Mommy Makeover - July 22nd - Need a 'Pick Me Up'; Literally :-) - Philadelphia, PA

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Scheduled for July 22nd. So far, the physician and...

Scheduled for July 22nd. So far, the physician and staff have been great. I did alot of research beforehand, but they have been enthusiastic, honest and open. Have known two other people the surgeon has done work on and both are very happy (Tummy Tuck/Breast Reduction & Lower Body Lift). Not only is he double board certified with great patient references but he brings such an artistic approach to his discussions with you. He is also realistic in the way he sets expectations.

Why I did It? After 2 kids (both big - over 9lbs, not late, in fact early) things just weren't the same. I spent alot of time eating well, working out and generally doing quite a bit to take care of myself. At the end of the day, I would lose weight, but not much at all would happen for my shape. It was a very frustrating battle that lead me to going up and down by 15 - 20 lbs because I would get frustrated when after losing that weight, I was still left looking quite the same in most areas - sagging/larger breasts and a stomach that was just destroyed by previous surgery and carrying two children. I have a high pressure job and I am a Mom and Wife. I work hard in all areas and honestly, just really give my all 24/7. I have a great life, wonderful kids, fantastic husband and a great career. I wasn't lacking anything. But this was truly about me and what I wanted solely. I wanted to look better and not feel constantly frustrated. If I couldn't afford this surgery or wasn't able to tolerate the trauma, it would hardly be a big issue, but I can so I felt okay moving forward. I had worked hard to provide for my family and I have spent years eating well and keeping my health in check.

What I am having done? It's really a Mommy Makeover - breast reduction and lift; full tummy tuck and liposuction to the flank area. I was, at one time long ago, a 'C' cup with a good shape and placement, I was very happy with. My stomach was fine - no complaints. I have never been 'tiny'. I was always more curvy but held my weight well on my frame, typically wearing a 6-8 before kids. Naturally, that has 'expanded' a bit over the last decade plus to a '12', but honestly, I would have been just fine if not for the sag and stretch from pregnancy. I have come to know that size is really not a big deal if you feel good and feel comfortable. Who cares? After my first child, I weighed more and wore a bigger size, but was actually happier with how I looked. For those interested, I am 5'7 and 175 at the pre-op. What I hate is the 'map of the world' I see when looking in mirror or literally having to lift up my girls when putting on a bra! So, I am looking to lift and somewhat reduce my breasts and hopefully take away the overhang and some of the extension of my stomach with a reduction in stretch marks.

Preparations so far.... Pre Admin Testing Done; Surgery Paid for; Recovery Supplies Bought; Time Off Scheduled (and my husband); Recliner bought; meals are being made and cleaning the entire house this weekend. I'll post after pics once its all done and I can manage.

The cost listed is all in, meaning surgeon fees,...

The cost listed is all in, meaning surgeon fees, OR fees and anesthesia fee. Would love to hear others comments or suggestions who have had this type of multiple procedure surgery done. My only real concern is the recovery. I have 2.5 weeks off and plan on working from home for the following week. After that it will be back on the road for my job which entails a fair amount of travel around the Mid Atlantic area.

11 days post op and doing alittle better today....

11 days post op and doing alittle better today. The pain has been quite a challenge in regard to the Tummy Tuck and lipo of the flanks. The breast reduction has been minimal and quite easy to handle. The swelling is not helping at all, in fact the swelling just doesn't seem to get any better. Talked with the Dr and we will probably manually drain some of this week to try and help it along. By far the worst part has been the abdominal muscle; glad its been repaired, but I honestly did not prepare myself for it to feel that badly. I had a very large separation and its been that way for 9 years so its my fault not preparing myself mentally for it. I am not flat yet; hoping its due to swelling. I am also very uneven from one side to the other; again hoping its just from swelling. Overall though, there is definitely a worthwhile improvement in the appearance of my torso overall. Hoping it will continue to improve, but there are some visible, positive results.

My breasts are terrific. The lift is so obvious and the size is just great. I feel like am 20 again. I immediately could feel a difference in my neck and upper shoulder region so as the rest of my body continues healing, I should see even more improvement.

Suggestion to anyone else having similar procedures: get yourself a wedge pillow and several other softer pillows for your bed. The recliner is a good option as well, but I have found that after some time, you may want to the option of switching how your are resting so you don't strain other muscles, etc. Swtich to ibuprofen as soon as your Dr allows if you are experiencing alot of swelling. This has helped me so much in the last two days. I have been using a cold gel pack for my lipo site, one that is wrapped in a sleeve. Because of the skin numbness, you want to protect it with the sleeve, but the cold pack really helped my comfort level in having to sit/lie down so much which put pressure on the site.

A few photo updates post surgery

a few photo updates post surgery

Adding pictures

adding pictures

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