Much Needed Lipo and BBL (Fat Transfer) DR. DIMARIO - Philadelphia, PA

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I originally went for a consultation with Dr....

I originally went for a consultation with Dr. Gabay in NE Philly. He gave me a price for lipo in my abdomen, flanks, and thighs and a Brazilian Butt Lift. The price was good. However the pictures of the BBL results didn't really excite or impress me. I was recommended to him for lipo only anyway, but I needed a BBL and wanted to get everything done at once from one doctor; and at the time, he was the only cosmetic surgery doctor in the area that I knew about. After my pre op was scheduled, I was recommended to another doctor named Dr. Carmen Dimario who has two offices but his main one is in BalaCynwyd right off City Line Ave. (he doesn't own that place, it's owned by a woman named Janet). The place is called Body and Arts Science Center. A few local girls went there and got lipo and bbl and their bodies are amazing. Especially their butts, which I was impressed with, unlike at Gabay's office. If you go to Gabay's website, you can see the before and after pics of BBL's which don't show much of a difference. My cousin got lipo from there a few years ago and her stomach came out okay but one of her thighs were bigger than the other so she had to go again and he fixed it but she had to pay an operating room cost and anasthesia I believe as well. Anyway at Body and Arts, 20 massages are included in your procedure price. The massages are crucial helping you with recovery and they are done for max results. I heard they're painful but very worth it. I've also heard and read many great reviews about Dr. Dimario's work. Janet is the owner who you will meet with and she gives you the price after looking at your body and touching it. For your pre op, you meet with the doctor and go over everything and tell him how you want your butt to look, etc. Mine is tomorrow so I'll update the review after... i AM choosing Dr. Dimario because of the results I've personally seen. Also because I read a lot, and I mean A LOT of reviews on Dr. Gabay and saw many pictures that I wasn't pleased with. Dr. Gabay is a professional cosmetic surgeon and he's very nice but results speak for themselves. I would recommend him for just liposuction but not for a BBL or a tummy tuck. He says he has years of experience in doing this but Dr. Dimario's BBL's look way better. You will like Gabay's office and most of the staff over Body and Arts Center because Gabay's office is bigger and looks more professional. He has a lot of staff, many nurses and he even has his own lab if I'm not mistaken. His staff are older women who have been working there for years, besides a few of them who are young and of this generation, but they are all helpful and very professional. At body and arts, one might think they are a little disorganized but they're actually very good. It's just that they're a family owned business and the owner Janet is very hands on, as well as her husband who works there too. The doctor literally just does HIS JOB AS A DOCTOR while she handles everything else. She even gave me her personal cell # and I can text her for anything. It's more expensive at this place. It's costing me $1000 more exactly than at Gabay's but I think it's worth it. Especially with the massages it includes. Oh and before your pre op, you have to get an EKG which they give you a script for and you have to get blood work. You also have to get cleared for surgery by your primary care physician. They care about your health and want to make sure everything is good with you before you can get any procedure done. All the results are faxed to their office and the Dr reviews everything with you at your pre op... Ladies please if you have went to Dr. Dimario or Dr. Gabay for a BBL, please comment and tell me your experiences. I love seeing pictures as results because they speak for themselves. I want to hear negative and positive about both doctors. I'm extremely nervous about my procedure and I pray to God everything comes out good. I'm not looking forward to the excruciating pain I'm going to experience and I'm not looking forward to having a drain attached to me but I'm going for it. :-) plz comment. I'll post before and after pics after my surgery.

6 days PRE OP

My pre op appt was last week and I met Dr. Dimario personally. He seemed honest and caring. I was literally in his office talking to him for about 30 mins and he was patient answering all of my questions even after I keep asking the same things. He understands that people are nervous before surgery so he was kind and didn't rush me out at all. He said he puts in about 1000cc's in each cheek, which I thought was a lot because I've read reviews and some girls get less than 600cc's and their before and after pics are awesome and show a good change. But he makes your butt the way you want it. If you want big then he'll do it and if you want natural then he will do that. Well at least that's what i hope!! I won't know until it's actually done. But he's honest with you and tells you what "kind of butt/size" looks right on you. I have to take him my wish pic the morning of surgery. He wants you to show him a pic of how you want your final butt results to look like. He will add more fat than the picture because you lose 20-40% of fat (more towards the 40%). I'm nervous about not being able to sit on my butt for 6 weeks especially since I sit a lot at work. Sometimes I have NO choice but to sit :-( so I don't know how I'm going to deal with it. Anyway I went to my primary care physician yesterday and got my blood work and ekg done. Everything looked good and they faxed it over for Dr. Dimario to review and give the final approval. Tomorrow I am going to buy everything I need for at least 2 weeks after my procedure. I have to go food shopping, I have to buy pillows, towels, dial soap, maxi pads, diapers, gallons of water, a few bottles of Gatorade for the first day, sweat pants, and whatever else I think of that I might need... I can't believe that I am really going through with this. I have wanted lipo and a bbl for years but never wanted to go to a cosmetic surgeon and actually do it. I kept telling myself that God made me this way for a reason. But I wasn't happy with myself and exercise wasn't helping me; so I prayed and explained to God why I wanted this and I asked Him to please guide my surgeons hands through the surgery. I'm not going to get into religion here but I just pray everything comes out good. I'm nervous about bruising and swelling because I bruise soooo easily and when I swell, I SWELLLLLL! My skin is sensitive and usually takes long to heal so I hope in this case, it isn't too bad... I'll update the morning of surgery if I can. I already know I'm not gonna sleep the night before due to anxiety and the morning of, I might be stuck on the toilet with diarrhea :-( but I will def update my review after surgery and I'll try MY BEST to do it before the first night is over.

Surgery Day!

Today is the day! I am on my way to Body and Arts Science Center now. I am soooo nervous that I have diarrhea. Every time I think about it my eyes get watery. I'm trying not to cry because I don't wanna have a panic attack over something that I've been wanting to do for a few years now. But I'm just very nervous and having anxiety (which I suffer from) so it always happens and I definitely knew it would happen today. I love sitting down and I won't be able to do that for the next 6 weeks so I've been sitting as much as possible the last few days, lol. You'll realize how much people take advantage of sitting down once you get a bbl. Anyway, I'm nervous because I don't know how my body is gonna turn out after, I don't know how surgery is gonna go, I dont know anything and I won't until Im recovering.

What I have with me:
2 towels, baby wipes (in case I have to poop before surgery), maxi pads, depends, my antobiotics and vitamins I've been taking, and a pillow (for the ride home). Oh and a tank top to put under the garment and a brand new pair of XL size panties. The maxi pads and depends are for the padding under the garment.

I'll try to update the review once I get home. If not, I will in a few days.

2 days after surgery

Ok so I got my surgery two days ago and I feel like total CRAP!! It's hard for me to stand straight, let alone walk! At this point im regretting the surgery (at least half of it) I could've got Lipo and not the bbl and I would be able to lay on my back and butt cheeks without a problem... But I was told by many that I'll regret it the first couple of days but once I approach the end of the 1st wk, I'll feel totally different! Today was my 2nd massage and it was more painful than yesterday (It really depends on who's doing it because some of the girls are more gentle than others). I had a lot of fluid built up in my lower back so they had to put a needle back there to help drain it. The fluid back there was keeping me from being able to sleep right at night due to pain and to stand straight. Today I've been walking every 2 hrs for 30mins and it makes me feel better because if I don't do it, ill be too stiff. I'm telling you it's a whole process and STRUGGLE! Today I also take my first shower and as much as I want to badly, im scared to do so. My stomach is very sensitive and I have skin hanging which they tell me tightens up after a few weeks. I'm scared to shower n wash my faja and while it airdries, I swell up and it's harder to put on. But ima try it anyway because I need a shower!! The baby wipes ain't doing it for an entire week, lol. I also haven't pooped but I havent ate solid foods yet, just strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and pineapple. I stopped drinking Gatorade today. I'm only drinking water from now on. I only take Vicodin at night which doesn't take the pain away, just makes me groggy and I can fall asleep, even if I wake up 2 hrs later. (I read the name on the bottle and it's not even Vicodin, they just call it that but it's a substitute I guess)... I'm so thankful to have my bf as my helper, he is awesome!! Helps me with everything. He pushes me when needed n sometimes gets annoyed when I wake him up in the middle of the night to help me use the bathroom but he does it anyway! I use a urinal to pee and he holds it for me because I can't bend down. My pain tolerance is low so I'm in excruciating pain but 2 hours ago when I got up for my 1st 30min walk of the day, my lower abdomen didn't hurt so I was happy about that! Now let's see how it is when I get up in a few mins. Getting up from my stomach is harder and also getting out the car is hard! But I'm trying to make it easier. Tomorrow ima take a pill an hour before my massage appt and hopefully I have strength to get up from the bed they lay u in during the massage. Hopefully the pain gets better by the weekend so I can sleep in my own bed because the sofa is killing me!!

8 days after surgery

Today marks day 8 after my liposuction and Bbl. I have made a huge difference recovery wise. Still not near perfect and I still have pain getting up from the couch (where I sleep- at least til my drain n stitches come out) but I have improved since day 2. I noticed small rolls on my back sides and I'm not sure if it's from the faja that I have to wear or not. Hopefully that part was actually lipo'd because it looks much more noticeable now than it ever even did. If it wasn't lipo'd, i won't even be that mad though because recovery has been a pain and I'm just tired of it all. I just wanna get better and go back to being able to do anything and everything (except for eating everything I want lol). I can't wait to go back to the gym and really get it in. I am gonna tone myself up and work on a six pack. My belly button looks like it's getting back to normal. I have stitches in it still because that's one of the spots the doctor made an incision through for the lipo. Today I'm suppose to get my drain and stitches out. My drain has started to bother me and I think it's because it's ready to come out. I still have lots of fluid on my sides and abdomen but that's when carboxy and radio treatments come in play i was told. Overall I think I like how I look so far. When I look at my before pics compared to my current pic, it's such a difference. Dr. dimario really sculps your body. My vagina area is super swollen and I have a yeast infection now (might be TMI for some but we are all grown women here so ima keep it all the way 100!) I believe that came from the antibiotics because as all of you know, an easy way to get the infection is by taking antibiotics because it messes up ur PH levels or whatever it is because it kills good and bad bacteria... Im almost done my 1 set of antibiotics and I have a refill for the other ones that finished yesterday so I'm getting them today. I guess I'll be on antibiotics for another week or 2 (idk how many im getting).
Pain level has went down, it's a lot of discomfort now. I'll update after my drain and stitches come out. Sorry I haven't posted pics but I will!!

My drain is out! Day 8 cont'd... Pics taken yesterday!

So when I went to my drainage massage appointment today they took my drain out as well as all of my stitches from all the incisions. I'm so excited because the drain had started to bother me and it needed out! Now I should be able to do more and be more flexible. When she cut the 1 stitch out to pull the drain out, it didn't hurt but once the drain was out, it burned a little around the incision area. But it happened so fast that it wasn't painful. (I never had stitches before so I thought it hurt when they take them out but it just feels like a pinch with a metal object.) I didn't see the full drain so idk the length of it but I know I felt it moving around the left side of me as it was coming out and the drain bottle as well as the incision were on my right side, so I'm sure it was pretty long. It felt like a small snake moving around, lol. The incision is still a little open but the massage therapist said in about 2 days it should close on its own... I am on my 2nd hook of the faja which Im shocked about because I thought that time would never come. I didn't even notice until I was on the phone with my friend explaining something to her n she asked me if i was still on the same first hook. When I looked down, I realized that I was in fact on my second one. I guess they had to wait for the drain to be out to make it tighter but I don't even feel it tight, it's weird. As I walked around my complex today, the faja and padding felt like they were apart from my abdomen. I had to press down on it in order to walk right and even then, I was walking like an old lady. The massage lady didn't put my padding on right today so it's been very uncomfortable for me both in my abdomen and my sides... But here are some pics I took last night after my shower. Hence, I still have my drain in. I am also still swollen and bruised.

11 days post today. Pics taken day 10 post op.

It is 8:15 in the morning and I have been up since 7. I went to bed around 11:30pm, goes to show that ever since I got this surgery I CANT SLEEP IN! But it's ok because I'm up early on a Saturday morning walking around... Yesterday evening after my shower, I snapped these pics of myself. So these pics are 10 days post op. I'm still a work in progress but I see a big difference compared to my pics from 7 days post op, especially in my abdomen. I'm gonna have my bf take me a body pic like the one I posted of day 7 so yall can compare the difference better because since I took the pic myself, it's kind of a different angle than if someone was in front of me taking it, so ima do that and post later today or tomorrow. Today I woke up great, with neck pain but I was good. Yesterday evening I was FINALLY able to push myself up from the couch as if I was doing a push up and lift my knees up towards me to sit straight up with my knees bended on couch. It was soooo much easier getting off the couch that way instead of dragging myself out of it like i was doing. I was soooo happy when I was able to do that, it was like an accomplishment that I was proud of. Some of you may not understand or know the struggle I was enduring so you think that wasn't nothing but trust me, it was. If you were here with my bf and I since the day of surgery, you would've probably given me a present just for that, lol SERIOUSLY... When I went to bed last night, I practiced two more times on the bed and was able to get up with no issue, so I went to sleep. When I woke up this morning, I did the same thing and was out of bed in less than 1 minute and a half probably (I do it very slow so I won't hurt myself). I can finally say that I'm getting better. It's almost two weeks (3 days left) and I'm just now starting to do more. The key is to walk a lot and practice. It's very hard to get things done when your body is stiff, which was a big problem for me so I had to get myself up and WALK! Now I go down like if I was squatting and I go very low, I also lift my legs up as high as I can when I'm walking inside or just standing still, I stretch my legs out as much as possible, and I'm still working on the bending over part (since you mainly use your abdomen muscles for that, it's still a little difficult for me to do). I haven't walked out in public besides going to my appointments and the other day when I went for a walk around my complex. Im scared to go out because I walk funny although I walk straight up, I'm still not walking regular. Today I'm going outside though and Ima push myself to get through it. Because I wanna be normal by Tuesday which marks 2 weeks!

My experience with my surgery center and doctor. Things you should know before choosing your surgeon & operating center.

I am 12 days post op today as you might all know from reading my previous blogs. As of today, I have to be honest and say that I am not 100% satisfied with my results, particularly my abdomen, flanks, and back liposuction results. YES, he sculpted my body the way it should be and its not squared anymore up top. HOWEVER, my stomach looks horrible and I still have a little bit of fat on my sides. It is a big difference from before but it's been almost 2 weeks and my stomach is STILL extremely sensitive to touch and it's not tightened at all, let alone FLAT like it should be. It just looks like a lipo gone wrong. Whether I'm swollen and still have fluid inside me or not, it's still NOT right. I feel it in my heart. I haven't seen my surgeon since the morning of surgery. At Body and Arts Science Center, you meet the surgeon during your pre op appt and then you see him again when you go to the back for surgery, then you don't see him again until about 2 months when your drain massages, carboxy and radio therapies are complete. That's when they consider your post op appt to be! He's either not at the office or he's in surgery when I'm at my appts. I don't even know how many CC's I have in my butt. The people at the center aren't that bad but I just wish it was ran better. It's a family business and its so small. They're always super busy and they don't have time to cater to your specific needs or issues, which is BAD. They're nice to me and all but overall for professionalism and office management, I give them a 1 out of 10! On my discharge papers their were 3 main things checked off that said if I experienced any of those effects, to contact the doctor IMMEDIATELY. Well I experienced all 3 of them and when I contacted Janet (who is the owner of the center because they don't give you the doctors direct number) , she said it was normal and for me to take Tylenol. My fever was high, my pain medication wasn't taking the pain away and my drain was leaking and oozing from the incision. All of the 3 main things and they just said it was normal! The doctor should see the patient the day after surgery and sometime during that same week as well to make sure things are looking good and normal. And then maybe once a week after. That's not too much to ask for especially after such an expensive major surgery! When I go to my next appointment I'm gonna ask to speak to the doctor and I can bet hundreds of dollars that im not gonna be able to because there's gonna be an excuse which most likely is that he's in surgery. But I know the procedure and know it takes almost an hour before they take you to the actual operating room and start the procedure so I'm gonna demand to speak to him because I'm already pissed!! I want him to see my body and how I am healing and tell me himself if it's looking normal or what! My advice to all is to do your research of the surgery center, the doctor, whoever is in charge of running the place, and most importantly their after care. Find out how easy it is to contact the doctor anytime you need him and how many times you see the doctor after surgery. That's most important. At Body and Arts, Dr.Dimario is more of an outpatient type of doctor. I don't know how to word it correctly but he just goes there to perform the surgeries for the clinic and then he leaves. He has another office somewhere else and idk what he does over there. They have a certificate with his name on it that says he's a certified cosmetic surgeon but that's about it. I wish I would've waited for my surgery and gone to Dr. Salzhauer in Florida. He's an MD and is the chief surgeon of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery... I like how Dr.Dimario did my Bbl but I don't like now he did my lipo. I'm hoping my stomach gets better and maybe then I'll have a slightly different opinion but either way, I probably won't because my stomach should be flat by now and not bothering me at all like it is. 2 weeks is the recovery time and it looks like it's gonna take me more than 3!... The girls that do the massages are like immigrants because they don't speak any English except for one of them which is Jessica. If you don't know Spanish then there's no communication between yall, which is another issue this place has! The massages are to drain your fluids until they take the drain and stitches out, the carboxy is to break up any fat left inside, and the radio treatments is supposed to be to tighten your stomach and minimize the presence of lose skin. The girls do a good job at the massages; they hurt in some areas but feel awesome in others. Carboxy burns when they put the needles inside you but radio isn't painful. They press down on your belly but it's not meant to hurt unless your stomach is as sensitive as mine! Idk if it's just my body that takes long to heal or what. But regardless, my stomach should be flat. That's the root of my disappointment!... As far as how I'm feeling- my back and neck hurts and my ribs feel like they're crushing because of this tight ass faja. My butt in the bottom is starting to soften up but the top is still hard and not moveable at all, lol. I was told it takes like 4 weeks for it to soften up so I have less than 3 weeks to find out. I can't wait for my 6 weeks to be up!! I wanna sit down on my sofa so bad and sleep on my back badly!!!! My eyes and face get swollen from sleeping on my stomach and it looks horrible. I'm walking better and it's easier for me to get up when I'm sitting or laying. It's also easier for me to bend down and pick things up from floor. I don't quite walk like I was before surgery and I think it's because of the tight faja, but I feel weird walking without it so it's no win. That's another thing I'm hoping gets better sooner than later... Well I'm done with this blog for today; I've written enough lol. I'll update after my next appointment once I'm 2 wks in. Wish me luck!!

2 weeks post op!

Hey yall... Today I am exactly 14 days post op!! Whoa, this has been a longgggggg 2 weeks!! (It's a little after midnight so the post might say it's 15 days but it's still Tuesday the 26th to me so I'm at 14 days, I noted this just in case). I just re-read my review from a few days ago and I realized that I was mad while I was writing it so some things might sound worse than they really are. So I'll be HONEST. Today I looked at my stomach before my shower and I noticed it went down a lot since a couple of days ago. Idk if it was the radio treatment that made my inflammation go down (since that's what it's supposed to help do, as well as tighten up your muscles) but all I know is that it looks better today... Dr. Dimario is actually a very good surgeon. He was honest and straight up with me since day 1 of meeting him so I'm not gonna take my frustration out on him because it's really not his fault. Everyone's genes, body types and skin are different. Some people take longer to recover than others so I just have to suck it up knowing that I'm one of those who take longer... The lady who always does my massages is sooo sweet. One thing I can say about the massage therapists is that they take good care of you and are there to help you. They always ask me if I'm okay, they tell me when to take deep breaths; they KNOW when certain things are gonna hurt. They help you getting up and laying down if you need the help and your first week or so when you can't dress yourself, they do it all for u. They're not bad at all and they do a great job with the therapy sessions, so I can't complain about them. My radio therapy didn't hurt, now let's not talk about carboxy!! Nothing compares to that pain, lol... So yeah my stomach is looking better. It's too early for me to expect a flat stomach. I just jump to conclusions because I compare myself to others and how their recovery and healing is but as of today, I am no longer doing that. I'm gonna let my body do what it does and let it heal at its own pace. I was gonna try and talk to Dimario today but he was in surgery and I wasn't even mad because I just expressed all of my concerns with the massage therapist and she reassured me that I was okay. She's been working there for a few years and has treated hundreds of girls post op so she has experience and I believe she knows what she's talking about. She told me that the doctor was only gonna tell me I was swollen and to wait for my therapy sessions to be complete. And if she thought their was a problem, the doctor would have BEEN informed immediately. Every time she notices I have too much fluid in my back, she acts quick. I have had 2 needle drains in my back so far and 1 in my lower abdomen. 2 massage therapists were there to assist in case I fainted (apparently it happens a lot). The fluid from my belly wasn't as bloody looking as the one on my back, it had more of a yellow color to it. It was a lot of fluid in the syringes and they told me I didn't have anymore as of the moment. I asked them (massage therapists) about my stomach not being flat and they told me I was just extremely swollen and that it goes down slowly. My butt also has to soften up and drop because it's very swollen too. I am prone to inflammation for some reason and I retain liquid more than others which is why I'm on such a strict diet- 0 salt/ sodium and 0 sugar consumption. It's hard and I do eat some things with sodium or sugar but I always read the labels and make sure the numbers are veryyy low and I serve less than the serving size. I just started doing that this week because I was literally starving myself because I was too afraid to consume a drop of salt/sodium or sugar! Smh. I tell yall, work out and don't get this surgery!!!!! Lol, ugh! If I could go back and change it, I would!!... Until next time readers. I'll update in another week unless something comes up that yall should know about...

3 weeks post op- Day 21

Today I am exactly 3 weeks (21 days) post op! I feel much better than I did a week ago. I never thought this recovery was gonna get better for me but I guess that's just how it always feels at the beginning when you're so useless and full of pain like I was :-( omg, it was horrible!! I don't ever wanna go through that again! My swelling has went down, though not fully, I can see the difference. I'm happy I can walk better, use the bathroom easier, shower by myself, get in & out the car without help (although I look a little retarded doing so, I get it done alone lol) & do many other things on my own like before my surgery. If you're at your first week and are reading this, you should stop now because this isn't gonna make u feel any better. You're gonna think the same way I did when I read about people a few wks post that were doing so good- I felt like that was never gonna be me and I hated reading reviews like that lol. I only wanted to read the ones where the person felt as bad as me or worse. The recovery has been long but I am honestly getting better each day, ALTHOUGH there are days that are still worse than others (especially worse than the day before) which I don't understand sometimes... I thought carboxy was going to be very painful (as everyone said) but it wasn't too bad for me. Some spots burned more than others but I handled it pretty well. Radio therapy doesn't hurt; it's just warm but it feels good... I am now on the 3rd hook on the compression garment (3/4 so I think next week, I'll be on the 4th, depends on my swelling)... My lower back hurts because of all my padding, I just wanna take everything off but i know I can't! My stomach is still sensitive but only around my belly button area and below... Overall, I have no real pain, just discomfort... I feel better than last week and I know it's only gonna get better. My neck pain is a 3 out of 10 being the worse. Back pain is a 10! My butt is getting softer!! Yayyyy, but it's still very big so I'm hoping it goes down more. My bruising for the most part is gone but my ribs hurt me so much! Tomorrow Ima post pics up because I'm too sleepy to do it now although it's only 8:30pm... I'm too sleepy to continue writing. Today has been a long one!

23 days post op

A few of you have been asking me for before and after pictures so I'm finally going to post ONE & that is of my stomach. Once I am completely healed, I would post a few more (of my sides, back & butt) before AND after. But I want to wait until I am completely HEALED. I haven't been taking many pictures. I shower everyday and I look at myself in the mirror but sometimes I don't like that my stomach isn't all the way flat and normal yet (although I know it's still swollen and healing) so I just get a little annoyed & don't take pics. I thought by the second week my stomach would be flat & back to normal, just like Dr. Miami's patients' stomachs are 2 weeks post BUT IN MY CASE, IT'S DIFFERENT. Every surgeon does their surgeries different and Dr. Dimario injects a lot of fluid inside his patients before starting the lipo, which I believe creates more long-term swelling. But I can't keep comparing him to others because what's done is already done so Ima just pray for the best results... I was reading about the way my stomach feels and looks right now and a lot of doctors say it's signs of Seroma, which they say is not a good thing. I asked my massage therapist about Seroma and she said it's very common and normal, which I can understand the common part but not the normal part! She tells me we all get Seroma and it's not bad, what we have to worry about is Hematoma. (Blank stare- okay!) This is 1 thing I don't like about my surgery center. I feel as though the doctor should see me post op and talk to me about Seroma and be honest with me since he IS THE DOCTOR. I know my massage therapists only want the best and they treat me very well but sometimes I get irritated and wish the doctor would see his patients post op and not wait until the massages are completely done 2 1/2 months later. Even though the therapists reassure me that I'm healing well, it would give me much more comfort to see the doctor and have him feel my stomach himself and assure me that I'm healing well! (Maybe I'm just having one of those daysssss, ugh)! Anyway, nevertheless, Dr. Dimario shaped my stomach and waist very well. When I look at my before pictures, my jaw drops. I no longer have love handles, rolls on my back, a line across my stomach up to my sides (you'll notice it in my before pic), or a big pouch of fat in the middle of my stomach! So that, I'm happy about. I JUST WANT MY STOMACH ALL THE WAY FLAT, WITH THE NORMAL FEELING I HAD PRE OP AND NO SENSITIVITY AT ALL!! My sensitivity has gotten better though, before it was my entire stomach, now it's just sensitive in the area around my belly button and entirely below it... My butt concerns me as well because when I take side pictures, one looks bigger and wider than the other. I keep freaking out about it but I keep hearing that I have to wait until my swelling goes down and that I might not see final results for at least 3 months! But I NEED to see my final results by week 6 because that's when a bbl heals completely. You can't sit on your butt for 6 weeks but after that, everything is cool and your butt won't flatten if you sit down and the fat won't move anywhere else, so why wouldn't my butt be even by then?! I really hope it is!! The 3 month wait is understandable for the LIPOSUCTION because of all the swelling but not for the butt. Although supposedly it (the butt fat) can keep going down/dropping for up to 3 months after the bbl, I don't see it being swollen for that long. I have no more bruising or pain. Sometimes my butt does hurt, usually after I get up from sitting on my towels and/or waking up in the morning but that's about it. Like I was finally able to say in my previous post 2 days ago, I feel more discomfort now than anything; before it was more pain. I still have pain on my ribs but that's about it; as far as tummy pains-none. I was taking tylenol every night before bed so I can wake up painless but i forgot to take them the past 2 days and guess what? I didn't miss it at all, so now I'm not taking any. As far as the pain pills I was prescribed after my surgery, I stopped taking them the 2nd or 3rd day. They were narcotics and wasn't taking no pain away, neither were they helping me sleep. I would sleep for 2-3 hrs max and that's it so I stopped taking them because I didn't wanna become dependent on them!... I have had my back drained about 4-5 times so far and my stomach once. I accumulate a lot of fluid (genetics) so I can't do nothing about it. I watch my sodium and sugar intake daily so I know it's not my fault. I don't mind the back drainages though because it doesn't hurt me, it actually feels good... I need to buy the board next week for my stomach because it's getting a little uneven now that a lot of the swelling is down. My stomach is a little bumpy (the bumps aren't hard or painful though so nothing bad to worry about). The board is much more uncomfortable because it's hard and I probably won't even be able to bend over with it but I need to sacrifice for my flat tummy! I'm also buying a boppy pillow after I reach week 4 because since my butt is already softening up, I feel more comfy about sitting on a boppy pillow. Especially since some doctors have their patients using them day 1 after their bbl's, I don't think it would cause me any harm. Boppy pillows supposedly don't put pressure on your buttocks and they're much more comfy to sit on and drive, etc. so I'll let yall know after next week... Oh I'm still not wearing any jeans and I am not going to until I reach week 6. I have to buy different size jeans too and I won't be able to try any on and wiggle my butt around until after 6 wks so that is why I'm waiting that long... My lower back still hurts only because of the diapers I have under my compression garment & the rolled up maxi pads I have in the middle of my lower back... Anyway I'm done with this post. Check out the before and after pic of my stomach so you can see the big difference overall (how much fat was removed and how the doctor sculpted it). I hope it helps in deciding if any of you wanna consider him or not. I think his work is good overall with the exception of adding too much fluids inside and us needing to go through all the post op massages/therapies. But I keep hearing that at the end, all of these appointments are worth it. The post op care was another reason why I chose Body & Arts; I just honestly didn't think my stomach wasn't gonna be flat and normal after 2 wks. Sucks but it is what it is. I'll be patient. I actually can't wait for my 6th week to get here to see how my butt and stomach looks by then! Because I wanna wear a bathing suit, jump in the pool, go to the gym and work out and jump around like a normal person can do!!!

4 weeks today; Spoke to surgeon. New office review!

WARNING: very long post. LMAO... I can't believe it's been 28 days since my surgery. Doesn't even feel like I'm on my 4th week because everything isn't back to normal yet... I saw Dr. Dimario today!! I told Janet I needed to speak to him because I had concerns, and I was able to see him as soon as he got there. I expressed my stomach AND butt concerns to him (1 side is rounder & wider than the other) and he told me I won't see final results until 3-6 months post op! I didn't wanna hear that lol but he was honest with me and made me feel comfortable so I wasn't even mad. He told me I'm "ONLY" 4 weeks post op and that wasn't enough time. I could've sworn it was since my butt is considered "healed" in 2 more wks and I didn't think liposuction was such a big surgery that you take months to heal- but IT IS MAJOR SURGERY. I told him I didn't feel like that was swelling (butt unevenness) and he told me it surely was and that asymmetry is common and actually normal because no person is perfectly asymmetrical. That worries me but he told me I would be fine.. He DID tell me that I had fibrosis but with the therapies it would subdue and that I shouldn't worry. I had googled liposuction fibrosis or fibrosis after liposuction and read that almost 90% of liposuction patients get fibrosis post op.. He showed me my before pics and told me I had a lot of work done because of all the excess fat I had in my abdomen. He also said I had no hips and no butt, so he sculpted me very well. Which I thanked him for because he really did. He said every person is different and heals differently. Also, that the more fat one has, the longer their stomachs take to get back to normal. Someone with less fat in their abdomen before lipo would heal faster than someone who had a lot of fat and more work to do in the abdomen, flanks, back & waist (that was me, not including my butt). So I guess I'll just have to suck it up and wait another 2 months for final results. I'm not even halfway there yet until I get to 8 weeks, which he said is when I'll see better results. He touched and pressed down on my stomach and told me it was fine and it was normal for it to look/feel the way it does... The massage therapists take care of all the post op care and if they have any concerns or something doesn't seem normal, they'll let him know asap.. They actually really care about the patients results so I trust them! I always have the same massage therapist and I love her. First we had a love n hate relationship because those drainage massages my first 2 weeks were HELL lol but she always helped me take my faja off, get me on the bed, get me off, dress me from my faja all the way to my sneakers, etc. She has always treated me very well and with much respect & care. She didn't rush me to force myself; she instead encouraged me and told me when I should move faster at times, etc. but it was all for my own good and to cause the minimum amount of pain possible. I used to do everything very slow because I was scared of the pain or hurting myself but she was always patient with me...

About my surgery center and surgeon- You know the saying "a closed mouth don't get fed"? Well that's obviously very true lol. I complained about the center and surgeon when I was 12 days post op because I was stressed out about how I was healing. (It wasn't as bad as I thought but I'm my worst critic!) I wrote a post about my experience thinking Dr. Dimario didn't do a good job, that I had fat in my sides still, about not being able to see the doctor until my massage therapies were complete & the customer service at the center. I don't regret writing it because I'm sure a lot of you women can relate to my frustration during your first couple of weeks. The first 2 wks are the worse, BEWARE. Lol! However, although I don't regret writing it, I can say that I feel very much different now! 2 days after I wrote that blog, I turned 2 weeks so I re read it and realized I was angry and taking my frustration out on all of them; I updated the blog then too and mentioned this... Ok so back to a closed mouth doesn't get fed- I can't see the doctor if I don't ask to. Dimario normally sees patients after they finish their therapy which is almost 3 months after surgery and he told me today that he does that because that's usually when all the swelling should be greatly diminished and you can see a pretty good view of how you/the patient would look at 3months which is the average length of full recovery. BUT if there's an issue during your recovery period or if u ask to see/speak with him, they're gonna be sure u do. I mean they can't really deny u from seeing your surgeon! He doesn't turn down any patients who are going to their post op appointments and wish to see him for any reason. If you have a concern or think there's an issue that the massage therapists don't think is one, you can always ask for him and if he's not in surgery by then, he will see you, check you, and answer any questions you may have. *i wanted to clear that up* I don't think they have bad customer service skills either- it's just they have so many patients, it's understandable for things to get overwhelming. They DO provide each patient with individual attention and cater to their needs but again, you have to voice your opinion (IF U HAVE CONCERNS OR DONT FEEL RIGHT ABOUT YOUR SURGERY) and get your answers from the person you feel the most comfortable getting them from (which in my case was the doctor!) I feel comfortable with the therapists as well and they been doing this for years but sometimes us as humans just wanna go straight to the highest person which is the surgeon in this case lol... Sometimes the main receptionist brings her personal issues and attitude with her to the office but she's the owner's daughter and she pretty much has a lot on her plate. And she doesn't treat me any type of bad way so I don't have an issue with that. My issue about their responsibility/ office management was them getting to the office late after the first morning patients do, but I don't worry about that anymore because I know the routine... Oh and let me not forget, I don't have fat on my sides. That was swelling which is slowly diminishing. Dr. Dimario took A LOT of fat out of me & sculpted me well. I have good faith and positive thoughts about my final results...

How I feel- Very little abdominal pain, some pain in back from sleeping on my stomach, little neck pain. Overall, I feel better. I have a board on now in the front of my stomach which is so my stomach won't bend (I needed it asap!) It goes all the way around to my back (cushioned). I no longer have the bottom diaper on my lower back but I still have a maxi pad rolled up in the middle and the diaper around my upper back but it's not uncomfortable. They sell the fajas and boards there. Fajas are $130 & boards are $20 & $50. The $20 one is very small and literally only covers the front of your abdomen. The $50 one goes all the way around to your back and it's better. The hard board part is only in the middle but you have cushiony support all the way around to your back and it closes by velcro...

*This surgery is a work in progress! U gotta have patience!!! I mean u have no choice because u can't do anything to change how your results are gonna be. Just follow the diet they give you because it extremely helps during your first month. My first 2 weeks I had zero sodium, salt & sugar besides the sugar that was naturally in fruits. I then turned into a low sodium, low salt, low sugar diet.. I haven't ate pizza or pasta because it's very high in carbs and I'm not just gonna let myself go after I spent my hard earned money on this painful surgery. Yes I'll have cheat days but only when I'm ready... Continuing to pray for a speedy recovery as a whole...

8 wks post op!

I haven't posted in a while because I didn't wanna repeat myself but I'm seeing much better results so here I go... I'm 8 weeks post op today. This recovery has been a roller coaster for me. My first 2-3 weeks were the worse! I was stressed, depressed, and regretting. I am finally able to now say that I don't regret my surgery. I am seeing very great results. My stomach is still very sensitive and I have a few lumps (fibrosis); some days my belly looks flat and some days you can really notice the lumps! Some parts of my stomach are softer than others and some parts are still numb but my stomach looks better each day. I don't have any loose skin but I also never been pregnant so idk if it's different for women with kids.. The only pain I have in my belly area is on my sides and lower abdomen when I rub or press down on it... I no longer wear my faja 24-7. I stopped being so aggressive with it once I reached my 6th week because when u wear something tight for too long, it can create problems with your insides. I had got very sick and couldn't wear it for a few days. When I do wear it though, I notice a difference compared to when I don't have it on. My stomach gets very bloated/swollen when I eat and don't have the faja on. Depends on what clothes I wear, I put my faja on.. In 6 weeks, you're able to sit on your butt :-) BUT it's not comfortable because it still hurts. If I sit too long or try to run, my butt hurts. It's soft though and definitely lost volume but it's still BIG! I'm not disappointed with it because it actually looks very natural & fits my body! But it feels so weird and I get uncomfortable sometimes when it looks huge! When I wear jeans, my butt doesn't look as big but when I wear a dress or leggings, it looks humongous! It's crazy... At my surgery center, after 6 weeks they start putting these "suction cups" on your butt and it's supposed to make it look more natural, rounder & as even as possible on each side. My butt used to look like one side was bigger than the other but it doesn't look like that anymore so I guess the suction is working, lol... Oh I have also lost weight and started going back to the gym... I'm very careful about what I eat which is extremely important... Anyway, if you ladies have any questions, feel free to comment below! (I'll post new pics sometime this week with a new update).

8 wks post pics

Here are just a few updated pics. I took 2 butt pictures this morning as well as a stomach picture. The one pic with my belly button ring was taken June 16th. You can see my incision scars are still very noticeable.
Dr. Carmen DiMario

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