Crowded and Rotated Teeth - Philadelphia, PA

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Currently, I'm waiting for my treatment plan....

Currently, I'm waiting for my treatment plan. Anxiously waiting to see that email, which should be by the end of this week.

I had plans to write a review each step of the way, but it slipped my mind. So, instead I'll just give an abridged version.

I was very skeptical. After doing my research and looking at reviews here. I decided "why not?".

Took the initial assessment, no issues there. I received my email prompting me to do the photo assessment. I'm impatient and took the photos myself. The directions were easy to follow, and contorting my lips and the like to get the pictures drew way more attention to my chompers than I'm used to.

The pictures were approved without incident.

Next came the impression kit. I was surprised how fast it arrived, and did my impressions almost immediately after I received the package.

The tray was a little large for me. I feel at least. The back part rubbed on my gum line and made a sore spot back towards my molars. I thought I had messed up the trays, even after reading and re reading the instructions. I sent them in and waited not so patiently.

The trays were then approved on 06/16/16. Much to my surprise. I had to inquire about it as I never received an email telling me so. The support chat was friendly and effective at least.

I also saw here that they stopped sending starter kits. I inquired and that is in fact true. It now is just being sent your treatment plan and going from there.

So, that's that. Overall I'm happy and excited. I have a feeling I'll need IPR... but only the treatment plan will know for sure. Hopefully I'll be able to make updates with the process... when I remember.

(Upside down pictures... sorry. Mobile doesn't make it easy to fix this on the site.)

Treatment Plan!

The same day I wrote the review, I received my email with my treatment plan in the evening. So happy!

I forgot I applied a discount so it looks like I'll be paying 1400 for the whole process. I'm doing the Smile Pay option for now... and will see if my dental insurance will reimburse a part of the cost.

I'll be doing the Smile 20 process... 40 aligners (20 top and 20 bottom) 2 weeks of wear per aligner set. The estimated time will be 10 months. The best part, no IPR! Hooray!

Honestly, I'm shocked. I thought I'd need to do a lot of work on my teeth before getting aligners on. I'll update once I have my first set!

They're Here! Tray 1!

They've actually been here.

My aligners arrived on Monday 07/25/2016. I was so excited to pop them in after I got home from work to see them sitting there.

What a mistake! I took advil before doing so, anticipating some pain... but my goodness. About two hours in and I was miserable. I understand now when they say to place a new aligner set in at night.

It's been 4 days now with less pain as the days pass, and I'm supposed to only wear each set for 2 weeks. I've not yet received a call from SDC to verify anything about fit (which is perfect), but I'll probably pester later today.

I did need to file my edges and use copious amounts of dental wax, but it has worked to alleviate the discomfort.

Will continue to update as I cycle through aligners.

Tray 2 and 3

I realize I'm bad at keeping up with these reviews.

Tray 2 was not terrible at all. I remembered to put the new trays in before bed, took an advil and this eliminated most of the initial discomfort. Tray 2 needed to be filed a ridiculous amount on the edges, as well as a good amount of dental wax.

On to tray 3. This tray fits the tightest of them yet, but has been the most comfortable. It doesn't need filing or dental wax, which is a nice break for my mouth.

I've been comparing my pictures from the initial assessment to now and I'm already starting to see teeth shift. Namely my upper and lower front teeth.

Eating is weird simply because my teeth now line up slightly different, but really isn't making for any unpleasant experiences.

I also may be a bad patient and do drink cold teas and coffees as well as beer. I've noted no staining... and it doesn't feel like it's altering the fit of the aligners. The only difficulty I have is brushing my aligners. All the heads of my toothbrushes are too large and makes cleaning the tight and narrow/crowded places a little difficult.

My only gripe is, nobody from SDC has contacted me for follow up. I've even contacted them to make sure someone will call me. Nothing yet. Monday I'm going to have to pester them again. I've also updated my address with them as I recently moved and I'm keeping my fingers crossed they actually did it (and will also verify on Monday that they have the correct address).

The SDC online chat people are always friendly, but the fact that my care team has completely neglected to call me... 3 trays in... bothers me.

Seeing Changes!

I'm on the last few days of tray 4, but just wanted to provide a picture update. I'm surprised of how much of a difference there is in just 4 trays! The weeks are flying by! So far I'm loving this.

Tray 8!

It's been a while since my last update, but tray 8 is in, and this may be the easiest tray yet. They fit tightly, but aren't causing pain. This has been super easy.

Don't mind the picture, my teeth are in serious need of whitening (and I'm due for my cleaning too... eek.) You can definitely see the shift. It's also getting easier to eat as my teeth are adjusting to the new bite. I'm curious what my own dentist will make of this.

Midway at Tray 10!

Hooray! I've made it to the midpoint and holy wow... I can see teeth that were hidden for years amongst the crowding. I also submitted pictures for an update...

The bottom teeth are doing great. During the next half I'm seeing more drastic changes for the top teeth. I'm also feeling that too.

So far so good! Here's a blurry selfie of my teeth with aligner 10 of 20 on.

Clearer Pictures of Progress (Tray 10)

As requested - here's the pictures from my midpoint update.

So much progress!

Tray 12

Slowly, but surely we're getting there. This next half of the trays are focusing on the uppers and boy can I feel it. Luckily it's really only a day of discomfort, then smooth sailing until the next tray.

I'm noticing the shift forward of my upper teeth in my bite, which is slightly annoying, but it works.

Oh! It may just be me, but the shifting of my uppers has affected the size of my top lip. It's been looking fuller lately... it's probably all in my head and I'm just noticing it from staring at my teeth all the time. :)

Overall it's more of the same. Can't wait till I'm posting about tray 20!

Tray 15!

Wow, it's been a while.

I'm a bit behind on upates, from my other real self reviews, I've been a busy lady undergoing a surgery.

Anyways! Here's my teeth on the last day of tray 15. I'm behind a tray due to SDC screwing up my card on file, even after I called twice to verify that they have the right card to take payment from and I was set behind a week.

When I asked about where my aligners were, they made up a B.S. excuse about how this was the plan for my treatment and an extra week is okay.

Cool, I like how nobody else informed me of this and it seems convenient to the payment on file being screwed up, but sure, an extra week works.

But, this is the kind of customer care we've grown to accept with SDC, right?

Oh well! I'm ready for tray 16, almost done with all this crazyness! I can feel the front teeth shifting over the lower teeth with each new tray, so far so good!

Also, thanks for everyone commenting and complimenting! :)

Tray 20 of 20!

Hello! Hello! Hello!

I've completed my aligner sets and submitted my dental photos for review to get refinements. Even though my teeth are far from perfect as I finished this set, I'm still elated that my teeth have some semblance of normalcy.

My teeth kind of sit on top of each other as it stands for now, which isn't unbearable, but it does make chewing difficult as my molars kind of "float" and have a space where they absolutely do not touch. If you look at my review history, I also had gastric sleeve surgery recently and being able to chew things down finely is super important in regards to that, so I did stress this to the SDC support team. The open space in the front is something I'm seeing if they can refine as well.

Ultimately, from where my teeth started, to where they are now, I'm thrilled - SDC customer support is hit or miss, but for the most part it's been a hit and the staff I've talked with have been friendly and genuinely helpful. I'll also admit that I feel like an old-head as I don't get all the fancy new things the newer members have like the mouth rests to take your assessment pictures with! It would have been nice to have had some updated things for my check in assessments so I wasn't pulling my face 5 different ways, but honestly that's minimal in the scheme of things.

I'm looking forward to the outcome of my refinements, I'll hear from SDC in about a weeks time to see what can be done further. Also a little aside from just the vanity points of straight teeth, brushing and flossing these bad boys has become so much easier since they sit nicely in my mouth. Something I hadn't given much thought to until now. :)
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