NIPPLE RECONSTRUCTION - Scabs That Form After Procedure - Philadelphia, PA

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It is now 7 weeks since I had nipple...

It is now 7 weeks since I had nipple reconstruction done. Originally, I had a latissimus dorsi flap done May 2015. The skin was used from the back to create a round area (which will become the areola), and nipple. I had a nightmare YEAR, filled with setbacks and complications (seromas, infections, 5 surgeries, lymph node problems......) so I am pleased to say that so far, I have not complications from the nipple reconstruction. However, be aware, that for the first three weeks, your nipple may look like it's dying. Scabs form and they are thick and black and oozing . I contacted the nurse at my PS office, and they assured me that the blackness was just scabs. After 7 weeks, the scabs have finally fallen off. These are not thin scabs that you can peel off, like a cut on the knee. These are thick, ugly scabs that adhere to the new nipple skin until the very last shred of skin decides to break loose. I could not find anywhere on this site, where anyone had written about the scabs and the length that they could appear. I hope this helps concerned patients who are anxiously waiting for the scabs to fall off and worried that the balck indicates dying tissue. Thank you.
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