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So I'm 23 years old, 5'9" and 120 lbs with a 34A...

So I'm 23 years old, 5'9" and 120 lbs with a 34A (I trick myself by wearing a B but I'm sure I'm an A). Anyways, I'm finally financially stable enough to go ahead with my BA that I've wanted for years. Because I'm so small to begin with, I chose silicone implants because there is less of a risk of rippling. The doctor I chose is very skilled and specializes in the transaxillary incision, however after reading reviews from people who went this route I'm a little nervous my boobs will be high and far apart so I'm still considering the crease! So my surgery is in two weeks, and I couldn't be more excited/nervous!! I will post some before pictures soon, and keep you updated on everything.

If anyone has any advice on incisions, please help!!

Still stuck about incision :(

I'm really having a hard time deciding what incision is best for me :( when I talked to my doc about my concerns he gave me some pros and cons and said transax would work fine for me. I don't know what to do!

Before pics


I know this sounds vain haha but can I wear makeup the day of surgery? No foundation or anything, just maybe fill in my brows and some mascara so I don't look like a total gremlin when I'm done?


So I've been back and forth between PS suggested 375cc would be best for me (mentor silicone). But I was afraid that may be too big for my frame. However, after reading many of your stories and seeing comparable before and afters....I may just go for it! I'd rather be a rad bit too big than too small ;)

And FYI...mentor implants are the only ones made in the US.

'Merica ;)

4D imaging 375cc

One more week!!

Eeekk only one week! I'm SO nervous but so excited. I went out and grabbed some ice packs, straws, Chapstick and cocoa butter. I know I have to grab some soft/light food/snacks. What else should I get?! I feel like I'm forgetting lots of stuff :(

Post op bras?

I see so many of you ladies who couldn't find zip front sports bras so I went out and went to modells (o figured if anyone would have them they would) and grabbed one ($40!!!). Anywho I ran into sears after that and while I was there I figured I would take a look. I found a few different colors (modells only had one brand and one color) so I grabbed a black and a white.

I think they were 20 something each but when I got to the register they were on sale for $13 each!

So if any of you ladies are having trouble, look at sears! Even if they aren't on sale they're way cheaper than modells :)

5 more days ;)

Waxing :((

Sitting at the salon about to get my underarms waxed....eek!!

I think I'm more nervous about this than about my surgery....

Waxing and nails done

Well the waxing was way less painful than I expected (it hurt - but it was bearable) and I got my nails and toes redone so ill feel somewhat put together after my surgery haha

Post op bras pic

Got my surgery time!

So Friday is the day (yay!!) and i got my surgery time but of course there always has to be an issue!! My boss knows I'm having surgery and gave me a week off BUT scheduled me to work overnight 7p-7a tomorrow night. I told the office this at my pre op and she said shed do her best to get me in later. Well I have to be there at 9 on Friday morning. This would be plenty of time except I work in jersey, live 5 miles west of Philly and I usually don't even get home until 830 am. So there's no way is make it home to pick up my boyfriend and get back into the city by nine! So now his best friend has to drive me to work tomorrow night (my bf won't be home from work in time) and my bf has to pick me up Friday morning to go right to my surgery! I pretty much knew this was going to happen and it's not the fault of my PS (it's my bosses fault!!) but I was really hoping to have time to go home and get a shower first!! Oh well - I guess I should just be happy that's its less than 48 hours away!!

So nervous!!

Well tomorrow is it!! I worked overnight last night and I was so nervous/excited that I could barely sleep today, and of course I work overnight tonight. I'm going to be exhausted by the time I get to my surgery tomorrow! Oh well, it'll all be worth it by 11am tomorrow!

....that's if I don't chicken out ????

On our way...

The boyfriend just picked me up from work and we are on or way. Of course we'll be super early for 9:00. Surgery is at 10....ill update when I'm on the other side!

Well....I'm on the other side!!

Surgery was SO scary for no reason! When we got there we were early so we had to wait a while which have me major anxiety. They finally brought is upstairs where I got undressed and the nurses and anesthesia spoke to me and I filled out paperwork and got my IV. Then my PS came in and marked me up - for some reason seeing him just made me less nervous! When they brought me back they placed me on the operating title and have me something through my IV and them out the mask on. They didn't even make me count, I think I as out after 2 breaths! Next thing you know I was waking up in recovery high as a kite. I hated the fact that my bf wasn't allowed in there :(( however I wasn't in much pain, a little pressure and tightness but nothing major. I'm continuing to take the meds and I feel great!! They feel like theyre a bir small though :( i can take the bandages off tomorrow. More updates soon!


So yesterday when I left the hospital I felt really good, not much pressure or pain and I started my meds every 4hours as directed. I still felt pretty decent when I went to bed last night and never set my alarm for meds because I wasn't in enough pain to wake myself up. Boy was I wrong. I woke up SO stiff and sore and in a ton of pain. I couldn't even scoot to the end of the bed it hurt so bad :( so here I am, it's 245 am trying to move. Oh he'll no, my
Poor bf who has work in the morning got up and grabbed them :) I LOVE HIM soooo much! He really
Is a

My posts...

Can you tell I'm a little jacked from the meds! My last entry made almost no sense haha


So I work in healthcare (I'm a respiratory therapist) so you think I'd be okay with the whole anesthesia thing. Well that wasn't the case. I had never been put under before in my life and I was TERRIFIED. But this post is for all you ladies who might be feeling the same thing I felt about going under for the first time. Like I said, I was so scared. BUT after they got me all prepped on the OR table they gave me some oxygen and then a minute later I was told I was going to taste funny air (tasted like rubbing alcohol) they didn't even ask me to count, I think I took two breaths and then woke up with boobs! It was so weird how no time has passed for me, yet my poor boyfriend was waiting for three hours ( they wouldn't let him into recovery). So my point is, if you're as terrified about going under just as I will be fine. It was a breeze and not scary at all!

All alone :(

My boyfriend had to work this morning so my Stella and I are laying in bed lounging. I'm so so sore and I can't wait to take these bandages off and take a shower so I can see my new boobs!!! But for now it's just me and the pup :)

Lazy buns

Just me and Stella today

Bandages are off!!

With all the bandaging on I thought they were gonna be too I think they're perfect!!


I bought a few brake bralettes today and I loveeee them!! Don't mind the red in the picture, the sun was shining through the red curtains

Comfy recovery

I feel like between surgery and all the meds I've lost the last couple days?! I don't feel high when I take them but hot damn I can't remember things I've said or done haha

Black bralette :)

Hoping for more cleavage once they soften up!

Picture didn't post?

Nauseous anyone?

So today is the first time I felt sick. I took my meds in the morning with food (Percocet, Valium and bactrim) and a few minutes later I threw it all up. Then I tried eating some applesauce and couldn't keep that down either? Weird. Anyone else experience sickness like this post op?


So I know I asked before my surgery about makeup me everyone had said absolutely not. Well I worked night shift before my surgery and went right from work to the hospital. You better believe I wore makeup to work and brought remover wipes for when I got to the hospital. So when I was in preop I had asked the nurse if I could go to the bathroom and remove my makeup. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, and I quote "girl you're gonna be a hot mess when you come out of surgery and that little bit of makeup you have on will be your saviour. Why in the heck would you want to remove it?" And even my PS who was standing right there said the same thing - it didn't matter. Now just to make things clear, I had NO face makeup on....just some eyeliner and mascara and my brows were filled in a bit. I just trout I would put that out there for all of the slightly vain ladies like myself that it is possible to get away with a dab of makeup! (But bring some wipes with you just in case!)

4 days post pics

They're already getting softer! I tried on my old bikini that always laid flat on my tiny boobs and my old sports bra. What a difference for me!! Can't wait for them to drop just a bit.

5 days post

Saw my PS today. He showed me my massages and gave me some lectures on stuff and sent me on my way! My incisions are healing nicely also!

So it's been a week

So it's been a week and I feel great, but like a few other girls on here I'm def having boob greed! They look great naked and in my swimsuits and whatnot but look the same in clothes since I always wore the bombshell! I guess that's okay though....I'm hoping to have a little more cleavage once they drop and fluff a bit. But I am really impressed at how well my scars are healing and how good my breasts look overall, I just wish I maybeeee got like 400 or 425cc ;) I finally got out of that ugly zip front bra and got some nice push up (but no underwire) sports bras that are a little more attractive. Hope everyone is healing well :))

Good bras!

So for all of you ladies who are a week plus post off like myself I'd just like to share some good bras I found by Hanes! They're underwire free and push up AND low cut so you can wear them with everyday clothes instead of those annoying full coverage sports bras or the underwire free granny bras. I got one in black and white and I think they were $15 at target. They don't clip so make sure you're able to pull them over your head! And they aren't comfy for bed either, just good normal clothes bras with some lift :)

Boobie blues :(

So it's my first night back at work - wahhh and of course it's busy as all hell (I'm a respiratory therapist and obviously work nights). The past few days I've just been so down about the size of my new boobs. Last night we went out and my boyfriends best friend said it didn't even look like I had them done. They really do just disappear in clothes. I don't really feel like going through with a revision but I'm just feeling so blah about the whole thing. I feel like maybe If I wait until they drop and fluff I might feel differently? I don't know :(

Quick update :)

Hey ladies - so I'm feeling much better about the size of my gals. I think it was just because it was that time of the month for me. Thanks for all your kind words and support :)) anywho, while shopping in target yesterday I tried on some bras just for the hell of it. Well I tried on a whole bunch of different kinds (all in a C) and they were all too small! ( I know it's still too early to tell but hey, I might be a D). Also, my PS wasn't really 100% clear on how often I have to wear a bra - all he said was no underwires for a while. So I've been trying the whole braless thing the past two days (thanks daphne!) and it's great being able to wear a cami with no bra!! (I've worn flannels
Over them so peoplein public don't get offended by my nipples -LOL!!).

All in all...I have to say my recovery is going great. My second night back to work was a little rough, as my supervisor gave me the toughest assignment in the building and I ended up being beaten and had to "wrestle" with a few of my kids. My left incision was BURNING by the end of the night. Thankfully that went away after I slept my day away.

Hope all you ladies are recovering nicely as well :) thoughts and prayers to ThatTXGirl!


Another good bra!!

So I was in boscovs the other day in the juniors section and I saw these little thin crap bras for like 6.99 or something - they had all different bright colors and black and white. So I thought what the heck and grabbed a white one. I didn't think it would be a big deal so I threw the tag out so I don't know what brand (usually boscovs juniors are generic brands like Poof! And that crap) but OH MY GOD it's the best thing ever. Soooo light and comfy and I can't stop wearing it. It lets the girls bounce around and isnt restricting at all. And for 6.99 I'm going back to buy a bunch more! It even works well under a tee because its that seamless-like material and it's kinda low cut so it shows a bit of the girls.

Sorry for a long rant on a cheap bra but I had to share! And sorry for the quick crappy pics!

3 weeks!!

Hi ladies! Sorry I haven't updated in a while - been so busy with work!

So today is three weeks (yay!) and my boobs couldn't feel better! They're getting much softer and even jiggle when I walk haha I just wish they would drop some more still :((

I had a follow up with my PS this week and he cleared me for an underwire. I went to Victoria's Secret to get measured and I'm a 32DD - which apparently is the same thing as a 36C but it's just because I'm so thin that the 32DD fits better or something? I don't know. But I ended up buying three bras.

As for my scars, they're getting lighter everyday and are just a tad raised. I don't even notice them anymore.

Pics to follow!

Hope everyone is having a good recovery!


Forgot bra pics!

Over a month!

Hey ladies! Wow I can't believe it's been over a month. I've been working so much...including weekends...that I honestly haven't even had time to enjoy my new girls! I'm a respiratory therapist so I've just been living in my boring old scrubs :(

Anyway there's not much to update...the girls have gotten SO soft. I feel like they changed so much in the matter of like a week. Even my boyfriend noticed. This may be TMI but when I first got them he was obviously supportive and liked them and everything but not over the top. But last week when he grabbed them he was so surprised at how soft and natural they felt and loved how they bounced lol! Now all of a sudden he's obsessed with them....he even asked me to send him a picture one day when he was at work which is so not like him! So needless to say, the girls and I are loving the extra attention ;) hehe

There's not much else to update, hope all you ladies who have joined us on the other side recently are recovering nicely!

P.s. Don't mind the towel was one for my bf!! Haha

One year!!

So I got a few requests for an update so here it is!

I can't believe it's been one year!! (And a month hehe). There's not much to say except that all is great! No one ever believes I had an augmentation because they look so natural. I am so so so happy with my results. Most of the time I forget that I even had it done, they just feel so natural to me (like I've had them forever and natural to the touch!)

For the first summer in my life I really enjoyed wearing a bathing suit and I FINALLY felt like a woman!

As far as my scars go, you can't even see them. They healed perfectly!

Hope everyone is healing nicely out there in boobieland and good luck to all the upcoming surgeries!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lo is a wonderful man!! His staff, Gina and Mildred are great as well! Very sweet. He listens to exactly what you want but is realistic in your outcomes. He does wonderful work - especially with the transax incision! He isnt the most talkative but je has a way of making you very comfortable, especially on surgery day. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a BA in the Philly area! Update : he even called me after my surgery last night to see how I was feeling!

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