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I’ve suffered from hyperhidrosis for the past 6 years...

I’ve suffered from hyperhidrosis for the past 6 years. I received my first treatment yesterday at 9:30 am. The staff and doctor are very helpful and were quick to assist with any questions I had. They had me lay down on a table as they first administered a starch test. Following that they began the injections which were a bit painful. The rest of the procedure was completely painless (Level 5). I would say it took around 1hr 45min.

After 3 hrs the pain and swelling started creeping in. By 5:00pm the pain had become intense. My chest, underarms and biceps became very swollen. I iced all day but eventually had to take something stronger than ibuprofen to deal with the pain. I also took Benedryl at night which helped.

I woke up today in less pain but still very swollen. From my personal experience there is no way I would of been able to return to work the day of or day after the procedure. I’m continuing to ice and hoping for the best!

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Day Four

The pain is essentially gone aside from when I stretch my arms. I am still experiencing a lot of swelling of my biceps, chest, underarms and recently my torso. During my procedure I did require a larger stencil and I believe that's why I have more swelling than the average reviewer on here.

My underarms are still incredibly numb. I haven’t experienced any sweating but I’m not sure if that's due to them being so swollen. Will update on day 7!

Week One

Today marks one week. Overall the swelling has gone down considerably and I’ve experienced less sweating since the procedure. I still have a golfball like protrusion under my arms but I’m sure that will subside by week 2.

*Side Note(s)
1. For any fellow fitness fanatics I felt comfortable returning to the gym after day 5 but avoided anything involving shoulders.
2. During my week due to the pain I could only sleep on my back which was difficult at first, Benedryl really helped the first couple of nights.
3. Phantom sweating is very difficult to overcome!

After 2 months have passed I am going to update to whether the treatment still proves to be as effective. I have to note it is winter now and although I did sweat in cold weather before I’m sure in the heat I’m going to have some difficulty. As of now I am leaning towards receiving a second treatment. Sometimes my underarms are a little damp and it seems to have little effect on underarm smell but still a major improvement from before. Will update either on month 1 or 2!

One Month

It has been almost one month since my procedure and I am very happy with the outcome. After the swelling went down (Which took almost a week and a half) I was able to better notice the results.

I would say I have a 50% reduction. I am no longer sweating all day everyday like before the procedure. I am sometimes damp but compared to before I can't complain. I am still going to move forward with a second procedure once I hit three months. My doctor was great and I would say it was worth the money. Will update after second procedure!
Dr. Falcone

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