscle in my back (the tattoo is on my back near the shoulder and going down), but the word soul definitely droops down lower then the rest. Instantly, my optimistic "I could live with this" feelings turned to regret.

The tattoo is about 7inches acroos and 4 inches down and definitely takes up more space then I was able to tell initially. And like I said, I love the quote, but I regret it completely now. My first thoughts were okay, maybe I can get the word soul lasered off and applied straighter, but I can't help but to feel regret about the whole thing now. I learned my lesson that I can't be spontaneous like that. It's just not me and I got carried away. I made a few appointments for laser consultations in the area and I go in a few days. I'm hoping once I get a plan in motion I will feel better. Honestly the past week has been so very difficult.

I literally spend hours during a day looking in the mirror at it. It makes me so depressed knowing that I will have to most likely live with this the rest of my life, and even if I get the word soul lasered off and put back on the tattoo will still remain and I feel like it's already so tainted in my eyes. Maybe I'll eventually learn to live with it, but for now I feel like I ruined my body and it's killing me. I would like to hear any stories that you may have that are similar to mine, and also any laser success stories might help me feel better as well. Thanks you

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